Kundali Bhagya – Love Speaks – Chapter 4

Hey Guys… m back with the next chapter……

Was thinking… wud give one each chapter to one couple, wherein every couple will be concentrated and justice will be given to every 1. That will be done frm next chapter onwards….

In Rishabh’s Office –

Sameer asked Srishti to do some tasks… when he and Rishabh were noticing that how is she taking it up… wherein in Rishabh was impressed and Sameer as usual was in his Tom n Jerry mode with her… ordering her to be perfect…..
Though being a strict boss, Rishabh was liking the fact that Sameer has started to mingle more with others… than being with him and Karan….

After a while –
Rishabh calls up Abhi and Purab on con call –

R- Guys…. What are ur plans this Tuesday???
A( being over dramatic) -Dude… u being my brand organizer don’t knw that !! :O … Nhiiiiiiii
P- Nothing much boss.. Abhi’s recording got cancelled as no female lead singer…. And got re- scheduled …. Talking abt me… no wrk for Abhi matlab… even I am jobless… sasural ja rha hun… aadhi gharwali k saath masti krne…
A- Oye !! main bhi chalunga…. Its been ages I haven’t met Preetu and Toasty 

R- Guys… convo was initiated by me…. U ppl are talking urselves…. Sidelining me 

P- Bro… even u can come…Maa is so sweet n teri shaadi fix krwa dunga…. With one of my Sils 😛
Whats say??

R- No ways… I am not coming over there…. Its Kritu’s engagement… I wanted to invite u n u ppl are digging my grave….

A&P – Kritu’s engagement !!! Idiot bataya nhi….

R- Ppl were so busy with their Aadhi gharwaalis u knw 😉 Abhi… get Pragya di too

A – U knw she isn’t well… she is behaving weird these days…. M feeling she is not my wife….

R- Everything will be fine… don’t worry…

P – Haan yaar… Everything will be fine… itna tension mat le… even I feel Pragya di is not same… but we all are there ryt…. We ll sort it out…

A- Hmm…. Leave… Rishi ki behen ka engagement hai… yess yess!! M so happ for Kritu… Oye… ladke…. We ll be there…aadhi gharwaali k saath … if u don’t mind…

R- Mind k bachche… joote abhi khayega ya engagement k din…. Do u need permission for that… I suggest get ur MIL too… unhe bhi achcha lagega… my mom will get a company too…
P- Ma aka toh doubt hai…. But I guess Toasty will be free.. we ll get her… anyways… Preetu will be busy…
Rishabh – Ok… don’t miss … ll be waiting… coz u guys are the only ppl I can be free… or else need to give a plastic smiles everywhere….
A&P – Agreed 😀
Rishabh cuts the call… and oes to Sameer’s cabin –

S – Bhai did u call them??
R- Yeah!! Dey ll b coming…. Srishti….

Sh- Yes Sir…
R- Its my sister’s engagement on Tuesday… I want you to come for the arrangements over there… everyone else in office have a off… but u have joined today so I will not be able to afford that to u…. U need to come to Mansion that day… Sameer will be there to guide you…
Sh (excited) – Ok Sir… Will Karan Sir be there???
R – (smiles) Fan huh?? Yes he will be…

That’s it for today… let me know if u guys liked it…. And constructive criticisms are always welcome…

Loads of Love….

  1. Rehmat

    leher your ff amazing I ove it can you pls make a biger part preetan scene want to see

    1. Leher

      Thank u so much… m happy that u loved it….. yeah i knw its small… next time… i promise it ll be bigger chapter with Preetan….

  2. Leher , I was waiting for it
    Awesome dear , I loved it

    1. Leher

      Thank u 🙂 🙂 this means a lot to me…. please be free to point out if you feel something is missing 🙂

  3. Shivampahar

    nice ff have u seen mine.

    1. Leher

      Hey… thank u so much for liking .. n yeah i cud nt read all episodes on daily basis… but read everything on a go… its very nice… All d best 🙂

  4. Leher…finally u r back with a bang ??osm update dear & loved the conversation of abhi, purab & rishab ??? just one question.. do u hv bulbul’s character in ur ff…really miss her from the time she left kb..(never mind..it just came in my mind so I asked) btw dear.. eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

    1. Leher

      Riya 🙂 🙂 n finally u commented … really wait for ur comment eagerly….honestly.. i feel chapter is incomplete without ur comment … n abt bulbul… i have not included her as of now… but will make sure she is back… when needed … as the story progresses…. n after ur suggestion… i m thinking ways to get her back 😉

    2. Thnx for ur appreciation??…this means a lot dear… u r an amazing writer Leher?? keep up the good work??eagerly waiting to see what next comes from ur secret box ??

  5. Hey! Leher are u totally mad or don’t know how to write a story or FF. I read both FF full from beginning. And I thought to comment on both. Being silent reader for a month. U story is not good at all. U have made fun of Kundali Bhagya. I think u don’t know how to write a story. No suspense, no mysteries, no character evaluation and their valuation. No theme. Just writing for sake and u are copying many scenes from the original show like RASHI asking preeta to ask RISHABH for marriage and much more. Atleast u should use your own settings and theme. And I am not ashamed to say that the another FF of this show. Yeah The FATE is much better than yours. Atleast it is something new and different a fresh story.plzz change the theme or don’t write FF.

    1. Leher

      Thank u so much for commenting. I request u not to compare both the ffs as both r different. And as far as me writing the ff is concerned…I cant stop it just because i have received one negative feedback…i do have readers who like it and they appreciate it…I cant disappoint them by stopping..if they tell to stop…surely i will….trust me this one comment made me think that eveything is not well with my ff.. n ll correct it…but i guess v both have our choices.. me writing or not writing the ff…nd u reading or not reading…i made my choice… u make urs…thank u 🙂

    2. Shivampahar

      U are correct leher. She also commented on my FF comparing both is not good at all. PLZZ Sandhya di don’t do this again.

  6. Milly

    can u just continue it’s nice plzzzzz

    1. Leher

      Thank u so much Milly…this means a lot

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