Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nominations Day
Day 37 8:00am
Inmates wake up to the tunes of ‘Baby Doll’ which gear them up for the next leg of the nominations task.

As the task continues, Bigg Boss gives the contestants their next set up – that of a kitchen.
Both teams start discussing. Gaurav says to his team that we can enact Swami sitting in cave.
Lopa says to her team that we can have two wives for Manu to enact scene, Lopa says to Mona that we can call each other cheaters, curse each other and all, Mona says i cant do it. Lopa says then we can act like Manu and me are husband and wife and Mona is servant, Manu is attracted to Mona so Lopa and Mona have fight and pull each others hair and all.
Rahul is in luggage room getting ready as Swami. Lopa comes there. For the task, Lopamudra asks Bani if she could borrow her Saree, but Bani refuses to give it. Gaurav tries to convince Bani but she is adamant, Gaurav says it doesnt matter, Bani asks Lopa to take it, Lopa says we dont need it now, we arranged, Lopa leaves. Rahul asks Swami if he can give his kurta and chains to him for act? Swami says for sure, Rahul says dont tell your team, Swami says not at all, Swami goes to bring his kurta. Rahul, Gaurav and Manveer laughs. Swami gives his kurta to Rahul.

In secret room, Bigg boss welcomes sunny, Sunny says i missed you, videos were good yesterday, bigg boss says both team have 1point, lets see what they do today, sunny says thank you, bigg boss, your voice oh.
Manu and Mona enact scene in kitchen, Manu flirt with Mona who is servant, Lopa catches them and asks what was happening here? Mona says i am making tea, Lopa says why you are huffing? Mona says because i saw your face today, they both pull each others hair. They pull Manu to their sides, Lopa says you are my husband, Manu says i am tired of Gharwali-Baharwali, video ends. Sunny says it was good catfight but it was typical.

Rahul thanks Swami for lending him clothes. On noticing that Swami gave Rahul his clothes and accessories, Lopa gets annoyed and says which team you are playing for? Rohan says they dont give us anything, Swami says Manveer asked me to borrow it, Lopa says Rohan why didnt you stop Swami, Lopa says to Swami that they didnt give saree for Mona, Rohan says its okay Lopa. Lopa says no this will add value to their act.

Bani’s team puts up an entertaining act where Rahul dresses up as Om Swami. Gaurav is talking in background, he says Swami is great, he has direct contact with God. Rahul acting like Swami says forgive me God, i will rectify my mistakes. Gaurav says he is always in kitchen, to know his secrets, journalist Jarka Bisht has come to interview. Bani as reporter comes there and says to Swami how did you stop missile? Rahul says everyone knows it, my 150crore fans know it, i gave training to many actors. I will train you, dance with me, i will make you my daughter and you will get high in career. They start dancing weirdly, Swami runs from there. Gaurav and Bani lifts Rahul like garbage and throws him out of scene. Sunny says Rahul was awesome as Swami, i am always his fan.

Bani’s team have won point for kitchen setup. Lopa says to Rohan that we should tackle Swami, he is betrayer. Rahul hugs Swami and says we won because of you only.

Bigg Boss gives the contestants a bathroom set up lit up with candles and a bath tub.
Rohan says to his team that we can make act like Swami is a bad guy and uses girls but in end girls will be journalists to expose him.

Bani’s team enters activity area. Niti says to Manveer that they didnt even rehearse dialogues, Manveer says i wont go in next video, i dont care about immunity, they want to do acting all in this task, they are acting for more than 40days now, they dont let us act in task too.
In activity area, Bani’s team, on the other hand, presents an act where Rahul is a film director and Bani and Gaurav are the actors. Gaurav is shirtless and in red boxers, he enters bath tub, Bani is in sports bikini and in bath tub. Rahul is directing scene for them, Gaurav is huffing and says water is cold. Rahul says ready action.. Gaurav acts like shivering due to water, Rahul says i will show you Gaurav, Rahul comes in bath tub and enacts romance scene, Bani says director let Gaurav do it. Gaurav acts scene again but forgets his lines, Bani says i wont do another take after this. Rahul says action, Gaurav forgets his lines again, Bani acts like forcefully kissing Gaurav, Bani says i dont have time for another take for this first timer Gaurav, Rahul runs behind Bani while Gaurav has fainted in bath tub, video ends. Bani says i hope kiss was funny. Bani, Rahul and Gaurav comes out, Manveer says i wont do any video now, you people are actors, Rahul says do next video, Manveer says you people are ignoring. Rahul says we have to do five acts, i am telling you this was not good act by us.

