Aisi deewangi kahi nahi dekhi part -5

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Abhi..look you have become a love sick puppy..dont forget about your father…

Uncle..i knew everything …i cant hurt any more..if she wish..i will get her back to home..

Ohoo..then what will you afterthat..again steal glances of her by following her…


Abhi..when will you understand..look do as i said..just be make her under you.just trap her in relation ..later she will be your control and slowly falls in love with you..

I dont want such a love uncle…i want to see her loving me selflessly..not forcefully.. wont change..he leaves..
Abhi slowly wipes his tears and moved towards pragya..still she is sleeping..abhi touch her forhead..its better…abhi kisses on her forehead..he sit beside her and hold his hands..slowly he too falls in sleep..

Pragya wakes up when sunlight falls on her..when she tried to getup..her hands are tightly held by abhi..without disturbing him..she sat on bed ..and look at his face ..she can see traces on tears on both cheek..

Did he really cried?? Pragya again stares on abhi..

Just then abhi wakes..
How are you pragya..he just check her temparature…look fever has take complete rest today .i will send coffee for you..

No need of this care..i knew how to take care of myself..

Ohoo you knew right then how you caught fever, sprain and wound..all that damit..

Does that affect you mr ? Did iam alive or not wouldnt that bother you..

Its means alot to me damnit..he said this by holding her shoulder..

Why ? Who am i for you …may be by this (pointing her mangalsutra ) i will be your wife..but..

I dont want to hear anything from can think anything about me and my attitude..that doesnt bother me..just obey me..otherwise you will see my real face…by saying he moves out..but stopped by a reply..

Which face you are talking about abhi…the one you shown now..or the one you hide inside you..

I think because of medicine something happen to your brain.
Blabbering alot..

Its not blabbering..its all long you are going to continue this drama..

About what drama are you talking pragya..

She just get up from bed and lock the door and look directly into his eyes..

Why are you looking at me like you havent seen me before..

I have seen you alot abhi..but i havent seen the one whom i seen yesterday..

Yesterday…did you see me as another person..

Ofcourse i..pragya move towards abhi…i have seen real you inside this arrogant don..i seen abhi inside mr.abhishek prem mehra..

Abhi was totally confused about what she is saying..

Hey bhudhu havent you understand what i mean?? What is the need of doing all this can just tell me the fact na…you are in love with me…you loves me morethan anything..then why you hide all that..


Yes abhi..speak up have blabber everything yesterday itself feeling that iam really sick..its all my you knew how i caught this fever i just placed this..points at small onion..


Yes you knew how effective it is …i always do the same take this small onion and will hold it under shoulder..soon we will caught fever …

So you cheat me ah??

Ofcourse..i.did that..because of that only i can find all the truth..

Abhi look down..sadly…

Pragya moves close to him..encircle her arms around his shoulder…

Look abhi..i cant guarantee you that i will love you as you did..but will really try for it..

What??you will love me ..

Ofcourse..i you knew what is my policy about life..


We must fall in love with a person whom loves you.not the one who havent care for that case you love madly i must do the same..

Abhi take pragya in arms and twirls her in happiness..pragya smiles…

Hey …have you gone mad..why are you smiling pragya..

It was that time pragya comesout from her dreamland..she look around..see abhi looking at her still holding her hands..

Are you feel joke of my state now..dont you knew how much i worried for you last night..

Why you worried for me..who iam to you…

Officially you are my wife right..did anything happens you by staying here then everyone point at me right..

Ohoo..for that only..

Haa..otherwise why i care for you pragya..

Pragya getsup from bed..

Where are you leaving..

Just to take fresh…

K come soon..i will arrange your breakfast…

No need of this concern i will do all that myself.. are seeing you are perfectly fine thank god iam totally revealed one will blame me..

Pragya get iriked and get inside the washroom..

Oh this much attitude..its too bad…yesterday what i concern he was showing at me.look today how rude he is..k..then i too show my attitude abhi..just wait for it..i will make you confess your love for me and smiles…

After freshup pragya comes out in plain yellow saree…she really look hot in it…as she wore as single layer ..her curves are clearly visible too…pragya started to dry her hair ..just then abhi enters room and drops his jaw by seeing her..but suddenly he change his attitude …but pragya has seen this through mirror…when abhi come close to pragya…she just turn so that the water from her hair will fall on his make a chillness in  his body..when abhi moves to washroom…pragya block his making all her hairs to front side ..showing her back in the name of tieing the dhori..abhi cant restrict himself..just to drool on his pragya…pragya too watch this in naughty smile…

Episode ends..

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