Humsafars (krpkab) part 4

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I reached the office in my normal then Gabbar called me to his cabin ” I need u to bring some samples of designs from this address ” he said and got a good look at me ” Yeh kya pehna hai” ”Aapko dikta nahi hai humne kapde pehne hein” I replied ” Lekin ais kapde phir kabhi is office mein nahi pehno ” he said I left for collecting the samples I got shocked seeing my step mom over there ” Dekho dekho kaun aya hai ” she taunted me alot but finally I got hold of the designs and left from there on the way it started raining suddenly all the designs got spoiled.

Then Zaki came with his car and dropped me home Gabbar also came ” Yeh lijye designs ” I handed over the designs he got angry seeing the designs covered with mud” What is this why is the designs covered with mud ” I had no reply but Zaki to the rescue ” Bhai jab yeh ghar aa rahi thi toh barish shuru ho gai to designs aise ho gayi ” But Gabbar is Gabbar he got angry ” Look I need these designs in the same way they were when u took by tomorrow morning sharp 8 am’’ I was really tensed I didn’t know what to do so I called ma she answered the call ‘’ Haan bol beta sab teek hai na ‘’ I told ma everything ‘’ Isiliye humne faisla liya hai ki hum yeh designs phir se banayenge ‘’ but ma didn’t like that ‘’ Nahi beta yeh tu kyun karegi yeh toh unka kam hai na tu ek kam kar jo mein bolungi Woh kar teek hai ‘’ ma was amazing she told me how to wash of the stains immediately I was awake the whole night trying to remove the stains and it was worth it. Next morning I happily went to the office

When I gave Gabbar the designs he took a good look at it with eyes open he couldn’t believe it that it was the same designs that were yesterday so dirty it was worth looking at his face then Anam just snatched it ‘’ Yeh who designs hai jo tumne kal liye the ya koi aur ‘’ I replied ‘’ Nahi yeh wohi hai hum jhooth kyun bolenge ‘’ ‘’ Lekin iske daag kaise gaye ‘’ Gabbar also had to speak in between ‘’ who aise Gabb….. I mean Dev sir ma ne kal kuch nuske batay jis se yeh daag gaye ‘’ He was finally happy and told me to go finally Gabbar was good.

I was near my desk just then my dad called me the most hated person of my life I cut the call angrily I know my step mother doesn’t leave a chance of brainwashing my dad. Just then I heard a lot of shouting outside it was Gabbar itself but what was he shouting about. I went outside and heard the talks ‘’ This Bejoy again has cheated us now I’m going to fire him ‘’ I was hell shocked ‘’ but y when Bejoy’s daughter is here next to us’’ Gabbar looked at me angrily ‘’ Is he ur father yes or no ‘’ I didn’t know wht to reply but truth is truth ‘’ Yes but….’’ ‘’ Enough ‘’ He said angrily and left for home I reached behind him and heard him telling everything to aunty but she knew my story ‘’ Nahi Dev beta aise kuch nahi hai who toh apne papa ko bikul pasand nahi karti infact usne apna naam toh ma ke naam se rakha hai Sonakshi Asha Khan” Gabbar just keeps staring

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