Loving you was a mistake Prologue part 2 + CS

Prologue part 2 + CS

Author’s note
“Before you guys start reading the next part, I wanted to ask you guys, if I should continue this story or not!”
End of Author’s note

Anika’s pov
“Why is Tia Shivaay’s love interest, it should have been me, but the best part is that I helped her in running away with her lover boy!” “Hahhaaahahh!” “Poor Billu ji!” “He’ll never get to know, what I did, because he will hate me, but I want him to love me!”
End of her pov

Laksh’s pov
“My both sisters are crazy, one helped Tia to run away and the other one wants to take revenge from Shivaay, but I know, what will happen Ragini will fall for Sanskar and then she will forget about her revenge!” “I hope it happens as soon as possible, because it will be fun seeing her head over heels in love with Sanky!”
End of his pov

Ranveer’s pov
“What the hell is wrong with my sisters?” “One wants to marry Shivaay and one wants him to feel the pain that Anika felt when he declared that he will marry Tia, that chudhail!”
End of his pov

Ishana’s pov
“Jaha pyaar hota hai waha vishwas hota hai(where there is love, there is trust as well).”
End of her pov

Saumya’s pov
“Yippie, my bestie Anika is getting married!” “I’m happy that Shivaay is marrying Anika instead of Ria oh sorry I meant Tia?!” “I would love to kill that cry baby Oberoi, because he is getting on my nerves!”
End of her pov

Unknown girl number 1’s pov
“Love is like black(the favourite color of that person) and white, sometimes it gives you happiness and sometimes it hurts you more than anything else, that’s why I will never fall in love!”
End of her pov

Unknown girl number 2’s pov
“Love is something that happens without you realising it and it’s felt by your heart, to find true love is hard, but it’s easy to find fake one.”
End of her pov

End of the prologue

Now to the CS

The Oberois akka the business family(except for Omkara, Rudra, Amaal, Armaan and Swara)

Khalyani Singh Oberoi(dadi)
She is the head of the Oberoi empire, she is kind, loves Shivaay the most of all her grandchildren, because he has the eyes of his grandfather and is an isqbaaz like him, she prefers Anika Khurana than Tia Kapoor as her soon to-be-granddaughter-in-law. She is played by Navnindra Behl

Tej Singh Oberoi
He is the eldest son of Khalyani, he is a loving and caring husband as well as a father, OmRuArPri(Omkara, Rudra, Armaan and Priyanka)are his children. He had a past with Mrs. Kapoor, before he married Jhanvi. He likes Anika more than Tia. He is played by Mahesh Thakur

Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi
The oldest daughter-in-law of Khalyani, she loves all her children the same, she hates alcohol, she really loves arts, because she was an artist just like Omkara, before she married Tej. She really loves Anika a lot. She is played by Mreenal Deshrak

Shakti Singh Oberoi
He is the younger brother of Tej, he loves his family a lot, he is the father of ShivSanAmRa(Shivaay, Sanskar, Amaal and Swara). He wants Anika as his daughter-in-law, because he thinks that Shivika are made for eachother. He is played by Siraj Mustafa Khan

Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi
She is Shakti’s wife, she loves all her children, loves to fight with Jhanvi, but she loves her sister-in-law a lot, she wants that Shivaay marries Anika, because she wants another daughter-in-law like Ragini. She is played by Nitika Anand Mukherjee

Shivaay Singh Oberoi(Billu or Billuji)
The eldest grandson of Khalyani, he is Shakti and Pinky’s son, he is 26 years old, he is fraternal twin brother of Sanskar, he is 2 minutes older than Sanskar, “nice”, caring, sweet, love his family a lot, cause of Tia he became arrogant and rude to outsiders, he started to believe in sirname, bloodline and lineage(he will eventually change back to his normal self after he gets married to Anika). He is played by Nakuul Mehta

Sanskar Singh Oberoi(Sanky)
The second oldest grandson of Khalyani, he is Shakti and Pinky’s son, he is 26 years, 2 minutes younger than Shvaay, he is nice, caring, loves his wife Ragini a lot and Anika is like a sister for him. He is played by Varun Kapoor

Omkara Singh Oberoi(Om or O)
He is Tej and Jhanvi’s son, the third oldest grandson, he is 25 years old, a calm, composed, loves his family a lot, kind and caring guy, by profession he is an artist, his girlfriend is Svetlana Kapoor. He is played by Kunal Jaisingh

