Who is she ?? Kkb 2 shots.. (Part 1)

The great director…script writer..abhishek prem mehra…wow..do you knew…the world around you forgetten about a such a person..they think you are dead man…yes man you are dead …good  for nothing…aĺl your filims are utter flop…they are only meant for thrown to trush…really feel shame of you abhi..really…he look himself in mirror with full of anger…no one will respect you..no one will hear your words…no one will desparate for get your days…you are a loser..abhishek prem mehra is a loser…abhi look himself in mirror with anger take a flower vase and bashed it on the wall..started to threw all the things on floor…book..dvd..script dress..curtains..bed sheet ..pillow everything…till now too his anger havnt calm down and turn around to threw something and suddenly get stucked by seeing two eyes….

He move towards that eyes and stare at that..he sit on bed and again gaze on it…suddenly take a bag and pack things and moves out…on the way he meet his dadi…

Abhi…where are you going…???

Dadi..iam going out and will be back after somedays..and  dont ask me where am i going because i too dont knew about it..what i need is a change..i need some time alone..so iam leaving take care of yourself..by saying he close the door and went out…

He get inside the car…dadi didnt restrict me..may be she knew that i wont here her words…he started to drive car..dont knew which direction is it moving and he doesnt bother about it too..because for him the journey is just to make him cool…the car moves a long distance through unknown places..suddenly some one shows thumb up..which means need a lift…i stopped my car…ofcourse its not someone..its a girl…the owner of same eyes which tell me to go somewhere ..the same eyes but with chashma…

‘Excuse me can you please drop…’ i dont knew what she has spoken because  iam literally get lost in that eyes…once she completed her lecture..she look for my reply..and raise her eyebrows..which make me in sense and i told that i will…with a lot of happiness she enters inside the car just beside me..again i continue my driving and she continue her talk…

‘Do you knew i was really tensed how to reach  there …it was that time you reach there and gave me a lift..thank you so much mr..???’

Abhi…i replied back..


So whats your name chashmish…

‘Thats the name’ she replied back..i raised my eyebrow asking what..

Arrey bhudhu..you call me na chashmish thats my name..


Actually my real name was pragya..but everyone call me chashmish..in first confront itself it make me forget my name..look you too call me like that na…

Chashmish..dont you feel bad for that??

Bad for what abhi..sorry can i call so..i smiled back as my approval and to continue…no yaar..i feel blessed .do you knew  the person with nick name will be really precious..because everyone wont get it na..its also way of expressing love..

Love?? I asked..

Love in the sense that attachment ..only people who feel attachment with other will call you so na..

But i have no attachment with you right?? I asked her like a child questioning his mother..

Who told we have no attachment..i have an attachment as you are my friend na..

Friend??? I asked..

Haa..actually iam too open minded..and friendly..i will make friendship with everyone easily…look i become your friend na..

Again i ask friend???

Dont you consider me as your friend?? She pout like a child..

I smiles..she too smiles back..thats it my boy…

What your boy ???

Arrey yaar..are you a question bank..

????? I look confused..

Haa..you are always asking questions…do you knew i hate it..

Which means you dont like studies..

You caught me soon..abhi..haa abhi..do you knew how boring it is..i like to bunk class..chat with friends..do some daring things..tease others…

Oh..so you are too dramebaaz..right..i asked..

Some what she chuckles…she was continously talking something and giggling herself..i get lost in it…i dont knew how time flies and how far i reached..i hear her like a child hearing mummas story while sleeping…i forget all my anger, tension , depression and everything..only what remains in my heart is chashmish and her endless talk…do you knew how she talks..it not as others talk..it has some specality..it will accompanied by actions…emotions in words , expression on face..just like we are seeing everything like a filim..what a girl she is..completely mad..crazy girl…  i came into sense when she touched at my shoulder and shook me..

Abhi are you day dreaming in night that too while driving..its too dangerous do you knew..wait are you thinking about your dream girl..your secret crush..

No..nothing like that…

No abhi..you are really thinking about a girl that i knew quitewell..

I feel like iam caught ..she started to smile and i look at her as awkward in the sense what make her to smile now..

Arrey you are really funny abhi..she pulls my cheek..really iam get lost by her touch..it make an electric shock on me..

Abhi..i feel sleepy can i sleep now..??she make a pout..

K you sleep baby..

Baby??she raised eyebrow..

You too call me so na..she giggles and lean back and shut her eyes..slowly she falls in sleep..i continue my drive a

nd sometimes steal gl.ances of her …how cute she is while sleeping ..it was athat time i saw some hairs making disturbance in her sleep..i stopped my car and slowly moves that hair string towards her ears..suddenly she opened  her eyes by his touch..
Both eyes get met ..and falls in eyelock..they came in sense by the sound of horn..

Abhi continue to start his drive where as pragya just look through window for side view…


So guys hows this shot..its just a 2 shot..a silly idea bumps into my mind..waiting  to see your views about it…so bye…


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