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“There she is standing with her would be husband her fiancé. Here I am standing with my so called would be wife my fiancé.”Shivay thought looking at Anika. “Its Sangeet so dance should be there right?” Pinky cried from the other side. Soon the song Nazm Nazm from Barielly Ki Barfi started playing at the background. Vikram wrapped Anika around through her waist. She felt uncomfortable and was to move away but as soon her eyes fell on Shivay who was looking at them with jealousy she changed her mind and soon her hand reached Vikram’s shoulder. They started swinging with the soft music of the song. Looking at them Shivay too surrounded Ragini and they started dancing. Rudra pushed Om and Gauri too in the floor. Three couples were dancing. Anika’s and Shivay’s eyes were not leaving each other. They were as if talking through eyes. Vikram swirled Anika and she landed in Shivay’s arm.
Soon Vikram came and took her away from Shivay’s hold. The song ended and every guest dispersed after the ceremony. “Don’t go Anika… I will die without you” Shivay thought. “Please stop me Shivay, please Shivay once say you can’t live without me please” the counterpart thought going through Anika’s mind. But no one was that courageous to accept the truth and thus a false smile sticked to their face. The night darkened. To everyone’s surprise Shivay stopped Vikram and asked him to stay back.
Anika was heading back to her room after all these when her eyes fell on something and she ran towards Shivay. “Shivaaayyyyy…….” Anika cried as louder as she could. Nothing was heard nothing was seen only thing that caught attention was Anika falling in Shivay’s arm lifelessly. A tear drop escaped from her eye. No one understood anything and soon Om saw a man running down for the great escape but failed as securities caught him. “Anikaaaa…..” Shivay cried and put her up in his strong arms. Shivay landed Anika in a car which was drove by Om. Soon Rudra occupied the seat beside driver’s seat. Anika’s head was on Shivay’s lap and Gauri sat in the car giving support to Anika’s legs. Anika’s eyes were open she tried to speak something but failed and her eyes closed.
“You can’t leave me…. Get up you,… you damn it pl..please get up… Ani… Anikaa…” No words were crossing Shivay’s throat other than these. “How,…. How can you leave your bagad billa for ever…. Get up.. okk you you are angry because I left you in middle in our ishqbaazi journey right? Now I am promising I will never leave you pl…please please get up” a tear drop fell on Anika’s cheek. No response came and they reached hospital.
“Anyone here?… my my wife.. doctors doctors anyone please save her…. Please anyone” he was shouting calling for help from the doctors and hospital staffs. Stretcher got arranged and Anika was taken inside the operation theater. Doctor came near Shivay. “Shivay…”the doctor called him who was not cying anymore but was sitting like a stone at his place. Shivay looked up to the doctor and the doctor continued “beta you have to be the strongest, please sign the forms and please sign the bond form” Shivay’s eyes widened after listening to this, he was already roken and now he was in pieces “what what do you mean?” he asked “She may die Shivay… look at her condition, the bullet have stroked her heart and now only god can save her” the doctor exclaimed and went to wear the operation theater dress.
“Everything was going good…. I, I ki..killed you.. you loved me wanted me bu..but..i killed you” he said and fell on his knees. OmRu came forward and held him tight. Shivay was crying. His eyes were shedding tears for a girl whom he has given all the pain he could give. He was the sole reason every time for her loss. She lose the fight of her ishqbaazi. She always wanted her Shivay to be happy but she was the one who made him sad. And now all this has happened only because of him. The destiny never favoured them as couple. Shivay was crying and crying. All the pain that was hidden inside him was stabbing his heart and just then Gauri sat infront of him. She did not utter a single word but got up the very next moment as she can’t face her bare bhaiyaa like that. But she left Anika’s last words infront of Shivay. A letter fell from her hold which she was to take up but Shivay took it up and started reading.
The letter read “Shivay, my bagad billa…. I am going away forever. I will never come back to you ever after. I was the one who again taught you to live life but now I am the one who is again forcing you to stop living your life. You and I both of us knew that I can never marry someone else rather than you. I am not that courageous. I have told this immense time but again repeating… I can fight with everything but I cannot fight with you. There is a connection between us, I know the name of the connection too but I don’t want to name it until you do. Just remember one thing never forget to live your life. I can never move on but if you can then please do please marry another noble woman. I am leaving Shivay, I cannot bear this buden of hatred from you. I am sorry. Yours Anika” the letter ended. She has written everything as if she knew that there might be a bullet attack in the party. Everything changed just in three months.
Shivay’s heart throbbed again. He was numb. He was in dark. But soon everything changed.

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