Vidya 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Nanku bribes Trivedi

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Vidya 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidya apologizing to Kalindi for her step. Kalindi asks what are you going to do. Vivek and Nanku argue. Nanku says its my village, I m a head here, Vivek is after Vidya, he has got her on his side. Vivek says just shut up, don’t say nonsense about her. Ranjana gets angry. She says Vivek had come as a drama company guy Prem Pratap, does any DM come this way, he had come to take money from Nanku, he acts sincere, its nothing new, shall I say it. Nanku says no. She says everyone should know, Vivek trapped me by his charm, I thought he is a good artist and good person, I didn’t know his truth, he tried to molest me, I saved my life, else don’t know what would have happened, Nanku didn’t complain as that would defame me, I have proof for this. Santosh comes. Ranjana says Santosh works in school.

Santosh says I was going home, Vivek stopped me and took the keys, he called Ranjana there, I heard Ranjana shouting, Vivek got shocked seeing me, Ranjana left from there. Vivek recalls. Ranjana cries and hugs Nanku. Nanku asks did you hear this, what did he do, he asked for bribe first, I refused, he got angry and filed fake case g on me, he fired me from my position, I can also do anything if I want. Minister asks Vivek do you have to say something, they are getting many witnesses against him. Vivek says no, everything will get fine when Vidya comes. Trivedi asks where is she. Vidya runs with Nanku’s daughter. Kalindi says give me my daughter back. Vidya gets on railing and says Nanku used his sister to win, I will use his daughter against him and bring his truth out. She asks Kalindi why are you silent, Ranjana got Dadi attacked, can’t you see such selfish people. She says enough, I won’t bear this now, I will reply him in his own way.

She says I will jump down and give my life, I will take your daughter along. Kalindi says no, stop, tell me what do you want, I will do anything you say. Vidya says Nanku has to do this, not you, call him, tell him what I want, I will hear it. Nanku says Vivek will be shocked hearing Vidya’s statement. He gets Kalindi’s call and says I will talk later. Kalindi says our child’s life is in risk, put the call on speaker, Vidya has kidnapped our child and is going to jump down the terrace. Nanku and Vivek get shocked. Nanku says tell Vidya that I will do as she says, nothing should happen to my daughter.

Nanku calls Jagat. Jagat is at Vidya’s house. He answers. Nanku says Jagat, just listen to me, nothing should happen to Vidya’s family and Munni, leave them. Jagat asks did the work get over. Nanku says just leave them. Jagat and goons leave. Nanku asks inspector about Munni’s mum’s statement. He tears the statement papers. He says I will do what you say, whatever I did, I made them give this statement, they lied on my saying, I swear, leave my daughter now. Kalindi says Vidya, return my daughter now. Vidya says no, I have to talk to Vivek first. She asks Vivek did Nanku say the truth, is everyone one. Vivek says yes, everything got fine. She says fine, I m coming to police station now. She gives the baby to Kalindi. The baby holds Vidya’s saree. Vidya cries and apologizes to Kalindi.

Vidya comes to police station and greets Trivedi. She says I know I have taken the wrong step, but I had no other option, I wanted to bring out the truth, Nanku had done wrong with all of us. Vivek says Nanku has done wrong with us. Trivedi says yes. Nanku bribes Trivedi and says I want to save my sister. Vivek scolds him and asks inspector to get FIR. Nanku asks Trivedi to agree, he will equate him with money. Vivek says you are approaching wrong side. Trivedi checks FIR.

He asks what were you saying, you will equate me with money. He laughs and tears the Fir. Vivek and Vidya get shocked. Nanku and Ranjana smile. Trivedi asks for more money. Nanku says 3 crores. Trivedi says cash till evening. Nanku says sure. Vivek says you know what you are doing. Trivedi says I m securing my life after retirement. Vivek gets angry and scolds him. Tridevi says you are suspended, case will run on you now. He laughs and asks Nanku to take his sister, his post is also returned to him. Nanku thanks him. He leaves. Vivek gets sad.

Nanku gives holiday to school. He says I will celebrate Ranjana’s birthday here. He asks Vidya to welcome the guests in English.

Update Credit to: Amena

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