Lopa’s team start enacting bathtub scene. Lopa and Mona have come to take blessing of Swami. Swami says come in my bathroom, its luxurious, Mona acts like stealthily fixing camera there. Next Swami is in bathtub with Lopa and Mona. Sunny says bad babaji. Lopa asks Swami how he gets money for this luxurious bathroom? Swami says politicians and actors run behind me, i have many girls. Lopa says all girls are impressed with you? Swami says if girl is not ready to come with me then i make them get attracted me with my powers and bring them to my bathroom. Lopa and Mona starts beating him and says this is live telecast, you are exposed, Swami says my shop is closed not, video ends. Sunny says nice work Lopa’s team. This is close call, one was sensational video and one was funny.

Sunny have given point to Lopa’s team, for bathroom act. Rohan hugs Swami. Swami says to Lopa that i put my respect at risk for this, Lopa says your performance was awesome.

It’s time for the final set-up where the contestants need to create a video with cut outs of the opposite team members. A coin toss determines that Lopa’s team will go second. Bani brings coin from store room and selects one side. Rahul is ready to toss but Bani says i want Gaurav to do it so i can blame him later. Gaurav does toss and Lopa will go first.
Manveer says we have to do something with cut outs. Rahul says we can explain of each one of them, Niti says its not sensational, Rahul says if its real, then sensational.
Lopa asks Manu if he can mimic them? he says yes, Lopa says then i will mimic girls and you mimic boys, he says okay.

Manveer says to Gaurav that we will mimic them, Rahul says its good idea, Gaurav says i am fine with it too. Rahul says it can be negative, Bani says we will talk about real feelings. Gaurav says if we think, act is going negative then we can bring twist at end of task.
In activity area, Gaurav stands infront of cut outs and says all left world because of infection, now we have cuts out only. Gaurav says they didnt even talk last time. Niti says i wanted to be Miss India like Lopa. Gaurav says this is our last moments together, are are going to die too. Sunny says it shouldnt be this serious. Gaurav says Lopa would have laughed on Swami’s joke. Gaurav sees Bani and Niti still on floor and says they are gone too. He gets up and says Bigg boss i have done task. Gaurav says in bigg boss’ voice that Gaurav we congratulate you for doing task.
Lopa’s team start act. Rohan says welcome to Chota bigg boss. Welcome Lopa and Manu to this show. He says TRP is low because of these cut outs, give them advise. Lopa sees Niti’s cutout and says i love Niti a lot, i have brought pepper mic for Nit as she sings more than act. Manu mimics like Rahul and sprays on his cut out and says i hope you get active after this and come out of robotic style. Rohan says this is out of limits, just give him advise, Manu says i am advising only, why you are saying this? what you mean by going off limits? Lopa says stop this act, you people are bickering. Sunny is watching them, Manu says we discussed script beforehand. They continue act, Lopa says i brought eggs for her, she puts egg on Bani’s cut out. Sunny gags. Lopa says she is always on high protein diet and just keep thinking about muscles, she eats 20eggs. Manu says now we will talk about Gaurav, he always keep misunderstandings up. Rohan says what about Manveer? Manu starts abusing, Rohan says dont talk like that? Manu says then Manveer cant say anything as he just abuse, video ends. Sunny says lets see who is gonna win, its time to go in house.

On Tv, Sunny says i am in house and nobody is coming to meet me, i am waiting in confession room. Inmates come in confession room, but sunny says on TV that i am in store room. Inmates come in store room but she is not there too, Lopa says this is fooling around. On tv, Sunny asks everyone to come in activity area. Inmates come in activity area but Sunny enters house from main door. Swami runs and pulls her in hug. Rom romantic song plays, Sunny meets everyone.

Bigg boss welcomes Sunny. Swami says we welcome her too. Bigg boss says she has come for important decisions. Team Bani and Team Lopa have won 2-2 points and are equal and now you will give last point which will decide team which have won. Sunny says to inmates that in last act, i was focused on main mission which was entertainment and on that basis, Lopa’s team have won. Lopa’s team dance. Lopa thanks Sunny. Bigg boss says as per Sunny’s decision, team Lopa have won so her whole team is safe from nominations and team Bani is nominated. BANI, GAURAV, RAHUL, NITIBHA and MANVEER are nominated for this week.
Sunny says i have created my own perfume range which i will gift to winning team. Manu brings it from store room and says this is great perfume. Swami is sitting beside Sunny and says biggest perfume is Leone herself, Leone laughs awkwardly and says he jokes. Sunny says we will create video together.

