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Chapter 9A- chapter 9


*Hospital *

The red light of the operation theatre is glowing indicating that operation is still going on. Outside the theatre people were praying for the patient. Let’s see who are they.
On one side of the was Mona, Gauri and Soumya with Priyanka and on the other side were……… Their respective husbands ie Mahi, Omkara and Rudra. Now we can easily understand whose operation is on. Yes it’s of Anika’s. But where is our Shivaay Babu….. Looking here and there we are trying to locate him but he’s no where to be seen.

Priyanka: Here Anika bhabi is fighting between life and death and God knows where Shivaay bhaiya is?
Om: He went with ACP Bhavya to ask the murderer.
Priyanka: He could have done that later on also.
Om: I know Shivaay very well. He can’t such situations so he went to fetch his answers and he has full faith that Anika bhabi will return back to him…..

Silence feel between them again and they just prayed silently for their bhabi. Suddenly a nurse came out and asked them.

Nurse: Patient needs immediate blood. Please arrange.
Om: How is bhabi?
Nurse: Nothing can be said. She needs blood immediately. Please arrange B-ve blood as soon as possible.
Gauri: I’m also having the same blood group. Can I donate?
Nurse: Sure. Come this way.

The girls encouraged her. She looked at Omkara and he nodded in agreement. She went behind her. After half an hour she returned back but was weak due to transfusion. She was about to fall but Omkara held her and made her sit. He gave her some fruit juice to drink and she complied. Others didn’t want to bother them so they left them in privacy.

*In Police station*
A man was tied up to a chair and a police officer was interrogating him but he was stubborn and didn’t want to open his mouth. When it crossed the level another man in three piece suit walked up to the prisoner with blood shot eyes. He just held his chin tightly and asked him a very dangerous voice.

Man: Just speak up who had sent you to do this otherwise you will see what Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do. Just speak up…..

The person was Shivaay and currently he is a wounded lion. He tighten his grip on the prisoner’s chin.

Shivaay: Speak up otherwise you will face hell.
Bhavya: Leave him Bhaiya. He won’t open his mouth like this. He will get the treatment and then he would open his mouth. You move aside Bhaiya and let me handle him.

She took the stick from the corner of the room and started beating the prisoner brutally. Still he was stubborn and didn’t open his mouth.

Shivaay(pretending to be on call) : Khanna did you find his family? Great!! Just fi….
Prisoner: No please don’t do anything to them. I am telling you….. I am telling you everything. I didn’t want to do this accident but I was forced to do. My son is very ill and I needed money for his operation. So I got a contract that if I kill your wife then I would get the required money.
Shivaay: Who said you to do it?
Prisoner:………. (muted)

Shivaay was shocked so was Bhavya. He couldn’t think that the person would become so low. He felt disgusted and hurt.

Shivaay: Don’t worry your son’s operation will be done. But from next time don’t do anything of such.
Bhavya: But bhaiya he has to be in jail for attempt to murder case.
Shivaay: I know and he was forced to do it. His son’s operation would be done and I will talk to my lawyer to reduce his punishment.

His talk came to a halt by a phone call. He saw the caller and picked it up immediately.

Shivaay: Anika is fine right?
Shivaay: Okay I am coming right now……

He ran out of the police station to his car and drove towards the hospital as soon as possible.

Shivaay entered and ran towards his brothers and sister in laws. Seeing him Priyanka just ran to him and hugged and started crying.

Priyanka: Bhaiya….. Bhabi thik ho jayegi naa?
Shivaay(carenessed her hair) : Of course Prinku. She’s very strong woman and I know she will make it. Stop crying now….. Okay….. Sshh…..

He wiped her tears and at the same time doctor came out from the operation theatre. Everyone ran towards him but Shivaay just stood in front of him.

Shivaay: Anika?
Doctor: She is out of danger……

Every one sighed in relief and Shivaay closed his eyes in relief and the tear finally fell from his eyes.

Doctor: Thank god that she wasn’t driving too fast otherwise….. Wound isn’t so deep but she had a huge blood loss. We have given her blood and don’t worry she would gain consciousness within an hour.

