Veera 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev talking to Rishabh about Ranvi. He asks him to control his temper as Ranvi is supported by Megha Kapoor. Anmol comes to Rishabh and apologizes for the fight. He says I think wwe should make a new start. Rishabh says cool. Gunjan and Ranvi look for Megha. They come to meet Megha. Ranvi says he will do his best. Megha says your voice is perfect, but you need to work on your personality, you have to capture people’s attention. She asks him to transform his personality. He says yes Megha ji. She says only Megha, no teacher here, treat everyone like friends. She says your personality training will start tomorrow, focus on more variations, this is your USP. Veera comes in her room and sees the gift.

It has sorry note. Baldev comes to her. He says sorry. She says why sorry now. He says forget everything and forgive me my tigress. She says fine, forgiven, happy now. He says he will always make mistakes, if he does, she should not insult him infront of everyone. You can scold me in private. She asks whats in this. He says new motors and laughs. He says gift for you, open and see. She gets a boxing gloves. She asks whats this, for me? He says yes, if I do any mistake, you beat me with this. She says lets practice and punches him laughing.

He says you are a girl, if I punch, you will fall. She says really punch me, see. She acts like getting hurt. He asks is she fine. She says yes and smiles. Chaiji coughs. Ratan gives her water and looks for her medicines. Chaiji says ask Veera. Ratan says fine, I will go and ask.Veera and Baldev have an eyelock. Yaara ve………………………..plays…………………….. Ratan walks to Veera’s room. Baldev holds Veera and hugs her. Ratan opens the door and walks in. She is shocked seeing them. Veera and Baldev move away from each other and are shocked seeing Ratan.

Baldev gets tensed and says I………. Ratan signs to stop. She asks him to leave. Baldev says hear me once. Ratan says go, I have to talk to Veera. Baldev leaves. Veera says actually………….Ratan asks about medicines. Veera says in hall’s cupboard. Ratan leaves angrily. Baldev comes home and is tensed. Bansuri comes. He thinks did Ratan tell her about me and Veera. Bansuri looks serious. He says you her at this time. She says she is worried because of Veera, as she is trapping him in her magic. He is relieved and says nothing like this. She says swear on me. He says you go and sleep. She leaves.

Veera sees Ratan angry. Ratan makes Chaiji rest after having medicines. Veera comes to her and says Biji, I know you are angry. Ratan cries and says Baldev was in your room, what was all that. I thought he is your friend, you have hidden this from me and Ranvi, I know you are modern and have right to choose your life partner. She says you did not tell us, don’t know since when is this going on. Veera cries and says I know your anger is justified, but we did not tell you all as we wanted to give time to know each other. Ratan says you did not think this will affect both families. She says Baldev’s parents are related to us, it will affect everyone.

Ratan says I did not accept this from you, your love will be true, but don’t expect from me that I will say yes to this relation. She says I don’t have objection with your friendship, but not this relation of love. She asks Veera to go. Veera leaves.

Gunjan gives a surprise to Ranvi wearing a nightie. He smiles and praises her beauty. Baldev and Veera chat about Ratan seeing them. He says sorry for coming there. She says she will talk later. Its morning, Veera looks for Ratan. Chaiji asks him to have breakfast. She asks what happened, why is she upset. Veera says nothing, where is Ratan. Chaiji says don’t know, she went early, she was looking worried. Ranvi and Gunjan come to meet Megha and see her playing piano. He folds his hand and greets her. She asks what nonsense is this, see your dark circles.

Gunjan says Ranvi works at bar at night. She says stop working at bar. He says I can’t. I took advance. She says she will pay for it. She calls a stylist and fitness instructor. She says your personal training will start today. Gunjan is glad. The lady takes his measurements. Ranvi looks at Gunjan. Gunjan signs its fine. Megha says your voice can’t make you star, lifestyle should be changed. Veera sees Ratan and Chaiji together and serious. She folds hand and asks Ratan not to go and talk to nheer.

Gunjan says I feel Isha is acting. Megha says yes, she is, and Ranvi should take sympathy and gain audience votes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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