Namah 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Parvathi’s Divine Transformation

Namah 12th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu and Ketub taunt Narayan that he cannot do anything as they got boon of iccha mrityu/desired death. Narayan says everytime death is not a solution and with his gadha throws them into different world. They both taunt him again that he cannot kill them though. Narayan cuts them into 2 with sudharshan chakra. They reunite and attack Narayan again. Narayan kicks them to different world again. Devi Parvathi tells Mahadev that Devi Lakshmi didn’t return yet, if she couldn’t convince Bali, when will the war between Narayan and Madhu-Ketub end. Devi Lakshmi returns and says only Devi Parvathi can end it as she in Adi Shaki avatar gave boon of iccha mrityu to Madhu and Ketub. Devi Parvathi says boon once given cannot be taken back. Devi Lakshmi says she has to develop iccha/desire of mrityu/death in Madhu and Ketub. Narayan continues punishing Madhu and Ketub while they continue to attack him.

Shristi asks Brahmadev if Narayan was fighting with Madhu and Ketub for such a long time. Brahmadev says Narayan was keeping Madhu and Ketub busy so that he could take Manu’s boat to shore. Shristi asks with icha mrityu one will never seek death. Brahmadev says only if life looks like a burden to them and they seek death. Devi Parvathi takes a beautiful avatar. Devi Lakshmi greets her new avatar. Madhu and Ketub continue to attack Narayan and say he cannot kill them. Narayan says let us rest for sometime and then start their fight again. He creates his bed and rests on it.

Madhu and Ketub discuss they should kill Narayan while he is resting. Devi Parvathi as beautiful lady emerges there. They both get mesmerized with her beauty and desire to marry her and fight among themselves to get her. Narayan says they disturbed him and asks if they can make a biggest palace and give her luxuries of whole world. They agree. He asks if they can do anything for her, even fight among themselves. They agree and say they will seek even icha mrityu for her. Narayan says tathastu. Devi Parvathi takes her original form. Madhu and Katub allege they both tricked them. Narayan with his sudharshan chakra injures them. They realize they are no more immortal and disappear from there. Narayan thanks Devi Parvathi for performing duties of a sister and a devi.

Madhu-Ketub reach Manu’s boat and walk towards Manu and Satrupa to kill them when Narayan emerges and says when they were born via him, he knew he would end them, but he would feel immense pain while ending them; he sent them to spread goodness, but they spread evilness instead. He asks them to experience what he was experiencing. They apologize for all their mistakes and seek mukti. Narayan gives them mukti. Mahadev praises Narayan that he considers him respectable for the same reason.

Precap: Narayan’s matsya/fish avatar seek help when water in ocean reduces. Mahadev tells Devi Lakshmi that she has to go through test now.

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