Doli Armaanon Ki 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the restaurant
Samrat pulls the car to a halt, and steps out. Amrit meanwhile, apologises to urmi for doing what he did, and gives her the credit, that he wants to change over a new leaf. Aditit too starts approaching them, oblivious that samrat too is coming. urmi warns amrit that this time, he shouldnt even think of any malicious intentions or harming aditit, as she wont bear it. Urmi asks whats amrit doing these days for earning. Amrit says that he has business planned for Dhaba, and got the inspirsation from her only, trying to impress her, and taking her hand over his head, asking for her blessing that he may establish himself with his family. Samrat starts clapping standing in front of them. urmi takes away her hand. Amrit is scared. Samrat accuses them of plotting against him, trying to be toegther. Aditi hides when she sees samrat. samrat reprimandingly asks what was happening. Urmi is shocked at his taunts. The crowd gathers. samrat asks them to calm down, and urmi asks why is he bothered whats happening. samrat lashes out at her, and reprimands her to talk nicely. urmi asks whats his problem and how can he evn think so low. She asks him to stop insinuating. Samrat asks her to tell the truth, while continuing to insulkt the both of them. amritios amused. samrat taunts urmi that she finally realised that she did need a man hence resorted to him. Amrit starts reprimanding him and he grabs amrit by the collar. urmi asks him to let amrit go, and whats he doing. Samrat is shocked that she is siding with him, as a lover should. Samrat asks that she couldnt bear to see her lover getting beaten by her husband. Urmi asks him to shut up, as his thinking is way below. samrat asks her to accept that they are having an affair, and is onvoling in promiscuity. urmi asks him to stop this nonsense. amrit too reprimands him. Samrat says that she is having double face, that she is committing adultery, qwhen she left him for the same reason. he warns her that she would expose this side of her to the whole world. He leaves in a huff. Amrit laments at his thinking. aditi comes from hiding and apologisees for having to bear all this. Amrit starts reprimanding samrat in front of aditi, and taunting samrat for doing what he did to urmi. urmi stands tensed. amrit finds them both tensed, and thinks that this would play to his favour.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat calls for aditi and is told by family members that aditi isnt at home. he getsx angry hearing that she is out all the time. They are tensed as to what samrat has to say, particularly in front of aditi. Aditi arrives. samrat asks where was aditi. She says that she had some work. He then tells aditi about his latest evil, and about amrit and his illicit affair with urmi. All are shocked, while aditi is tensed. Rudra asks him to think before he speaks. aditi too asks him to not think such bad things. She says that she has faith on urmi, that she cant do all this. Kanchan too supports her. rudra asks him to think too, as a woman’s greatest asset is her character. Samrat says that he isnt mad, and that he should have clicked their pic. Shashi favours samrat as usual. samrat starts lamenting that urmi has crosed all limits, and she chose amrit over Samrat himself. samrat vents out his anger at shashi, when she starts ranting as usual. samrat says that he wont bear that urmi gets linked to anyone else, and that she cant leave him, and he would distort her face so bad that she wont be able to walk out in public. aditi is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma continues to bicker about his unforeseen expenses, with her husband, when shaurya comes in hollering for sushma, and asks her tp check if she has fever. Sushma asks him to get his mother to do it. Shaurya says that urmi isnt here, and hence asks her to check it. she frustratedly checks it and says that he doesnt have fever. Tiwary Ji is amused. But when shaurya asks him about their coldrink plan, he is tensed. He is scared that his truth is out in front of sushma. He says that shaurya is just playing pranks. Susham asks him not to be too naughty. urmi comes, and sushma asks where did she go, leaving them to take care of her son. urmi asks sushma if he did anything wrong. But shaurya himself says that he didnt, and they are shocked at his wit.

Later, urmi goes to the market to get meds and other stuff, leaving shaurya in the house. Meanwhile, sushma’s husband gets busy in readying his son’s room, for his arrival. just then, shaurya walks in with his car and says that he didnt even see this room. Her husband starts chatting, when sushma walks in asking whats he doing here. he tries tyo say that its a routine cleaning. But sushma says that she knows he is readying a room for Ravi. Hew says that ravi would have to stay somewhere, hence he cleared this up. She leaves frustratedly. Shaurya says that its good that someone is coming, so that he has a companion. Just then, ravi, their son has made his entry in India, and comes to the locality, as usual complaing of the pullution and garbage, that NRI’s do. urmi is passing by and he hollers at her. Her handkerchief falls down and she sprays it around. He says that he is looking for Mr. Tiwary. she identifies him as his son, and asks if he has already forgotten his own address, and this just shows that he is a lowlife. as he starts getting frustrated, she goes onto give him a lecture about what he did. He says that he doesnt know anything. she says that she does. He is shocked and silenced. She asks him what could be worse than his betrayal, as to how he left his own father almost on his death bed, where he only had his wife to take care of him, and needed him the most, and he turned his back to them. Urmi tells him that he must have learnt a lesson that you reap what you sow, and hopes that he too doesnt have to see his own child treating him like that one day. she leaves. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Urmi leaves shaurya off to school the next day and then leaves in the auto. shaurya is tensed, to find samrat endearingly calling out to him, and then giving him a flykiss. Shaurya is scared. Meanwhile, Aditi tells samrat that amrit was apologising to urmi and nothing else, and samrat unnecessarily got the wrong idea about urmi and her character. She says that he shouldnt scar urmi’s character, as she wasnt at all wrong, and she is pure and unscathed. He slaps her tight on the face, and she falls away, her stomach hitting the handle of the sofa, and she winces in pain, clutching at her stomach. all are shocked. Tears stream down aditi’s cheek.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. They shod have taken this show off air instead of pavitra rishta. I hate samrat character.

  2. I agree with you…Samrat character is sickening and he’s also a woman beater now he’s beating his own sister smh

  3. Samrat needs 2 start hitting his mother ,maybe thn she’ll get some sense inher head,and stop defending samrat and bad mouthing umri.samrat is nw hitting his sister.i am tired of this lowlife,and writers would want umri later in the series 2 forgive samrat.STUPID DumbASSes.

  4. Good to see a probable new hero in Urmi’s life….jumping with joy!!!Hopefully Urmi’s bad days are coming to an end and it is time for Urmi to give him back!

  5. I mean to give Samrat back……..

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