YHM FF: Because you are the one – Episode 8

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Hiii everyone….. I am so sorry actually I was gonna post this episode yesterday but I forgot…..I am so sorry….

The next day,
Ishu was searching for a dress to wear and spread all the clothes on the bed and created a mess….
Jannat entered Ishu’s room and was shocked to see the condition of the room….
Jannat: Ishu!!!!! What is this???? Why these clothes are lying on the bed in this way???? Are u finding something???
Ishu: Thank God Jannat u came….. Now come help me to select a dress to wear….
Jannat: Why??? Are u going somewhere??? But u didn’t tell me????
Ishu: Oh yes!!! I forgot to tell u… I am so sorry… Actually…..
Ishu blushes which makes Jannat suspicious…..
Jannat: Ishu u are blushing as if u are going on a date with Raman….
Ishu blushes more and nods her head in agreement which shocked Jannat like anything….
Jannat: Whaaaat????? Raman and….. And u are going on a date…. Do you think I am a fool??? Come now tell me the truth where u r going????
Ishu: I am not lying…… I am really going with him…
Ishu said with a cute pout…
Jannat was still not able to believe as Raman who never even dared to say a hi to Ishu in 4 years now is taking her on a coffee date…..
Jannat: But how????
Ishu narrated everything to her and Jannat was still surprised on Raman’s daring but she was very happy for Ishu……
Ishu: Come now help me…
She drags her near the cupboard and asks her to search a dress…
After sometime,
They both get ready and head towards the college….
All the way to college Ishu’s face was showing mixed feelings of happiness, excitement, nervousness and fear…….

In the college,
Shagun, Mihir and Vidyut are waiting for Raman as he still didnt come…..
Mihir: Why this Raman is so late today??? He never comes so late….
Shagun: Is he OK??? Anyone called him…????
Vidyut: I called but he is not picking…
Shagun got tensed….
Vidyut: Don’t worry….. He’ll come soon….
And Raman came with a nervous look on his face….
Shagun saw him coming nervously and got tensed….
As soon as Raman came she started shooting her questions at him….
Shagun: Where were u Raman??? Are u OK??? Why u came so late?? Ur health is OK na??
Vidyut: u OK bro????
Mihir: Any problem???? U know we r there…
Raman was feeling very happy and proud to have such friends who were so tensed for him who came late….
Raman: guys I m OK…. Its just…….
Raman was thinking how to say them…….
Shagun: what happen????
Raman: Actually the thing is I asked ishita for a coffee…..
Everyone was shocked and were staring Raman and were waiting for him to complete….
Raman: and she agreed but….. but I am very nervous…
Everyone were still shocked and were staring Raman and giving him a ‘are u serious’ look
Raman: Why u all r staring me like this….????
Vidyut: First of all, u are so bad….
Mihir: How dare u…????
Raman was surprised with their reaction he thought they will be happy and will tease him but something else was happening……
Raman: What happen??? I thought u all will be happy but….
Shagun: But what Raman???? U asked her for a date, she even agreed but u didn’t even tell u once….soo bad u are….
Vidyut: I thought we all are besties and we share everything but…..
He fakes crying and Raman understood they are again teasing him and starts hitting him…..
Vidyut: ok OK now stop… I forgive u…..
Raman: Idiots
Shagun: acha now jokes apart…Raman how u asked her and she agreed….wow….
Raman said her everything and Shagun was hell shocked on Raman’s daring…..
Shagun: I can’t believe u asked her for coffee….
Raman: Even I am thinking how I asked her and she agreed….
After 5 minutes they saw Ishu and Jannat coming and the level of Raman’s nervousness increasing…..and Shagun noticed the same nervousness on Ishu’s face…..
Shagun greeted Ishu and they all started walking towards their class… All this while Ishra didn’t dare to look at each other….
The day went and it was 5: 30… Raman and Ishu both were restless all the time…..
Ishu and Shagun left the class and were waiting for others to come….Everyone came except Raman… Ishu was waiting for Raman but he didn’t came… After 5 minutes Ishu’s phone rang….
The number was unknown so she didn’t pick it but it rang again…
Shagun: Why arent u picking the call??? Any problem???
Ishu: I don’t know who it is…. So directly picking an unknown call….
Shagun: Show me…
Ishu shows her the number and after seeing it Shagun starts laughing which confuses Ishu…
Shagun: Come on Ishita don’t tell u r going on a date with Raman and u dont have his number….
Ishu was surprised to know that Shagun knew about their coffee deal actually a date….
Ishu was feeling awkward but again her phone rang and shagun got her awkwardness so she made an excuse and took everyone from there so Ishu could pick the call…..

Guys i know there are no ishra scenes by next part will have many…….I’ll try my best to post the next part till Monday….

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