Do I know you? ~Rikara ff (Prologue)

This story is on Rikara as well as Shivika too . This is after 3months of seperation even Rikara are seperated. Due to accident Gauri losed her memory. She does’nt remeber Oberoi Family . What will happen If Rikara and Shivika meet?Will Gauri get her memory back?Or will she be like this forever. To know do read this story . And Gauri and Anika live together now.

Anika was talking with Gauri

G : Di you know I always get dream of a man who has long hairs and also he is painting. And I don’t know why I always get that type of dream

Anika :(mind) What to say Gauri . He is none other than Omkara . Your husband . But that accident changed our life. And you lost your memory . And see my fate if I want to unite you both I can’t.  Because this will lead your life. You can loose your life and I am scared . I am scared that I will loose,we will loose you

On other side

Rudra : O there is no information of Anika bhabhi and Chulbul bhabhi

Om was painting

Om : I asked only about Anika bhabhi not about Gauri so please stop it..

Rudra : I know that you miss chulbul bhabhi atleast give her a chance to speak

And he left leaving Om in thoughts

  1. Niriha

    Awesome start…update next part soon

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Good start dear


    Dear Shailaja Banthia
    Starting Is Nice And Intersting????I Think Om Miss Gauri But?Waiting For Next

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  4. Fffan1234

    Interesting concept

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