KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 27

In the previous, all of you read Ranbir confess his love to Prachi, let us now see, how Pranbir’s love life progresses.

The episode starts with Prachi checking the time, it’s 4:30 am in the morning, she gets tensed for Ranbir. Ranbir is still sitting in the terrace, shivering in cold. His hands have turned blue in cold, his lips cracked, his eyes puffy and his eyelids turned red. Prachi thinks to go up, she gets up, sees Shahana sleeping, puts on her slippers and starts to move on and check Ranbir, but then Ranbir’s words starts echoing in her mind, how he had joined hands with Rhea to play the LOVE GAME WITH HER and BREAK HER HEART. She gets angry and stops herself, she lies down again, saying “Why should I go??? Why does he even matter to me???” He means nothing to me!!! I will not go.”, after saying this, she shuts her eyes and tries to sleep. Two hours pass by, Prachi turned around and around on the bed, but is unable to sleep. It becomes 6: 30, Prachi thinks “It’s the time when I usually wake, and others usually wake up by 7:00, let me just check on Ranbir, before the others get up!!!”

She gets up from the bed slowly, and without making any noise, opens the door and goes upstairs towards the terrace. She keeps her palm on her chest and prays, I really hope Ranbir is fine. She gets into the terrace looks towards the direction, where Ranbir had been sitting earlier. She gets shocked on seeing Ranbir’s state, as he become completely pale after shivering in cold for several hours. She cries out “Ranbir!!!”, then runs towards him and starts punching him, saying, “Why are you doing this??? Why are you doing this??? Why are giving yourself this torture and torturing me too???? And continuously punching him crying out thrice Why????Why???Why???” Ranbir stops her hands, makes her look into his eyes and asks, “Why are you getting tortured seeing me in PAIN???” Prachi angrily shouts out “Because I LOVE YOU, YOU DUMBO”, Prachi’s voice starts echoing in Ranbir’s ears and a smile brightens up his pale face. He looks into her eyes, touches her cheeks and asks, “What did you say??” Prachi forwards her head, leans her forehead on his and says, “You are a fool, a flirt and a jerk but still I LOVE YOU, because I feel in heart YOU ARE REALLY A GOOD PERSON” She continues while stammering “I LOVE YOU RANBIR!!!”, Ranbir laughs and hugs Prachi tightly, and says while shivering, “I can’t believe it Prachi, when I realised my love for you, I never thought that you would reciprocate my feelings too!!! Today, I feel as if I’m the luckiest man on earth, Prachi, THE LUCKIEST MAN ON EARTH”, after saying which Ranbir kisses her forehead, her two cheeks and eyes, then slowly as he moves towards her LIPS!!!”, she closes his lips and says, “Ranbir, I want you to promise something to me!!!” Ranbir asks her “What is it Prachi???” Prachi says “After you revealed everything about your plans with Rhea against me, I was heartbroken, I couldn’t believe that you are such kind of person. I could not trust you, neither your feelings, but once I left from here, I could neither stop thinking about you, the whole night, I just wished you would turn back and leave from here. But when I saw you this morning, I couldn’t control my feelings either, because TRUE LOVE COMES FROM HEART RANBIR, IT JUST HAPPENS, WITHOUT OUR CONTROL OVER IT, so I want to TRUST in you completely and want you to promise that YOU WILL NEVER BREAK MY TRUST AGAIN.” Ranbir smiles and tells her “I too didn’t know what was true love Prachi, because I always thought, I LOVED Rhea, but then when I realised, I can’t imagine staying away from you. I will never break your trust again, Prachi” Prachi gets disappointed thinking of Rhea and asks him, “What have you thought about Rhea??” Ranbir thinks and tells her “For now, I will just try to keep her away from you, but very soon I will reveal everything about us to her, which would not be very long from now, I’m just worried about her hurting you!!!” Prachi says “Don’t worry about me, I can manage as I have managed till now, and now you too are with me, it is better to reveal everything to Rhea, before she develops stronger feelings on you!!!” Ranbir looks on.

In Abhi’s guest house

Aryan comes to Purab and coughs, Purab ask him, “What do you want Aryan???” Aryan tells him, “I just want some advice from you dad???” Purab asks “Regarding what???” Aryan tells him “Dad. What kind of sound making jewellery do you usually gift Mom to please her???”, Purab stares at him shockingly and demands “What???” Aryan says, “What kind of sound making jewellery does Mom like??” Purab says “I guess the only sound your Mom likes is to grumble, to shout and to give unnecessary lectures of MIDDLE-CLASS PEOPLE” Aryan looks surprised, “Dad!!! Stop complaining about her!!! Now tell about sound making jewellery for WOMEN.” Purab gets reminded of his days with Bulbul and Disha, he remembers how he had gifted Bulbul silver anklets, right after their marriage, which he got it back from the doctor when she was taken inside the OT when the glass chandelier fell on her, and after she left, it was a sweet memory of hers left with him. Later, when he fell in love with Disha, he gifted the same anklets to Disha, who considered it like a part of her own body and never separated it from her. Now Disha too has left him, with only the memories of them being together. Purab’s eyes fills with tears and still lost in his own thoughts he blurts out “SILVER ANKLETS” Aryan asks “huh??” Purab continues just when Aliyah enters, “Mostly women like SILVER ANKLETS, which makes lots of sound wherever they go!!!” Aryan smiles thinking, “Silver anklets, now just have to find them!!!” Aliyah asks “Why are you both Father and Son talking about SILVER ANKLETS??? How MIDDLE-CLASS???” Purab whispers into Aryan ears “See I told you!!!” Aliyah asks, “What is it Purab??” Purab getting nervous says “I think your son has made a GIRLFRIEND, that is why he is asking about jewellery and stuff??” Aryan stares at Purab and continues with Aliyah “Nothing like that MOM, I just was talking to Dad generally, what he gifts to you to make you happy!!!!” he giggles nervously, looks at his watch and says, “Looks like I’m getting late for college, see you later Mom, Dad!!!” and quickly moves out of the door. Purab doesn’t pay much attention to him and continues his work, while Aliyah continues to stare at him thinking “Why would ARYAN be talking about jewellery to Purab??? Was it just general talk or is there really SOMEONE in his heart!!! If there is, I just hope it is not any CHEAP MIDDLE-CLASS WOMAN, I’ll have to find out!!!” Aliyah looks on….


To be continued

  1. Finally!!!????❤️❤️Pranbir unite?? plz update soon Aleyamma. I wanna know rhea’s reaction to pranbir’s love story. Awesome episode

  2. Please show more pranbir. I really don’t want to see more alia. And in the next episode can you show pranbir reaviling there relationship to everyone and telling vampire he doesn’t loved her

  3. Jasminerahul

    loved prachi confessing her love to ranbir n ranbir kissing her.it was so beautiful. Aryan asking purab about the jewellery he can gift shahana was cute.oh alia is already insecure about the status of his gf.wonder how she will react when she comes to know that Aryan loves shahana

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