Doctor left them and Shivaay sat down on the chair. He was relieved to hear that His Anika is absolutely fine. He mentally thanked God and finally smiled a bit. But instantly thoughts came up about the person who was responsible for this. He wanted to kill the person but controlled himself. He has to find out some more proofs. His thoughts were broken by a nurse.

Nurse: Patient has been shifted to the general ward. She has gained her senses. You all can meet her. But please don’t give any kind of stress.
Om: I guess Shivaay should go first and meet.
Shivaay: No…. Let the girls meet her first. I know very well that she won’t be expecting me here.(looking towards Gauri, Mona,Soumya and Priyanka) You all go and meet her. I will be there in the room only but away from you all. I want to hear what she says. Go…..

They agreed and entered the room. Shivaay too entered but stood at the door to listen to them. Anika sensed someone around her and opened her eyes. She saw her devranis standing around her bed with tears in their eyes.

Anika(low voice): Aare pagal nothing happened to me. I am fine. Stop crying now.
Gauri: How can we not cry Bhaujai? You don’t know what was our situation seeing you in that car. Who had said you to go out without the driver?
Anika: Aare see nothing happened to me. Just a small wound. Now stop crying all of you….
Mona: No you should stop talking and take rest…..
Soumya: Right…… Bhabi take rest and haa from next time don’t every go without informing us.
Anika: Okay baba I won’t go. But please one request to you all. Don’t tell about this accident to Shivaay. He will just be worried unnecessarily…..

“And why shouldn’t I be informed about this accident? May I know Mrs. Anika…..”

Hearing his voice she looked behind and saw his red blood shot eyes with unshed tears in it. She gasped seeing him and no words came out of her throat. He came towards her without breaking the eyelock.

Shivaay: You all may go girls. Wait outside with your husbands and Priyanka , Dr. Raghav is also there. Go back with him to your room and take rest.

Everyone agreed to him and went out while Anika kept on looking at him. He sat down beside her,took her hand in his and kissed it. He carenessed her hair but didn’t speak a word to her. Anika was getting tensed seeing his reaction.

Anika: Shivaay….
Anika:I…. I …..
Shivaay:I don’t want to hear anything. You didn’t want to inform me right. Why? Don’t I have the right to know about your health and other things? Tumhe andaza bhi hai Meri Kya halat ho gayi thi tumhe aise dekhkar? Jaan nikal gayi thi meri!!
Anika:I’m sorry Shivaay. I am very sorry. I didn’t get into accident intentionally. I was driving slowly only I don’t know from where that black car came and then everything happened so fast that I couldn’t understand. But how did you get to know about it?
Shivaay: I was in office with Mahi when….

*A. S. Enterprise*

Shivaay was checking some files when suddenly he started feeling restless. He kept the file and started walking around the cabin. Mahi noticed him and asked.

Mahi: What’s wrong Shivaay? Any problem?
Shivaay: I don’t know but I am very restless as if something bad will happen.
Mahi: Really. You are talking like girls. They have such feelings not we. Nothing like that you are just missing bhabi that’s it.

Shivaay too accepted that he must be missing Anika so was having such a feeling. But still he couldn’t make his heart understand. So he called up ACP Bhavya who is in charge of some cases related to Anika and her family and some more of it.

Shivaay: Bhavya can you please check and tell me where Anika is?
Shivaay: Okay I will be waiting.

He tried to concentrate on his files but was unable to do so. After half an hour his phone rang.

Shivaay: Yes Bhavya…..
Shivaay(shocked): What?

And his phone slipped from his hand and crash onto the floor. Mahi who had just entered the cabin witnessed it.

Mahi: Kya hua Shivaay?(shaking him) Shivaay Kya hua?
Shivaay(shocked voice): Anika ka accident hua hai….
Mahi(shocked): What? Where and how?
Shivaay: She was going somewhere while driving herself and then……
Mahi: Let’s not waste time and leave. Come on. I will inform OmRu about it.