Sunny also gives the contestants a fun task wherein they collectively recreate a scene from Sholay. Accompanying Sunny in this task will be Manu as Veeru, Manveer as Jai, Swami as Gabbar and Gaurav as Thakur. Together they recreate the magic of Sholay. Sunny dances to the popular number Main Naachungi from Sholay. She dances around Manu too, all inmates enjoy. Swami is dancing with them too, Gaurav joins too. Thakur then enacts like kicking gabbar. Manu is protecting Sunny and says nobody will come near my maal(item), Bani says stop saying item, Manu says she would object if she thinks its wrong, you dont have to point out, Bani says its good to call woman a maal? Manu says i dont want to talk to you darling, you are not even here. Inmates ask them to calm down. Sunny says thank you for having me, i hope you all get in your lives, Swami hugs her, Sunny leaves house.

Bani says to Lopa that Swami touched Sunny, i was sitting on other side of them on sofa, Lopa says i didnt see him touching her, Bani says he did. Lopa says to Swami that dont touch girls like that who come in house, Niti says just shake hands. Swami says she is actress, Bani says so what? you can touch her because she is actress? we didnt touch her then how can you? Swami says that was your decision, Bigg boss didnt ask me to not touch her, Bani shouts that we are asking you to not do it, Swami says i wont listen to you, Lopa says Salman will take on you again, he says so what? i wont stop shaking hands or touch, Niti says are we mad to say this? Swami says you are mad. Swami says to Manu and Mnaveer that they are asking me why i shook hands with sunny. Bani says to Gaurav and Lopa that he touched her on knee, i saw it on sofa. Rohan says what kind of man he is? we are tired of making him understand. Bani says she was not comfortable, cant he figure it out from her body language?
Swami says to Manu that i asked Sunny to take team lopa for win, Manu says stop talking rubbish. Manveer says dont put all this now, Swami hugs him.
Bani says to Gaurav that i get irritated when i see men talking and commenting on women like that women dont answer them back and are feeling awkward infront of people, all were sitting and didnt call out to Manu for calling he item, Gaurav says we didnt hear it, Bani says he said it many times.

Niti says i will get evicted, Manveer says Rahul will be going, i talked to Rahul and he doesnt remember anything two days back, Niti says but his family is solid. Manu says why Bani called me out for calling item? Akshay Kumar says it in movies too, Manver says its our style and they are saying Swami was sitting beside Sunny but Bani was sitting on otherside of her too, Niti says Swami was touching her, Swami says sunny didnt stop me, Manu says girls dont call it out being shy but you are elder so you have to understand and just have handshake and move away from them, Swamis says i will be careful from now on.

PRECAP- In captaincy task, garden area is converted into gold mine. If Rohan is successful as owner of gold mine then he will be captain for next week too. Bigg boss calls Lopa in confession room and says we are giving you and Manu secret task to steal half jewel of gold mine, if you are successful doing so then you and Manu will be contender for captaincy. Lopa tries to come near jewel, Rohan says dont act infront of me, Lopa says you dont trust me? Rohan says i dont want to get deceived by you for secret task.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love u bani for ur stand…. U r the best…bani rocks…. Go girl…

  2. Bani you were awesome today

    Only you took a stand
    Love you

  3. LOL bani is doing chuma chati in task that is ok on national television …calling someone dickhead a*sh*le f**ker that is ok on national television on the other hand manu said a dilogue of akki movie garam masala “mera maal ,pass mat aana ” that is not ok on national…television…..blo*dy hypocrite …and her fans too……
    manveer and nitibha got sidelined by So called gaurav bani.and rahul….and people say manu uses msnveer …infact manveer gets limelight with manu …
    rohan is fool fighting manu in task ..when manu says he is less active …..but the same rahul uses swami against him……
    Lopa is doing good ….
    Hope manu wins captaincy

    1. Calling a girl a maal is never justified whatever the reason be Mr….!!so plz don’t be manu’s lawyer. !

    2. If bani is abusive so are you! Why cnt u cntrol ur anger?? There is no difference between u n bani then! It is easy to point finger at others than accepting ur own mistakes!!

