Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) CHAPTER 34



“Kunj!” I exclaimed suddenly and he jumped slightly taken aback and looked at me startled. “ Calm down , woman” he muttered and I shrugged him off waving my hands in the air.

I got a brilliant idea” I jumped clapping enthusiastically and he smirked , “What is it?”

“I’m playing Cupid” I grinned widely and Kunj looked at me in awe. “You’re what?” he mutters shocked and I shrugged grinning , “I’m playing Cupid for Natasha and Dhruv”

“No!No! And nooo” Kunj shook his head vigorously and I rolled my eyes scoffing at him , “Yes! Trust me , it’s gonna be great”

He scoffed and shook his head , “Great my ass” I snickered and nodded my head in confirmation , “Ahan! You do have a great ass” I smacked him and his eyes widened , “Damn! What’s gotten in you?” he muttered shocked and I shrugged.

“I have a demon in me” I smirked and he laughed , “Yeah right! Stop quoting Stu from the hangover”

“No but seriously , you need to help me out” I pointed at him and he frowned , “Never happening. The last time I helped you-“

“Stop. No need to go there” I frowned immediately remembering the last time I played Cupid. “Why not?! You actually set the poor boy on fire” Kunj laughed and I elbowed him , “Not literally” I muttered and he couldn’t stop his laughter.

“Righttt” he drawled smirking at me , “Your Cupid arrows are always wrong. You told him to act like he’s committing suicide and then what. You ‘accidentally’ replaced water with kerosene” Kunj air quotes and I simply rolled my eyes at him.

“That’s not the thing. I didn’t do it on purposes. It was you who was distracting me” I narrowed my gaze at him and he smirked leaning forward , “Really? How , enlighten me”

I grumbled playing with the hem of my shirt , “Like purposely kissing me and blah blehh” Kunj laughed and shook his head , “That’s so not true. I kissed you because I wanted to”

“That’s senseless , dumb” I muttered and walked ahead towards the vending machine as we reached the hotel. “When your wife is undeniably hot , everything would make sense” he whispered down at me just as I bent down to take my soda can.

I turned around trying to hide my blush making kunj snicker at me , “Not funny. Come on , we have got loads to plan for my Cupid mission” I heard him grumble from behind me but he followed.

“I thought we got over your Cupid obsession” He spoke and I gasped dramatically , “It’s no obsession. It’s passion” Kunj scoffed loudly earning a smack on his head from me.

“Nooooooo!!” I screamed out loud and Kunj dropped his phone on his face and gave me a pointed look , “What the hell!” he hissed and I pointed my finger at him signalling him to wait.

“Nooo! How can you do this Snape?! How can you kill Dumbledore” I yelled at the TV infront of me and Mahi grabbed a few tissues more sniffing loudly. “Still Twinkle. You know Snape’s not at fault”

I slumped my shoulders and sat back on the bed turning around to see Yuvraj and Dhruv laughing at me , Maira and Mahi. “You girls have watched the whole harry potter series like 10 times” Yuvi points out and I rolled my eyes at him.

“So what?! Harry potter is undeniably Amazing” Mahi speaks and I nodded my head in confirmation. “But still , twinkle you scream at the whole snape killing door” I cut Yuvi’s sentence in the middle .

“Retard! It’s Dumbledore not door” I sneered at him and he raised his hands in surrender , “Chill woman! Slipped out. So as I was saying..” But then Maira cuts him off , “We know. I sulk at the scene , Twinkle yells and Mahi cries. But then again it’s a sad scene”

“Sad? It’s horrendous! I so wanna strangle J.K Rowling for killing Dumbledore” I muttered and lay back on the bed shoving kunj aside earning a glare from him.

After a few minutes of silence Natasha barges in panting , “I’m hungry!” She exclaims and I chuckle. “Run errands , huh?” She rolls her eyes smiling at takes a seat next to Mahi.

“Exercise” she breathes out , “But I need McDonalds now” she stretches out and I sit up straight , “For real?! Yes! Yes! A hundred times yes” I cheered and everyone laughed , “Geez! I’m not proposing you”

“Guys! We need to do something productive. We have been in this room since we got up. WE ARE GOING SHOPPING” Maira grins and I gave her a thumbs up whilst the boys grumbled.