Mahi was doing everything that was needed while Shivaay was lost in thoughts. Yesterday Anika’s talks were ringing in his ears and his heart gripped in sudden pain. He can’t afford to loose her….. No never. Mahi brought him out of thoughts and pulled him out of the office. They arrived at the Airport where OmRu were also present.

Om: Shivaay….. Are you fine?

Shivaay didn’t answer him as he was too lost. Mahi said that he is in shock and from morning only was having a feeling like something bad would happen. They chose to be quite and let him be alone. They boarded the flight and set off for Delhi.

The boys gang reached and saw their respective wives except Anika were standing outside the operation theatre along with Priyanka. Shock would be an understatement to see their better halves but didn’t show it as currently their main focus was Anika bhabi. Shivaay went forward and asked all of them.

Shivaay: How is Anika?
Gauri: Don’t know Baade bhaiya. The doctors took Bhaujayi to the operation theatre and still hasn’t said anything.
Mona: We don’t how did this happen.
Soumya: We were with Priyanka when Bhabi said she is going out to get medicines for Priyanka.
Priyanka: And then Gauri bhabi’s phone rang saying that Anika bhabi met with an accident.

The girls started crying and Shivaay stood still. His phone rang which he received.

Shivaay: Hmm…… Are you sure? Okay I am coming.
Om: Kaha jaa raha hai?
Shivaay: To kill Anika’s murderer……
Om: But……

But he already went away.
(Then what all happened it is already written above)


Anika: You mean to say it was all planned? But who did it?
Shivaay: I can’t tell you now. You take rest. Don’t stress yourself.
Anika: But how can I stress? My devars and devranis are outside and that too together. What are they doing I don’t even know?
Shivaay: Currently they are being each others support and about their relation then I guess this would the great time for them to talk.
Anika: Do you think they will talk?
Shivaay: May not today but someday of course. Now you keep quiet and rest……
Anika: You won’t go naa?
Shivaay: I am here only. Close your eyes and sleep.

He patted her head lightly as to not to hurt her. She went into deep slumber and he sighed in relief seeing her fine. He took out his phone and called Om.

Shivaay: Om I will be staying back with Anika for the night. You all go and take rest in the guest house the girls were staying. I know you are not comfortable with each other. Don’t worry there are plenty of room for all of you. Just go and take rest and come tomorrow morning.

He ended the call and slept off by the side of the bed while still holding her hand.

*Outside the room*
After the call Om informed everyone and they started for the guest house. The girls went with the boys in the same car- Om driving and Gauri beside him, behind them Mahi and Mona at the two corners of the seat and at the last Rudra and Soumya at the two corners. There was silence in the car and it became awkward for all of them. So Om thought of switching on the radio. When he was approaching it Gauri too was. The looked at each other and had an eyelock. She backed away and he switched on the radio. A song started playing depicting their inner turmoil. Through the song they were trying to convey their unsaid feelings.

(Song- Galliyan
Movie- Ek villian)

O.. Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere
Yahin marna aur jeena
Yahin Mandir aur Madeena… x2

Teri galiyan… galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galliyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, galliyan..
Yuhin tadpavein, galliyan teri, Galliyan…

Tu meri neendo me sota hai
Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai sila.. tu mere dard ka

Mere dil ki duaayein hain..
Teri galiyan… galliyan teri, galliyan..
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaavein, galliyan teri, galliyan..

(All the boys were having such feelings and trying to say it to their wives)

Kaisa hai rishta tera-mera
Be-chehra phir bhi kitna gehra
Ye lamhe, lamhe ye resham se
Kho jaayein.. kho na jaayein humse
Kaafila.. waqt ka.. rok le..
Abr se juda na ho

(Though the voice of a male but the words were exactly describing what the girls were thinking)

Teri galliyan… galliyan teri galliyan..
Mujhko bhaave galiyan teri galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri galliyan..
Yuhin tadpaave galliyan teri galliyan..

Teri galliyan..

The inner turmoil in them were eating them up but no one said anything. They reached the guesthouse and the girls were the first one to leave the car. The boys sighed in helplessness. Om parked the car and got out with others.