  4. Good morning to swastika simran aakashi simple and all bb fans today in first two vedio bani’s team did v good in that task rahul was awesome he did superb role of baba but in the last two vedio i would say definitely lopa’s team did good swami om was feeling v exaciting with the girls in the bath tub but in the last bani’s team should have won the task

    1. Hi kp

      Yeah rahul was funny as baba ???

    2. hi
      I enjoy lopa’s team’s video and ya bani’s team was also nyc . but I felt like lopa’s team was deserving and they won

  5. Luv u Bani J

  6. Banis team performed so well..oly 5th round was lill down dint worked well..spclly bani gaurav n rahul well performed..surprise package was rahul..omg what an acting he nailed it as ths week no elimination n nxt week double elimination..gud..

  7. Kickout tht bakwas swami…. He is gonna get screwd by salman again

  8. LOL bani is doing chuma chati in task that is ok on national television …calling someone dickhead a*sh*le f**ker that is ok on national television on the other hand manu said a dilogue of akki movie garam masala “mera maal ,pass mat aana ” that is not ok on national…television…..blo*dy hypocrite …and her fans too……
    manveer and nitibha got sidelined by So called gaurav bani.and rahul….and people say manu uses msnveer …infact manveer gets limelight with manu …
    rohan is fool fighting manu in task ..when manu says he is less active …..but the same rahul uses swami against him……
    Lopa is doing good ….
    Hope manu wins captaincy

    1. Man seriously u r a blind fan of manu ???kon galiya nhi deta biggboss and i agree jo dete hain sab galat hai becoz ye national tv pr a rhe hain to bani english mein deti hai to us pr objection hai manu ki trah manveer ki trah hindi mein de to ur ok ??
      Rohan is not fighting actually it is manu who start fight if he said zada ho rha hai to mannu ko ignore kr dena chahiye tha k as an anchor ye uska comment ho sakta hai anchors kehte hain aisee batein but mannu started jbke lopa bani pr shuru ho chuki tb bhi he started he is so psthetic so wat if akshay item bolta hai to ye bat sahi ho gyee zara ye mal mannu aur manveer ki behno ko keh kr dekho

      1. ya I totally agree with u . rohan was not fighting . rohan ne aisa kuch bhi nhi bola jis se video ghrab ho . even I was enjoying his hosting he was nice manu ko aise video k beech m nhi bolna chahiye tha

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    The videos were funny. This nominations task was quite interesting. Yesterday videos were funny, today’s one too especially the baba with lopa and Mona in the bathroom that scene and also when Rahul acted as Baba ???. I wanted Bani’s team to win, but Lopa’s team were more deserving and happy they won 🙂 both teams did well but the difference was lopa’s team had teamwork and all were given equal importance even baba. And as for bani’s team only Bani, Gaurav and Rahul were there , and Manveer and Nitibha were almost sidelined and were in only 1 video.
    I think this week nitibha will be evicted despite getting two weeks immunity she is going off quite early .
    Finally every contestant here now is seen
    in bigg boss none of them is barely seen. So good job by the contestants.
    And baba is unique and antique i wonder where bb got him from? ?
    I have a feeling either Rohan or Rahul will win bigg boss this time. Rahul because he is slow but steady and Rohan I realised most Gautam gulati and Prince Narula fans r rooting for Rohan. And he did quite well this week till now.
    I don’t have any clear favourites for now but I like Gaurav and Rohan these days for now. Manveer is actually not that bad but he gets influenced but he is loud. Bani also going good

  10. Bani and rohan you both again prove your self that u r really play like kid game on this show, bani what she want to stand on thats no mean to point out as mannu done what the task to be like as its taken from filmy and ROhan again he prove his kiddy behave. Lopa and Mannu do the best in the last entire episode.

  11. Lopas video was really funny….this is why i hate swami om…he does not how to respect girls… seriosly??touching anyone and saying anyone anything…..manu cant call any girl ‘maal’ even though akshay kumar has said it….but really bani…salute man…i mean the way she took the stand for sunny……but i really feel swami om shudn have been bought back… ek baar toh theek hai lekin yaise baar baar????thats not ryt

  12. And btw wer is swami om s prime supporter sneha?????that girl gets on my nerves…..thank god she s gone…good riddance

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