Amaal Singh Oberoi(Ama)
He is a music composer by proffesion, he is calm, sweet, caring, he’s not arogant, he is Pinky and Shakti’s son, the fourth oldest grandchild of Khalyani, he is 24 years old. He is played by Amaal Malik

Rudra Singh Oberoi(Rudy)
He is fifth grandchild of Khalyani, he is Jhanvi and Tej’s son, he is 22 years old, fraternal twin bro of Armaan and he is older to him by 3 mins, he doesn’t have any interest in his family business, he flirts a lot, dumb, loves his proteinshakes a lot, doesn’t believe in love, had a lot of girlfriends, his current girfriend is Romi Kapoor. He is played by Leenesh Mattoo

Armaan Singh Oberoi(Armu)
Rudra’s fraternal twin bro, he is 22 years old, he is more handsome than Rudra, he flirts a lot, doesn’t believe in love, had a lot of girlfriends, by profession he is a singer. He is played by Armaan Malik

Priyanka Singh Oberoi(Prinku)
She is quiet, sweet she loves reading books, loves her brothers a lot, she calls Swara her twin sister, Anika is her friend, she helps her family a lot in their business, she is 20 years old. She is played by Subha Rajput

Swara Singh Oberoi(Shona)
She is naughty, caring, sweet, she is a weddingplanner, loves her brothers a lot. She is played by Helly Shah

The Khurana’s akka business and fashion designer family(except for Ranveer)

Shekher Khurana
He is the father of AniRagLakVeer(Anika, Ragini, Laksh and Ranveer), he loves his wife and children a lot, caring, a businessman as well as business partner of the Oberois. He is played by Sachin Tyagi

Janki Shekher Khurana
Wife of Shekher, she is calm, caring, lovely, sweet, loves her family a lot, she is a fashion designer by profession.
She is played by Daljeet Kaur Bhanot

Anika Khurana
The eldest child of ShekJan, she is 26 years old, she is funny, naughty, sweet, she loves Shivaay and wants to get married to him, by profession she is a fashion designer, works with her mother and sister Ragini. She is played by Surbhi Chandna

Ragini Khurana oops Ragini Sanskar Singh Oberoi
She loves her elder sister Anika a lot and can do anything for her, she is 24 years old, she is a fashion designer, she is married to Sanskar, she does love him, but she will never admit it. She is played by Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

Laksh Khurana
He is the fraternal twin bro of Ranveer he is 2 mins older than him, he is 22 years old, he is naughty, cute, sweet, handsome, he helps his dad in business, loves his sisters a lot. He is played by Namish Taneja

Ranveer Khurana
The fraternal twin bro of Laksh, he is 22 years old, he is an ACP by profession, he is handsome, sweet, loves his family a lot and he is very protective towards his siblings. He is played by Ayush Anand

The bose family the weddingplanner family(except for Ishana, UG1 and UG2)

Dev Bose
He is the father of IshSau(Ishana, Saumya, UG1 and UG2), he loves his family a lot, caring, he is a weddingplanner by profession. He is played by Amar Sharam

Sujata Dev Bose
She loves her four daughters a lot, she used to be a weddingplanner, but then she left her work to take care of her first daughter Ishana.
She is played by Sonica Handa

Ishana Bose
SuDev’s oldest daughter, she is 25 years old, her profession is dancing, she owns her own dance academy, she is sweet, cute, beautiful, loves her family a lot. She is played by Vrushika Mehta

Saumya Bose
She is a little bit chubby, she is 22 years old, she is cute, sweet, loves to irritate Rudra, loves her family a lot, she is a weddingplanner by profession like her dad and she works with him as well. She is played by Neha Lakshmi Iyer

UG1 and UG2
Are fraternal twin sisters, they are 19 years old, the both of them will be revealed later, both love to write books and stories, one is sweet, cute, crazy and the other one is sweet, cute, misschevious, crazy, loves to paint. One of them is played by someone else and one played by me

The villains akka the Kapoors

Mrs. Kapoor

Mr. Kapoor
He is an hired actor

Tia Kapoor

Robin Kapoor

Svetlana Kapoor

Romi Kapoor

Author’s note
“One of the unknown character is played by me, you will get to know soon who it is!” “Until next time guys, stay blessed, be unique and never change yourself for someone, because you are beautiful the way you are!”
“If you haven’t read the first part of the prologue, so here is it!”

Loving you was a mistake – Prologue Part 1: The Oberois

“And here is the link for the OS called: I will love you forever with love Anika.” https://www.tellyupdates.com/will-love-forever-love-anika-shivika-os/
“The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”
End of Author’s note

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