Mahi: I guess we should talk with our girls.
Rudra: You are right Mahi Bhaiya. Om I think we should do that.
Om: Yaa we should do that but not now. When they themselves will come and talk then.
Mahi:But don’t you think it will cause more complications in the relationship. I think we should talk.
Om: Okay let’s try.

They all went inside and saw the girls setting up the table for dinner. The girls didn’t speak a word to them. Being helpless they went upstairs to get freshen up. On returning back they saw them waiting for them. The boys sat down and was about to serve themselves when their respective wives served them. They were happy that at least they cared about them. The dinner was a silent affair. The boys were occasionally stealing glances at the wives. But it seems like they were in their own thoughts. After dinner the boys sat in the hall and were thinking how to talk to them.

Rudra: I guess we should just go to them and start talking randomly.
Om: It would worsen the matter more.
Mahi: Let’s go and try to talk normally.
Om: Okay let’s just try.

They were about to go to their rooms when they saw a letter kept for each of them on the dinner table. They picked up their respective letter and read.
(All the letters have the same note, so I am as one letter only)

I know you want to talk with me. But I need to talk with someone else before you. For now just go to the room. I have arranged everything for your needs. Take rest.
Good night…..

The boys smiled seeing the concern for them.

Om: Seem like our wives have decided and written it together.
Mahi: But whatever it is they always think about us before them.
Rudra: Now it is our turn to make them feel special.
Om: So Mission to get back our wives starts……

They put their hands together and promised. While the girls in their rooms were thinking about the talk which their Anika bhabi had given them.

Mona(thinking): Before taking any step I need to talk to bhabi….
Gauri(thinking): Bhaujai has said right. I think I should give him a chance.
Soumya (thinking):But he has hurt me. He has to make me feel that I am important in his life then only……
GauNaYa(thinking together): I will accept him back…..
(All of them are thinking the same thing. I just wrote it separately)

*Next day *
*Hospital *
Shivaay’s eyes cracked out due to the sunlight to see his beautiful wife’s face in front of him. The white bandage around her head pained him. He carenessed it lightly and kissed over it. Sensing his warmth she opened her eyes slowly. He looked at her and smiled lightly.

Shivaay: How are you feeling now?
Anika: Better…… I want to go away from here please.
Shivaay: I will ask them to discharge you today……
Anika: Hmm…..

The door opened and her devranis appeared.

Gauri: How are you Bhaujayi?
Anika: I’m fine Gauri…..
Soumya: Baade bhaiya you go back and freshen up till then we are here and help Anika bhabi.
Shivaay: Ok (looking at Anika) I will just go and come back soon.

She nodded and he went. After Shivaay left Mona and Soumya helped her sit while Gauri arranged the breakfast for her. Anika could understand from their faces that they want to say her something.

Anika: Are you people thinking something? (she saw all of them seeing each other) Something happened yesterday? Did you all fight with your husbands?
Mona: Actually bhabi…..
Gauri: We all have decided something and thought of……
Soumya: Sharing it with you before we implement it…..
Anika: And that is???
GauNaYa: We have decided to give a chance to our husbands so that they can prove that we are also important for them…..
Anika: That’s a good news. I am very happy for you all. So what is your further plan?
Mona: We will talk with them….
Gauri: Let them know about our grievances……
Soumya: And finally putting up a test in front of them to prove that we are important for them….
Anika: And for that you all need to stay together in the OM. Are you ready to go back?

They were in a dilemma and were not able to think straight. They had agreed to give a chance but staying together and going back to OM? They hadn’t thought about it yet.

Mona: But bhabi how can I go to OM? I mean……
Anika: Don’t worry Dadi said you all have to return back…. She’s waiting for the bahus of the house to return. So….. Talk with your husbands today. Tomorrow we will be leaving for Mumbai with Priyanka and Raghav. Take your decision fast…..

Everyone was in thoughts when Shivaay entered the room and saw the situation.

