Tum Saath Ho Jab 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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On her way home, Najma recalls Imran’s words about how she is capable to play tennis. The auto halts all of a sudden and she comes out of the reverie. The engine is all heated up. Waqar suggests walking till home but their auto driver tells them to wait till the engine cools down. Younis bhai will kill me if he gets to know about it. fiza assures him (Paltan Chacha) that they wont tell Abbu. They decide to race till home. Waqar gets tired in no time. Fiza and Najma cheer him up. Just then, Najma hears people cheering on tv and stops to watch Sania’s final match.

Nasima is talking to her AMmi. They are worried for Naima. She agrees to talk to Younis about it once this order is sorted. She ends the call. Younis wonders if her family members have nothing else to do. Tell them to have patience. Go and see if Mariam has altered the sample. I have to go to meet the party now. Mariam comes there just then. She has made the necessary changes.

Fiza and Waqar come running inside excited about who came in first. They are all sweating which surprises them. waqar explains that their auto broke down. We have walked till home from the petrol pump outside our locality. Younis gets angry on the auto driver. How dare he leave you alone? Fiza tells them that he is not at fault. We all had decided on our own. This confuses him all the more. Mariam asks for Najma. They are clueless. Mariam gets worried for her daughter.

All the other people who are watching the match too are not sure about Sania’s win but Najma stays put. It is about our country’s prestige after all. Imran stops to see it, or rather her, as he hears her voice. Najma makes everyone around her cheer for Sania. She keeps on talking about how to hit the ball. She jumps in joy as Sania wins the match. He too smiles seeing her happy. Najma turns and her smile disappears as she finds her Bade Abbu standing behind watching her angrily. Imran too notices him. he calls out for her angrily. He scolds her for watching tv here with all those people like some reckless kid. She tries to say something but he tells her to be quiet. He scolds her really badly. Imran interrupts him to which Younis asks him who he is. Imran tries to take Najma’s side but Younis repeats his question for him. who are you to her? she is my daughter. I take care of her, being her guardian. It is our household matter. You should stay away from it. imran says the same thing. it is your household matter so you should solve it in your house. Younis taunts him for being a drunkard. Younis turns to go and asks Najma to come along. She looks sadly at Imran but then goes after her Bade Abbu. Imran looks at his direction angrily.

At home, Younis scolds Mariam for misguiding Najma. She was watching tv at the corner of our street with all the random people. That drunkard was there too. Nasima too scolds her. my kids don’t even look out of the window while this Najma is so extra bold. Why don’t you say something to her? younis asks for an explanation. Najma speaks up. Please don’t say anything to Ammi. It is my fault. Nasima scolds her too. Younis wonders if she is only interested in sports. Show me your notebooks. Najma only wanted to see Sania’s match. Tauseef was mad about this game too and now this girl too! Nasima adds that she has taken after her father after all. Najma looks at them in shock while Mariam is hurt. Nasima tells Mariam to get Najma out of school if Najma is not interested. We wont our hard earned money that ways. Najma denies. I want to study. Younis warns her that he should not get to hear about any sports from her from today onwards. Explain her nicely Mariam. Everyone leaves from there sadly except Mariam and Najma. Mariam has tears in her eyes. Najma walks closer but Mariam stops her. I cannot bear it anymore. Not anymore! She too walks away from Najma.

Imran and Altaf sit down to have food. Altaf asks him why he dint reply to Younis nicely. Imran has understood that Younis has no etiquettes. He created a drama on the road by shouting on the little girl. altaf realises that Younis wont understand things. Imran wonders if Younis would hurt Najma. Altaf too finds Younis scary. Shall I go to their house and try to find out? Imran calls it their household matter. Altaf feels bad for Mariam and Najma. They have to bear so much in that house. You only told me how scared Najma was when Waqar’s cycle was broken because of her. Same is with Mariam. I see everything. Poor Mariam does all the work while that Nasima stays at home all decked up all the time. I am their neighbour after all. The voices from their house are audible and at times I notice her too. She is a widow after all. She cannot help it as they are taking care of her and Najma. But I feel bad for Najma. Hope no kid gets deprived of their father like this. this affects Imran. How does it help to have a father! I too was a dad but couldn’t save my daughter. Mehak died and I couldn’t do anything to save her. he gets up and goes from there. Altaf scolds himself for talking anything at any time. Poor kid dint even eat his food.

Younis’s and Nasima’s words echo in Mariam’s head. she cries thinking about what should she do. She notices Tauseef’s racket and talks to it. I am very upset with you Tauseef. You left your love in my heart for you but more than that, you have given our daughter your madness (for sports). Najma hears her. you saw what happened today? why she does this all time? I have to hear so many taunts from Younis bhai because of her craze. Nasima bhabhi’s pinching words. What should I do Tauseef? How do I explain it to your Najma? She is about to throw it when Najma calls out to her Ammi. Please don’t throw it. I am sorry. You had to hear all that because of me. please forgive me. please look at me and talk to me. mariam gives her the racket. Talk to it. who am I to you after all! Najma is taken aback while Mariam sits on the bed sadly. Najma apologizes once again. She tries to please her Ammi by offering to do small chores but Mariam sends her away. I don’t want to talk to you. Najma leaves from there sadly.

Najma walks all sadly in her balcony. Saba, Fiza and Waqar come there. Najma wipes her tears. They have come to make her play with them but Najma declines. they tell her not to mind their Abbu’s words. He scolds everyone. Najma hugs Saba as she cries. Ammi is not talking to me. Waqar too blames her but Saba tells him to be quiet. They think of a plan to make Mariam smile. They set down on their mission!

Fiza tells Mariam that someone has come to meet her. Najma comes there dressed as Charlie Chaplin. She talks to Sania’s photo. You won your trophy but I lost mine. Ammi is so angry with me because of you. Though she is right as everyone scolds her for my mistake. I have to say sorry to her now. I will have to make her smile. Najma holds her ear and says sorry. Mariam goes out of the room.

Mariam is in her balcony. Najma comes and takes her position. Chanda chamke cham cham plays. Najma dances on the song to make her Ammi smile. Saba, Fiza and Waqar join Najma as well. Mariam finally smiles on their actions and antics. Najma apologizes to her Ammi once again. I promise I wont do anything like this again. Imran notices Mariam kissing Najma and smiles broadly. Najma too gets happy that she has been forgiven. The mother daughter duo share a hug and then a big group hug follows. Imran observes it all from his window.

Precap: Najma’s coach asks Najma for her form. Najma declines to play tennis. I don’t have interest in this game. Imran observes her keenly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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