Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
vishesh comes in police station, policeman taunts vishesh that dog’s belt should be put around his neck so that people be aware to stay away from him. vishesh is angry and ask why he is called, aashi says can you come outside for a minute, aashi gives vishesh his wallet back, she says I got it by mistake, vishesh says you found only this place to return it, aashi says I didn’t have your contact no. so I had to come here to contact you, vishesh takes his wallet back and leaves from there, aashi talks to Vishnu uncle, she says heart have different logic and mind have different logic, people allege vishesh but my hear says that this man cant do any crime, Vishnu says sometime in this rushing world, we listen to the small voice of our heart because this voice tells you truth which world doesn’t know, ashi thanks him for his company, they both introduces their self to each other, aashi says I will come to your home any time and also I have to taste sweet dish which prabha aunty make for you.

Scene 2
sahil is at lake side, ashi comes there and says sorry for coming late, sahil gives her free sample of broom which he got for shooting an ad of broom, aashi says this is advantage of having celebrity friend, aashi tells him that she went to meet vishesh, sahil scolds her that are you mad, I told you to not meet him then why did you go alone to meet him, aashi says I got his purse by mistake to I returned it to him, sahil says we could have met him tomorrow, don’t meet him alone ever, he says if her comes infront of you again then change your path, aashi’s mood gets off so sahil suggests to go for a movie, aashi agrees.
aashi an sahil are going for a movie, aashi recalls how Vishnu uncle was worried to buy packet of almonds as his son didn’t gave him enough money, aashi says to sahil that we are lucky to have money, we splurge on stupid things according to our will.
Vishnu comesback home, prabha says you have come walking till home from a long distance, Vishnu says auto was asking for much money so I didn’t take it, he tired, he sits down, they talk about aashi, prabha says her name is good but she is more good than her name, Vishnu says she helped me with F.I.R, he tells prabha that she leaves in our colony only and she said that she will come to our house at any time, Vishnu says meeting her was not a coincidence, there was particular reason behind it, prabha ask what he says that she fills sweetness in our lifeless life.

Scene 3
aashi and sahil come out after watching film, aashi says it was depressing film, three boys were behind one girl in movie and in my life, nothing happens after crush, vishesh is at same street, aashi says I wish I find my prince charming, aashi bumps into vishesh but they don’t see each others face and goes in opposite direction.
aashi is at home, chabru aunty comes there with sweet dish, she gives it to aashi, aashi taunts her that how are concerned for me today? ashi sits and eats the dish, aashi says I don’t have any good clothes, chabru aunty says all women have same story, their wardrobe is over flowing with clothes and they say that they have no clothes, she shows aashi dress which she bought recently and didn’t even wear once, she ask aashi why she spent so much money on stupid things, aashi says I don’t spent money but I spent love of my parents, she gets sad, chabru aunty changes the topic, chabru aunty ask her to go and bring her suit from tailor.
aashi is going to bring suit from tailor, she calls neelu didi and ask did she reach on time, neelu says yu are talking while riding bike, ashi says worry, she ask how you gets to know everything? neelu says just like that, aashi talks with her and ends call, one colony aunty meets ashi, they greet each other, aashi gives aunty lift for her home on her bike.
Vishnu and prabha are in car with their son, the son stops car on main road and ask them to go home by walking from main street, prabha tries to say that its much distance but son says please go from here, the grandchild want to go with grandparents to home but his mother scolds him, prabha says we will take tukur(grandchild) with us but daughter in law doesn’t agree and ask them to go out of car, they leave the car, Vishnu and prabha starts waling on road, aashi is going from same road, Vishnu sees aashi from back and sees one aunty siting on her scooty, he says to prabha that those parents are lucky whose child doesn’t let any problem come to their parents, look at that girl, how she is going with old women on her scooty.

Scene 4
aashi comes to tailor’s shop, she finds people sleeping in backside of shop, tailor tells her that he gives this place on small to the people who doesn’t have any place, they are some jobless and some thrown out of house, ashi thinks that god has given her so much that if she thank him for whole day even then its less, aashi starts leaving the shop, she is going from bakside of shop. people are sleeping there, aashi slips on one person, its none other than vishesh, she finds vishesh sleeping there, she offers him to stay at her house, vishesh says its been 7 days only that i have come out of jail, people doesn’t give me house for rent, don’t you think that people will gossip in your colony if i stay at your house?

PRECAP- aashi says that we were in same school for many years but we were not friends, so we should become friends now, she extends her hand. vishesh looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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