Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aashi sets her camera. She says say all about your house in this camera. Tell how much it matters to you.

Ashish finds out that aashi broke into their house. He says she must have come to steal the papers. They thought that concealing the papers will get them the house. I have submitted the papers already. Mansi ays look at the courage of this girl.

Visnu says this house was our everything. Prabha says we gave our lives to build this house. Vishnu says my life was parted into two parts. my son and the house. But then one part ruined the others. This house is sign of my capabilities. Prabha says no one has right to take our life from us that is our house. THe video is being watched by Sunil and Rupa. Vishnu says there is nothing more than this house in our lives. We better die without it. Aashi says I am sorry I came to dehli mama papa. You had to wake up due to me. And I must have ruined your plans I am sorry for that. I know that you both don’t like to see each others face in morning. How can you steal someone’s house and make a tower of my name. This house is their life. You both got separated because you never wanna live by others’ point of view. What will happen to you if someone takes your whole life from you? Papa please leave uncle aunty’s property.

Prabha says Aashi has gone to dehli for us? Vishnu says I believe they will consent. Prabha says she has given life to a new hope. Vishesh says to sahil they are never going to agree. Sahil says aashi never understands that they don’t even care about their daughter.

Aashi says papa we won’t take their land from the for aashi towers? Sunil says we need to learn a lot from you. How to keep others happy. Before that you have to learn a lot of things from us too. You have to see the real face of world. you have to lock your emotions inside the house. being good doesn’t get you food. There are a lot in investments on aashi towers. It will be constructed there. aashi says we can change the plan. We can change the parking location. Rupa says how they belong to you? Aashi says this is wrong to snatch someone’s house. Rupa says we are buying the property from his son. Gupta took the property from Vishnu and gave to ashish. sunil says teach his son then. I don’t care what others have done. I just know that I bought the property. aashi says they spent their whole life in that house. You took dada ji’s house and sold it. I saw what he went through. rupa says enough aashi. You are talking about family? You never came to meet us. you came for those two unknown people. aashi says when you come to Jabalpur for property and lied to me that that you came for me. I used to come to you but you used to sent me to papa and he sent me to you. To be honest, you cancelled the meeting because it was about property. sunil says don’t cross your limits aashi. aashi says this what parents say to kids when they have nothing else. Sunil says they want to make you like their son. You are immature and listened to them. I will make ashi towers there and their house will be destructed. Go and tell me. aashi says okay then listen to me. don’t ever make decisions in anger. I won’t let what happened to dada’s house again. I will go against you to save their house. aashi takes he bag and goes back to Jabalpur.

Everyone is waiting for aashi. prabha says I hope she doesn’t go hard with her parents. she comes in. Prabha asks did you fight with your parents? aashi says I talked to papa. he needs time to think. his decision will be in our favor I am sure. Vishnu says did you tell them that we are living here. SHe says yes I told them they don’t mind it. Don’t worry. She says aunty you should go and rest. Sahil stars at aashi. he says I don’t think sunil uncle will agree. Aashi says miracle happen. Sahil syas and sometimes you miss your whole life while waiting for miracles.

Vishesh says sahil they have agreed for the meeting. The color company. Vishehs says to aashi thanks for bringing me here and getting me this case. And for that I will drop another coin to you.

Scene 2
Vishnu gives medicine to prabha. Vishesh comes in and says today is first meeting of our case. Prabha says Go bless you. They wish him luck. sahil says aashi they will have to apologize me. Vishesh will make them say sorry on my behalf. THey all leave for the meeting.

The meeting starts. Vishesh says to sahil you have to be calm its a legal matter. SAhil says we will be together and they will have to give us apology letter.
Visheh says I have to win this case anyway.

Precap-Vishesh says there isa suggestion for you. get yourself a new lawyer. The opposite lawyer says I will kick you out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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