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It’s late at night when Mitali and company return home. Raj and Akash are tense and when the ladies walk in, they both run and hug their wives; Pragya feels alone and hugs herself instead she turns and looks longingly at the stairs and Mitali makes her a face telling her to go. She wishes good night and climbs stairs softly, on stairs she thinks what if Mitali Bhbi is wrong and he i angry for real, what if he hates me and doesn’t want me for real what will i do. She thinks i will just go and if he refuses me, then at least i have memories. She climbs stairs slowly and thinks of all good memories with Abhi…Zindagi yeh safar mein plays …..she remembers Abhi applying Kumkum on her in bathroom, she remembers him chasing Tanu, she remembers him forcing her to take Mehendi instead of Tanu, she thinks of all other fun moments and smiles happily and sadly at same time…
She thinks i know you will hate me if you ever find out what i did to your sister, how she is missing because of me but i love you Abhi, and if that is the risk i have to take to be in your life then i will take it. She thinks my heart cannot watch you hate me, my heart cannot watch you leave me, my heart cannot take it when you say you don’t love me anymore, remembers the words Abhi said that morning and thinks i can never ever be alive if i hear such words from you again.
She finally reaches the door but fears to open it, she leans against it and thinks what if he is still angry and says those words again i will die. She holds over he heart nad replays Abhi’s hurting words again in her head, she thinks i can’t hear those again fro you Abhi, i can’t! She hugs herself tighter and leans on the door and stays there for some time, she is debating internally whether to go in or not. She looks at time and thinks it’s too late and he sleeps like hippopotamus so i can enter and deal tomorrow, she then thinks coward. But breathes and pushes the door. It badges a little and then stops, she pushes gain and it badges a little more then stops,
P: arey what is wrong with door now?
She pushes again, it moves a little and stops then she hears Abhi’s very sleepy voice
A: ahhh go away, go away!!
P: thinks what now? And what is going on? She pushes door with alot of strength now but gently and it badges enough for her to pass her head and peep, she sees Abhi sleeping on floor, and hugging something tightly. She thinks how to get in adorable hippopotamus is sleeping on door! She pushes a little more and then fixes in through the door making funny faces and complaining grumpily about sleeping like hippopotamus and being heavy like one, she manages to go through, after a very big struggle!
She pushes the door shut slowly while looking at Abhi, she thinks he looks adorable, she kneels down beside him and tenderly pushes his hair away from his face….zindagi yeh safar mein plays…..she looks at him adorably and smiles a tiny smile, she caresses his face lowly and Abhi unconsciously leans into her touch. She sees him holding something and hugging it to his chest, she tries to pry it from him to see but he holds it tighter and stirs like to wake up and she lets it go. She caresses his face again and he slackens hand causing picture to fall face up, it of her, Pragya’s picture. She see it and smiles a happy smile with happy tears, she holds it and puts it back in his arms, Abhi hugs it again. A strong wind comes and pushes door too hard, it opens with force and Almost hits Abhi, Pragya hurriedly and tensely holds it just on time saving him, ….Zindagi song is still playing…. she closes door and sits on floor and leans on the door, carries his head and puts it on her lap and slowly runs her hands through his hair. She smiles slowly and tears of happiness are slowly falling down her face, Abhi turns in his head and snuggles closer to her, in the process tangles her dupatta in his hands and photo and they bend uncomfortably…Zindagi..still playing….she first is scared a bit, then she smiles nods her head wonderingly then untangles his hands very lovingly…
She thinks i love you Abhi, more than you know, my feelings go soo deep they are me now. They are my identity. How can you even think i can have another man, Abhi, how? I cannot because i love you Abhi, more than anything in this world and my heart cannot let me, when we married, we did not just marry, our hearts married Abhi and for them it’s not till death do us part. It is for forever. Fate wound out hearts together, and when your heart string is pulled, mine comes along, when you heart hurts so does the mine, when yours laughs so does the mine, when yours beats so does the mine and when yours stops so will mine. I will not fight fate, i don’t know what i will do about Aaliya, or what you will do to me when you find out, but i hope your heart will know mine as well and you will understand why i did what i did. Am sorry Abhi, i really am. For hurting you and letting it come to this.
She then kisses his fore head and gently pushes Abhi’s head off her lap and lays down next to him from behind and wraps her arms around his stomach and she soon falls asleep.
Next morning Abhi wakes up feeling cramped and thinks why is my bed hard, he then opens his eyes only for them to land on Pragya’s sleeping face on his chest and arms wrapped around him. He is stopped dumb struck, he looks at her…Allah waariyan plays….he just stares at her and slowly gets happiness smile, a sole tear of happiness runs down his face and he thinks how can me stupid Abhi get someone like her, he thinks God must love me sooo much to send me a woman like her, even after what i did yesterday here she is with me forgiving me. He thinks am too stupid and i don’t deserve her but i love her more than my own life and i cannot live without her and yesterday is clear proof. He thinks right thing is to let her go as i am dumb and will just hurt her but i am selfish and i can’t do that so i will just try to not hurt her..he looks at floor and thinks first put her in soft bed. He stands up with her in his arms and walks to bed……Zindagi yeh Safar mein plays….. he places her gently on bed and covers her, Abhi being Abhi trips on bed sheets and falls on top of her instead, Pragya’s eyes open then and they have eye lock for some time….Zindagi still plays….Abhi couldn’t control the emotion and lowers head slowly and rubs his nose on Pragya’s she closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation….then Abhi all of a sudden stands off the bed and just stands there looking at her like he is pisced.
