Veera 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the men offended seeing Baldev and Veera jumping happily seeing their Pind wrestler lose. They go to teach them a lesson. Ratan calls Baldev. The man pushes Veera and Baldev gets angry asking him to talk with manners. Veera gets tensed. Baldev says lets go. They push Baldev and Veera on the ground. Veera gets hurt and Baldev sees her hand bleeding. Ranvi is on the way racing his tractor. Baldev starts beating the men and asks Veera to leave from here. Veera says no. The man try to harm Baldev, but he fights heroic. More men from that Pind come and stop them. Baldev says let the girl go. The man taunts him.

Veera says leave him. Billa and Jaggi come there and fight with the goons. Veera is tensed. Ranvi’s tracor fails. Ranvi says I have to reach there fast for Veera and prays for her. Baldev and his friends fight with the men. Veera looks on as the man takes a knife out. She shouts Baldev. Baldev turns and stops the man. Veera tries to get the knife from the man’s hand and other man comes to her pushing her on the ground. The man tries to stab Baldev. Ranvi reaches there and is shocked to see the man hurting Veera. She shouts Baldev. A police officer comes and saves Veera. He holds her hand and she gets up.

She thanks him, Ranvi comes running and asks is she fine. The goons run seeing police. Balddev says Ranvi, its good you came. Ranvi slaps him angrily. Veera is shocked. Baldev looks on stunned. Ranvi says you got Veera to such place, does anyone bring girls to such place. Veera says Veer ji……… Ranvi says stop it. Ranvi says I will trust what I have seen now. He asks Baldev to fight to anyone, but if anything happens to Veera, he will forget he is Gunjan’s brother. The police officer asks are you her brother. Ranvi says yes, I just came and saw you saving her, thanks. He says I was doing my duty, now you do your duty, take her from her being a good brother. Ranvi takes Veera.

Veera says Baldev was taking care of me. Ranvi and Veera leave. Baldev is stopped for questioning. Veera defends Baldev and asks Ranvi to help Baldev. Ranvi says no, he is not a kid, he is not responsible enough to take care of himself, what will he take care of you. Baldev is arrested for fighting in public place. Baldev says he did not do anything. He says we will hear you but in police station. Balwant and Bansuri are at home. A man comes and informs Balwant about Baldev being arrested. They are shocked.

The man says Billa came and told this. Bansuri says why did they arrest my son. She asks Balwant to get him home. Balwant says it will be good if police beats him red and blue, I m worried for Veera. Ratan and Gunjan are worried. Ratan says why did Veera go there. Gunjan says relations may become worse, I m scared. Veera and Ranvi come home and argue. He scolds her for lying to her. She says you can’t blame Baldev. He says why, you went with Baldev. She says how can you slap Baldev. Gunjan is shocked.

Gunjan says Ranvi, you slapped my Veer ji. Ranvi says see Veera’s hands, don’t know what would have happened, Baldev would have not known, as he was busy in fighting. Veera says he was fighting to save me, goons were beating me, he was taking care of me, by saving me. He says did you find any girl there? He says so he asked her not to go, but she trusts Baldev more than him, so she lied, cheated them and went with Baldev. He says Baldev made you a liar. He says you all wanted me to give a chance to Baldev, I thought, it did not take even 24 hours and see what Baldev did. My answer is no. Veera cries. He says Veera and Baldev’s marriage will not happen, and she will not meet him from today. Everyone is shocked.

Balwant says he came to meet Baldev for Bansuri, if he has to fight like this, stay in jail. Baldev says go home back if you want to give lecture, I will stay in jail. Balwant tells about Ratan’s home and how did he take Veera for Dangal, if anything happened to her then. Baldev asks is she safe, she was hurt. Balwant says Veera trusted you, you broke her trust. Ranvi and Veera might be hurt.Balwan says he regrets to be father of Baldev and talks to inspector Rajvir Thakur. Balwant asks about bail procedure. Rajvir says he can’t bail out Baldev today, and Baldev has to be here tonight, as its Sunday today. Baldev is shocked. Balwant scolds him and says if you did mistake, you will be punished, you will get sense being here, I got a good son in law and dumb son. Baldev says tell Ranvi if he gets angry on Veera, I will not leave you. Balwant says you will never get sense, do you realize what you did. Balwant apologizes to Rajvir and says prepare the bail papers, I will go to magistrate in morning. He leaves. Baldev looks on.

Veera argues with Ranvi and says she promised she will not lie but she will go and meet Baldev in police station. Ranvi says you won’t. Veera says I will go, if you want to stop me, then slap me too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ranvi should slap veera after this,,,,how did veera dared

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