Kkb-the play of destiny 2

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abhi and pragya went to coffee shop
abhi talk about his work and disscussed with pragya
after the disscussion
abhi: shall we have some thing
pra: oh sure
ab: waiter
waiter came
abhi : coffee,ditto what do you want?
pra: coffee
waiter left there,abhi look pragya at exictmen
pra: what?
abh: you turn to coffee?
pragya smiled.abhi victoriesly smiled
and said:i changed a person’s tastewaiter came back with coffee
abhi took a sip and continued : when was your marriage?
pra: yesterday,how do you know?
then she realised about her mangalsuthr and kumkum
pra: oh bye this

ab: who is he?
pra didn’t know how to answer his question
pra: i will tell you later
abh: why later?
pra: because now i don’t know about him
abh: oh
pra: when u return back from usa?
abh: 1 year.
abh: then ok by.give me your number i will call you
pra: here it is
abh: ok bye
pra: bye
in auto
pragya, why? god why? why you bring him near me you know every thing right then why?

she goes to flash back

when she was at usa she was studied in colleage
her best friend is tanu they were on first year.
tanu and pragya were roommate also.they were best friend.

one day
they were in class they had a common friend sona
tan: sona here who is girls dream boy?
so: dream boy ha abhi
ta: abhi .what he is doing?
so: he is second year our department
ta: that’s great

Pragya was not interested in these things.she always had one
point she is come here to only study .but tanu is totally different
she is coming colleague to enjoy her life she is from a rich family
so she didn’t bothered about anything.she want some thrills in
her college life.she want to love someone and marry him .

evening one the way to there room
son: tanu that’s abhi
tan: he is really handsome .how cute his smile hoo
if I get him
PRA: tans close your mouth he is watching you
come we had so many work
they went to hostel room
tan: parts did you see he was looking me
PRA: yes he was looking you so
tan: so what are you saying if he like me then
my dream
PRA: tans go and sleep
tan: oh you see one day he will come to me and say I love you tanu
PRA: what an not going to come true dream
tan: see you will watch

the very next day , they were going to college
that time abhi came and says
ab: can I talk to you?
tanu and pragya looked each other
PRA: who?
an: tanu
tan: yes of cource you can talk me
ho bended on his knee and says : will you be Mrs.abhi I love u
pragya was really shocked
tan: yes I love u too
during class time
PRA: how can you say yes without thinking
tan: pargs this the offers people are in queue if reject we didn’t get another choice
PRA: I don’t know .I am really shocked how can I person love another without knowing their character?
tan: prags that love at first sight you can’t understand because you came here to study
PRA: I can’t understand and I don’t want to understand
next day

tans: prags he called me for a coffee so I am bunking my class
parts: OK but take care
pragya didn’t believed in love at first sight but she always help her friend
a hi and tanu get close day by day. pragya didn’t talk much to boys but due to
tanu,s love she talked with him gradually they became friends .she understand about him .
like one year had passed in pragya heart respect towards abhi changed to love but she didn’t understand about
her feelings that is two year cource so when praandtan were in 2nd year a hi finished his cource
after some days pragya began to miss abhi then only she realised about her feelings.but she didn’t
want to spoil her friend relegation so she being quiet she really try to avoid him .she didn’t say anything
to any one and the next year also passed.that year is really tough for Prague but she managed .
after her last semester
tans: prags what this ? you are leaving to India
PRA: yes tans I want to .
tan: why? you said you will continue here but now what happened
PRA: I am really missing my family tans and moreover maa is alone
tan: then you can say there for two month but why should all life
tanu began to sob PRA saw this
PRA: tans what this
tan: if you leave me its really tough I really miss you

PRA: I miss you too
they hugged
tan: I love u
PRA: I love you too
they break there hug and went to airport she though he will come
she want to see him lastly but he was late he didn’t,t see her and she also didn’t saw
pragya, sorry tanu I can’t tell you the reason.

flash back end
her thoigh was disturbed by a phone ring
PRA: hello
caller: beti
PRA: has dadi tell
dadi: you go to your home I will sent him .you two want to stay there.
PRA: OK dadi

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