“How typical , boys” Natasha snickered and I picked up my phone and purse and headed out of the room.


“Damn! Hotness overloaded” Natasha muttered to us as a group of guys entered the food court and took the table next to ours. “Lucky! We taken people can’t even comment about guys being hot” Maira mumbled glaring at Yuvi who shrugged , “Because I alone deserve those compliments”

“Hey gorgeous” someone tapped my shoulder and I looked at a brunette from the same group , “Yeah?” I looked on puzzled and he was about to speak but Kunj glared at him, “She’s taken”

“Dude , I ju-“

“She’s my wife”

“Geez! I wa-“

“And she’s pregnant”

“What the-“

That was me saying it.

“God! I was just-“

“She’s 2 months pregnant”

“f**king shut up!” I hissed slamming my hand on the table. And there we go.

Pin drop silence. I mean on our table only.

“Your purse. And your phone along with this is on the floor” he pointed to my open purse and the ring which Kunj gifted it to me on our wedding. “Oh. Thank you” I muttered and he smiled. “And sorry about my husband. He’s a bit.. You know mentally disabled”

I heard the rest snicker in amusement before the guy said his goodbyes and went to his table. I bent down to pick my things but just then my dear of a husband decides to humiliate me to death , “Oh and dear wife! Don’t bend too much. Might hurt the baby”

He said it loud enough for everyone to hear and I flipped him the finger before picking up my things , “Asshole you are. And FIY , I’m just two months pregnant. How would I hurt the baby?!” I exclaimed and he looked puzzled before everyone on the table erupted into laughter.

“That was quite a show” Dhruv comments and I shook my head sighing. We are in a comfortable silence until Kunj had to ruin it , “Actually you getting pregnant wouldn’t be such a bad idea. What do you think?”

I chocked on my shake with Natasha patting my back and laughing along with the others. I glared at Kunj and he grinned innocently at me , “Didn’t meant to say it out loud”

“Right! Should have thought that before blabbering” I muttered and continued picking on my food. “Uh before you both rip off your heads. We both have something to share”

Maira speaks up pointing at Yuvi and herself , “You are getting married?!” I shrieked grinning widely and Maira’s eyes widened , “How’d you know?” I shrugged at her question , “That intense look on your face while you said ‘something to share’ and little sister , the ring on your finger says it all”

“Oh..” she mumbled blushing gazing down at the ring and I smiled. “When?” Kunj questions. “Next month” Mahi , Natasha and Dhruv gives their dramatic gasps and chaos starts next .

“We don’t have much time” Mahi whines and I roll my eyes at them. “We do have plenty of time” I speak and Natasha shakes her head , “No! Clothes , decorations and catering it’s gonna take a long time”

“Oh come on. We are the Sarna’s. Capable of anything” Kunj widening smile and those hope so reassuring words helped them calm down. “Where’s gonna be the wedding held?”

“Haven’t decided yet. But I guess we need to talk Mom and dad first. And of course Taneja uncle too” Yuvi answers and I nodded , “Don’t worry. He already likes you , you aren’t the one who punched him” I smirked at Kunj and he frowned immediately.

“You’re right. Now it makes it even more difficult” he sighs and leans back in his chair , “To convince him. You know for our marriage too” my eyes widened at his words.

“Our what?” I muttered shocked and Kunj smiles , “A proper wedding , Twinkle. Didn’t got to do it last time” He smiled and at me and I nodded smiling back. “Yeah because someone on my right couldn’t help themselves”

Dhruv taunts Natasha and I glared him , “Dhruv , shut it” he sighed and looked the other way and Natasha gave me a sad smile , “It’s alright. I guess I deserve it”

“No , you don’t” I replied back and she sighed nodding. I looked over at Kunj who gave me a small smile and whispered , “Don’t worry. Your Cupid arrows will go right with time”

I chuckled and shrugged hopping it turns out right.

“No freaking way!” Maira mumbled and I looked at her puzzled , “What’s wrong?” I question and she gives me a sympathetic look , “Dad’s back from his trip”

“So why the sad face?” Kunj questions laughing and Maira glares at him , “You both are so doomed” She smirks and we all look at her confused.

“Cut the crap and spill”


Don’t kill me if you wanna know what’s Maira talking about.

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