Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 8)

Helo guys,
So guys some said that I am going too fast .So thought to make it slow.And thanks a lot for your comments.I know I posted alot episodes in just two days.So if U want me to decrease the no. I its your wish.So lets start the episode-

Episode starts with Anika asking pinky and jahnavi to open gifts.They both do it.Anika bought them jewelery.pinky gets very exited and jahnavi thanks her and is about to leave .anika stops them.
Meanwhile Shivaay is still guilty and is thinking of anika.Just then Rudra comes and asks what happend did you again listen to ladybabs lecture .Shivaay says no.Y u are always after tia.She is so nice.Rudra says then let me guess did u fight with anika bhabi?Shivaay says,bhabi?Rudra says sorry didi.shivaay says he is guilty as he scolded anika about her mother and he dont know that her mother is not there.He asks rudy for an idea.Rudy says to buy a gift for her as all his girlfreinds are impressed by it.Shivaay says noway.Rudy says ur wish and goes.While going shivaay stops rudy and ask what gift he should give?.Rudy says to buy something which she likes and goes.
Here after Anika stops Jahnavi and says that to were the Necklace to wear infront of her .Both pinky and Jahnavi tries to wear it but cant so pinky takes help of shakti and Anika asks Tej to make jahnavi wear it.First tej hesitates but then
Agrees both jahnavi and Om are so happy.
After they go Om tightly hugs Anika and says thankyou to her.just then sso comes and see this he feels so hurt and he throws the gift he brought and goes.
He goes to his room and thinks what happend to him.Why is he not able to see anika with anyone and gets disturbed.

Its morning Rudra comes to anika and asks did she like the gift.Anika asks what gift.He says didnt shivaay gave her gift yeaterday.She says no.He thinks he may give it today and goes saying ur sister sumo will eat him like gobiparatha if he is late and leaves.He then asks sumo to come fast and sits in car.Soumya then comes and both leave.
While going in car she is late and if she dont submit it she will loose marks.
Rudra says dont worry as he even is from same class and asks her not to worry.Just then they see an accident and Sumo asks rudy to stop the car and takes the boy who met with accident and take him to hospital.Rudy asks her to go to
College as she will be late.She then asks him he should go and submit it in college and come.and says that she will stay here.Rudra goes by soumyas insistence by saying her to take care and hugs her.She says ok.
Here anika is waiting for shivaay to see her gift which baaghad billa has bought.She wantedly goes infront of shivaay and asks him whether
He forgot anything.whereas Shivaay avoids her.

Precap:shivaay scolds anika and feels sorry .He goes to find her but sees om consoling her and goes from there.priyanka and randhawans second meet

So guys did you like it or not. And guys dont come to a conclusion about anika and omkaras relationship .because there are lot more twists to come.And seriously I dont know what those twists are so dont asks me about it.
So guys share ur comments below and let me u

  1. Akshaya

    It was perfect buddy. Baghad billa needs kaalu{donkey} every time . Waiting for the next

  2. Shivika


  3. loved it

  4. Fabulous

  5. Lisaaa


  6. Yashu


  7. Its superbb…. Loved it….. Waiting for the nxt….?

  8. you are superb i love this speed.

  9. Sairan

    So emotional epi..Shivay getting restless…No plz don’t reduce the no of epi per day…Post as much as u can..Ur FF is toooo good

  10. ??that was nice when u said that you don’t know what the twists are !!!
    But anyways .. was superb !!! Keep writing!!!

  11. Awesome….
    waiting for d nxt 1

  12. Harshitha you know I have missed your 4th 5th 6 6th and 7th ep. I have to read those first. Anyway this was awesome.

    1. M.Harshitha

      U must and should read.and thanks for reading

    2. I have read all those and plz post the next asap.

  13. Vincy

    OMG… Poor shivaye

  14. Awesome. Listen you can post as many episodes today or tomorrow as it’s weekend time.

  15. Superb episode…

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