Pragya is shocked and dejected, she thinks he still hates her. She is hurt but hides it and stands up determined on bed. She makes serious am on a mission Pragya face, stands feet part and arms Akimbo…
Abhi; ( sees Pragya and makes his shocked Abhi face and thinks) ah what now, one minute she was all soft pu**y cat puppy fuggi, now she is Lioness fuggi?? Why?
Pr: looking even more angry at his stupid face) so you kadoos…
Ab: (interrupting Pragya) don’t call me Kadoos
Pr: (just looks at him hotly and ignores him and his pouty face) like I was saying…KADOOS…
You said yesterday how you never wanted to marry me but here is the thing..you are going to!.
Ab: no iam not, I will not marry ice fuggi
Pr: ice fuggi you think I am ice fuggi, I will show you fire today
Ab: arey I dare you, and you should know I will not marry you.
Pr: jumps off bed and points at Abhi while walking toward him) you Mr Abishek will marry me even if i have to drag you to temple myself (she makes sudden jump grabs Abhi’s ear…not too hardly, It was too sudden Abhi didn’t see it coming so he is trapped she looks up at him with her pouty face) Mehra you will marry me today even if i take you to temple by your elephant ears
Ab: holding his ears like in pain) what doyou mean elephant ears/ i don’t have elephant ears i have perfect ear…hey ice fuggi don’t pull my ears
Pr: looks at him and thinks in her head, i am going to have life time of stupid names but i don’t mind as long as i am married to him and he know it. She makes serious face and starts walking to outside room while holding Abhi’s ears. She is dragging him by the ear
Ab: screaming) hey Fuggi why you so strong na, are you body building, do you do mr india competiton ? arey so strong fuggi too strong Mr India fuggi!
Pr; is now fuming) Mr Mr Mr India fuggi? Ok!! I will give you Mr India skill (Holds ear tighter and drags Abhi faster and go down stairs. Everyone has heard commotion and because of yesterday all have run out thinking something is wrong. They meet Pragya dragging Abhi out of house by ear!
Taiji: Pragya beta, where are you going?
Pr; temple Taiji
Ab: dadi save me!
Dd: shut up Abhi (makes shocked face) (to Pragya) Beta temple? Why Temple?
Pr: For shadi!
Everyone gasps
Dd: shadi? What shadi?
Pr: mine and Abhi’s dadi. This Kadoos said he wouldn’t marry me now I have to drag him to temple?
Ds: By ear?
Pr; haa, they are elephant ears, they will survive!!
Akash: hey Bhabi your too strong na. Pulling Abhi by ear!
Pr: gives Akash death glare
Ab: to Akash) i told her too strong like Mr India, she is Mr India fuggi
Every one laughs at their Antics and Pragya pulls Abhi’s ear more
Ab; oooouuuuuuuuuuu
Pr: good
Dd; beta, but wedding now?
Pr; it’s simple Dadi, if Kadoos here says he will marry me I will let him go and we have good shadi in a week. He refuses then I drag him to temple and marry him.
Abhi: gets a happy look on face and smiles big smile. Big i have won smile!
Pr: why are you smiling like that? Are you now murkh kadoos?
Ab: Finally!
Pr: pulls ear harder) What are you talking about?
Ab: my plan worked!
Pr: now clearly and adorably confused) Plan ka?
Ab: gently removes Pragya’s hand from ear and holds it in his hand and pulls her closer gently and then tells her in a soft wandering voice) Pragya i want to marry you, yesterday i was so angry and i hurt you and for that i am sorry. But today i woke up after worst night of my life and i found you sleeping with me…on floor. Anyone else could have gone to bed not after the way i treated you, but you slept on floor. I knew then that i would do whatever it takes to marry you. But i needed commitment, time commitment from you and infront of family so when you said get married i said no. I didn’t know you were going to go in Mr India Fuggi mode, but when you did plan formed and all i had to do was hold out long enough for you to tell infront of family when you would marry me, now we know it’s in the week. So yay..i guess that makes today Mehendi?
Pragya is shocked, but then breaks into huge smile and slaps Abhi in the chest. Abhi laughs too and hugs her tightly. Allah Waariyan plays…
Every one just laughs and shakes their head wonderingly, Mitali is the happiest!!
Dasi shouts and tells everyone to stop staring and get ready for Mehendi…..
Screen freezes on family members happy faces!

Precap: what do you mean married in a week?

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