Shivaay: Something important going on?
Anika:They are deciding whether to go back to OM or not?
Shivaay: And what have you all decided?

They looked at each other and nodded their head in agreement. Anika jumped in joy.

Anika: Yes….
Shivaay: Anika…. You are hurt…..
Anika: Sorry….. Just excited….. ?
Shivaay:Silly girl. Chalo you are discharged. Let’s go your devars are waiting for you.

Shivaay picked her up in front of the girls and Anika’s cheek flushed a bit.

Mona(teasing): How romantic Bhaiya…..
Soumya:Really….. So romantic…..
Gauri:Hai see Bhaujai is blushing……

Everyone teased them and Anika hid in her in his chest feeling a bit shy. He smiled and went out with her followed by the others.

The car halted and Shivaay got out. He again picked her up and walked towards the house. OmRuHi were waiting for their bhabi and the sight in front of them also made their mind mischievous.

Rudra(teasing):Bhaiya I know you like to carry bhabi in your arms but that doesn’t mean you have to do it in front of us.
Om: Absolutely right Rudra…..
Mahi: Shivaay you are being so romantic…..
Shivaay:Ho gaya tumlogo ka, toh Anika ko rest karna.
Mahi:Yaa bhabi ko rest karna Hai…..
Om: Yaa romance karna Hai…..
Shivaay:Okay fine now move.

He left them and went towards her room. He placed her on the bed and made her sit properly with the support.

Shivaay:You take rest.
Anika: Where are you going?
Shivaay:No where. I am sitting here only with you.
Anika:What do you think they will do?
Shivaay(sitting beside her): Nothing. They will talk…. Or fight…. Or even kick each other…..
Anika(shocked with wide eyes):Kick each other!!! Seriously……
Shivaay:I was just joking…… They will talk only don’t worry. Now you stop thinking and take rest.
Anika: Priyanka?
Shivaay:I have talked with Raghav. He is ready to go with us. Now enough of your talks and sleep….

She laid down and he patted her to sleep. He was thinking about the incidents that happened with her and was worried. He thought what to do. He saw her asleep and went out to talk with Bhavya.

*On the other side*
Others were thinking how to talk to each other. Being helpless the girls took the initiative.

Soumya:To talk

The boys understood and went with their respective wives.

(Three of them are having the same conversation so I will write for one couple and rest are also having the same conversation)

Mona:After having a conversation with bhabi…..
Gauri:I have decided that….
Soumya:I am ready to give you a chance…..

The boys were happy hearing it but the next statement shocked them…..

GauNaYa:But because of bhabi…. I am giving you a chance…. But if you break me again then you will never get me back in your life….. Now it is up to you to decide what will you do to make me believe…..

The boys were shocked but they were determined to win them back at any cost.

OmRuHi:Will you come back with me?

The girls nodded and the boys were happy that at least they would be with them.

*Later that evening*
All had gathered in Anika’s room because our great Shivaay had called them.

Shivaay: Tomorrow we will be leaving for Mumbai so are you all ready?

They all nodded.

Shivaay:Mahi you and Mona will also stay in the OM with us.
Mahi:But how can I…. I mean we can stay there? No one knows that…..
Shivaay:Dadi’s orders…..
Shivaay:Dadi has said still you won’t come?

Mahi felt helpless when it comes to Dadi. He looked at Mona asking for her permission. She nodded in agreement.

Mahi:Okay fine….. But what will we say if others ask?
Shivaay:Others means Baade papa, Papa and Mom(with venom) would question you. But when Dadi has decided then don’t worry they won’t matter. Baade papa and Papa won’t care about it. But that lady(Anika held his hand) would. But I don’t care about it. So you are coming with us and that’s final. And even Priyanka is also coming with us along with Raghav. So get ready by 10 in the morning.

They all agreed and went back to their rooms. Shivaay looked at Anika and she smiled a bit. He didn’t know what this decision of his would create. But he is determined to mend his family back again with his Lady love by his side.

Precap: Oberoi brothers and their wives along with the princess of the house back to the OM. What will be the conciquences?

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