After knowing all the truth which pragya hides from him…he remained silent…pragya look at him lifelessly..her eyes are filled with tears…may be abhis just glare itself broke her down into a abhi is not looking at her pragya decided to move away from him..she goes to balcony and sits there…suddenly someone touched at her shoulder…its abhi as no one other than him is there…abhi smiles at her which make pragya confused.. tears are rolling down at her cheeks. Abhi just sit beside her and hold her face wipes down her tears .

Ab:chashmish..why are you crying..did you thought that I will be at anger on you.. I will leave you alone..will you ?
Ab;chashmish..i knew we’ll about you..morethan you .when yiubyold about that story itself I can figure out what you said is a big lie.. and I even knew your past too..

Pragya look surprised and confused at the same time..
Ab: I met you at college which doesn’t mean that I will knew about till from there..what I meant is about your personal life from there onwards.. chashmish..i knew what is the reason for you to choose this job but you don’t knew why I choose this..
Pr:because you did as I did..
Ab;ya..i choose this for you..
Pr;for me..dont try to flirt with you do on others..
Ab:chashmish..flirting with you..iam not at cheap or low class guy..
Pragya have death glare.. chashmoo…i choose this to help place a hand with you to find your parents .
Pr:but how you knew about them.. read the mind of loved ones is os easy this new check about what s in the mind of person just her dp and status on fb or Whatsapp. But about ladki like you just read your diary..
Pr:what? Do you read my diary…

Abhi smiles victoriously..there is a evil grin on his face..
Ab:sometimes we need to do that..
Ab;why are you this much tenses is anything personal in it..
Pragya didn’t utter a word..
Ab:I did it not now..while we are doing our first year .pragya look at him at anger..even after that I didn’t read it.promise of you won’t believe I will promise by placing hands on your head..
Pr;abhi..i still wish to live..

Pr:haa..because you always do fake promises right you always do this ti make girls on your trap..
Ab:chashmoo..did I do such a promise with you.. did I usually flirt with you
Pragya have no words to reply..
Ab:No right
Pr; because I didn’t allow you to do that..
Ab; too your ego doesn’t allow you to agree the truth that it’s me who didn’t flirt to you as I am not considering you not like other..
Pr;what? I am not like others then tell me what’s my difference between them..
Ab;the difference is you are dumbo chashmoo..without brain..
Pr;What?..abhi..both started to run around the room..
Pragya catch him by holding his ears..
Pr:what I am dumbo chashmoo n.a…
Ab;who told that you are cute chashmish n.a…
Pr:acha..within a second you have me a promotion..
Ab:if you said answer to my question then you will get permanent promotion in my life..

Pragya removes her grip from his ears..
Pr:what position
Ab;are you really my friend or enemy..
Pr;abhi tumbina..threw pillow on him..but abhi escape from it..she takes a lowercase..
Ab:chashmoo..keep it there it’s such a cute flowervase hey n.a… if you threw it then it will break…
Pr;ohoo really…suddenly someone holds pragyas hand..pragya turns and look at him..
Ab;oh saviour you came at right time..otherwise this dumbo will tgrew this vase on me..
Pr; purab give it that to me..he will only come into my turns if he get a hit by this..
Pur;arey yaar..why are you both behaving as angrybird..
Ab;angry birds..
Pur:haa..dont you knew the game angrybird..
Pr;purab by playing with see you too become talk like her..

Suddenly a lady Voice came..its bulbul
Bul;haa pragya he too nowadays is more than like a kid .
All turn and look at her.she is there with a small cute girl in her hands of 4 years . cutipie..she takes her In arms.. are again in fight with my superman..
Abhi takes her in arms..

Ab;haa..sree bachu..superman always need to right with her to make her understand..
Sr;superman are you and kisses on his cheek..
Pr;so kiss is only for superman no for chashmoo..
Pur;is your drama over..
Sr:pappa..are you leaving or not…
Bul:: pragya we both are going for a business trip as maa is not at home..will you take her with you only for one day…pr;oh bulbul…why are you getting tense.. Sree will be with us..and I will look after her just like you..
Bulbul don’t worry superman is with your bachu so nothing will happen to her..
Pur:that’s my main worry..
Abhi gives a death glare..
Sr:Will you guys leaving or not..
Pur:sree meri bachu so now you don’t need us right..
Sr:haa..if my chashmoo and superman is with me I don’t need anyone..

By saying so she places her each hand on abhigya s shoulder..
Bulbul and purab leaves..sree immediately signs them to get  down her and closes door
Sr:so chashmoo What s our plan..
Pragya looking at abhi..smiles and shouts picnic..
Sree runs and hugs the both..
Pragya and abhi get ready and gets in car..abhigya in front dear sree in back..
Ab;so sree darling can we start..
Sree shouts yes superman.they reached park..sree runs and started to play with children there..
Abhigya look at each other and smiles seeing her antics..
Ab:chashmoo how fast these years gone right  purbul get married they have such a sweet heart 
Pr:yes she is their treasire..
Ab:she is such a cute darling right  her antics love that’s all so intense..i still remember those days we all spend together I just thought that it all happened just a moment before..

Pr:sometimes time runs so fast…the things around us will change..may be will realise only after losing all that moments..
Ab;yes you are right.. chashmoo do you like to have someone like her..
Pr;what you mean?
Ab;haa..i can help you for that..pragya blushes.if you are interested I can help you..
Pragya look at him..
Ab;what I meant was I will find out someone good for you..soon  her smile  fades..
Pr:No. Time is not came yet..
Ab;when will that time come when you become grandma..
Pr:k..leave my case..then to whom you are waiting for..
Ab;for you..
Ab; what I meant is  I can’t move by leaving you alone.. if I get married I will spend more time with my wife you will be
Pragya boils in anger..
Pragya can he talk to me like that..then to whom I am waiting for..
Abhi smiles seeing at her..
Ab:[in mind ) .. I love to see you in boiling in anger …i knew you loves me I read that in your diary how intense is your love…

Guys thanks alot for supporting my new ff kaisa yeah ishq hein..and don’t worry From now onwards I will upload one ff in one day…

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