Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 29th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Roshni come to Pandit ji with Piyush’s kundli. He checks it and says there is nothing wrong in it. Simar says please check it if there is something missing. He says no nothing is missing. Roshni says no all that was just my doubt?

Bobby comes to Ridhima and says di look at this i ordered it online? Ananiya says very nice but did you take permission from di? She would have to see the right time. Ridhinma says look at the way you are talking. We are all flowers of one bouquet. Don’t talk to me like this. I know you are mad but whatever I am doing is for your better. Ananiya says I know you love us. I love you more. I never said no to what you said ever. Let this engagement happen. Ridhni says I can’t let you go in danger when I know the truth. Ananiya says please I won’t go to their house after engagement. Ridhima says okay then talk to Vikram. She says thank you di and hugs her.

Scene 2
Sanjev says to Tanvi what happened? She says nothing. He says you look worried. Vikram says dad I brought your meds. Tanvi goes out.
Vikram says to Tanvi I am sorry for what anjali said. Tanvi says I think she was right. I am wrong. I am a servant here and I shouldn’t cross my limits. He says its not like that. He says you are not a servant here. You are dad’s caretaker. You have done so much for dad. I lost all my hopes that he will ever speak. He spoke because of you. Your importance in this house and my life has raised. I am sorry for what Anjali said. She says please don’t say sorry that much.

Sumit asks Rita where did you keep the newspaper? Rita says the newspaper didn’t arrive today. He sees the old paper with news of that man killed. Sumit says he is the same man who gave me that kundli. This is weird. He says this looks complicated.

Sam gives anjali the contract. She says ask your dad when to start from. I will give my best. He says I will get you even better projects. She is leaving. Sam holds her hand and says I did so much for you.. Got your this contract, made you win that project and you didn’t give me what I wanted. Anjali says I won that present due to my skills and I returned you your money. your dad needs a face like me. Sam says wow your tone even changed. She says whatever and is leaving. He holds her and says do you think I am mad? Anjali says how dare you touch me? I can get you arrested for harassing me. He says if I wasn’t there.. She says there would be someone else. She sits in her car and leaves. sam says okay Anjali you are the one who is forgetting her worth. Just wait and watch.

Aarav comes downstairs and says I have a news. Everyone comes in. Aarav says Ananiya’s sister has agreed for the engagement. Everyone is very happy. They start the preps. Pari says we have to shop lets go. Simar says to mataji you should rest. Sumit comes in.
he says to Simar a man gave me this paper of Piyush’s kundli and the same night he was murdered. He tells simar everything. Simar says this is worrying. When Piyush was born someone told me something terrible will happen when he turns 26. Sumit says you hid that from us? Simar says don’t worry. Piyush comes and says sumit uncle. Simar hides the paper.
Piyush says what happened? You look worried. Sumit says nothing like that. Roshni brings the tea. Piyush says I heard about your new venture if you need any help let me know. Sumit leaves.

Ananiya’s family come home. Pari asks Ridhima are you happy? She says yes I am. Just that Ananiya will leave our house that makes me sad. Mataji says she will have relationships. Rajhinder says she will be our daughter here. Jhanvi says pari give us sweets. She gives sweets to everyone. Ananiya touches her feet. Pari says you are daughter. You hug me not touch feet.

Precap-Lillu says to Anjali you are not ready? Anjali will I wear this garbage? Lilly says these are my designed clothes. Anjali says so what I wont wear them.
Lilly says to a man we have to bring her back to ground.
Piyush asks simar why are you worried?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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