Balika Vadhu 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandu closing the shelve before snake can do anything. He mixes the sugar in the tea and smiles. His hand gets burnt by hot tea. He washes his hand and goes to the hall. Amol cries. Meenu consoles her. Subhadra thinks Anandi left the house. Shiv is tensed too and says he will go outside. Daddu asks, from where you will search her? He sees Anandi coming from terrace and gets shocked. Even Daddu is shocked. Amol cries looking at his mom. Anandi comes to Amol and asks him to stop crying. Shiv asks, where were you? Anandi says, she was on the rooftop. Anoop says, you was not there.

Anandi says, she was sitting near the water tank. Shiv asks, what you were doing there? Anandi thinks to hide the truth and lies to everyone that she went there to have fresh air then fallen sleep. Subhadra thinks, is she saying truth? Amol asks her not to leave him alone. Anandi says sorry and promises not to repeat it. She apologizes to everyone. Anoop says, we all were tensed about you. Ira says, she didn’t do it intentionally. Anandi goes to bring tea for Shiv.

Nandu brings tea for Gehna. Gehna scolds him and asks him to complete the home work. Nandiu says sorry and gives tea. Gehna smiles and gets touched by his gesture. She sees burn on his hand and asks? Nandu says, it is nothing. Gehna is pained to see his hand burnt. Nandu says, it was his fault. Gehna hugs him and goes to bring medicine.

Shiv is getting ready for office and recalls Anandi’s words. He gets tensed and recalls Doctor’s words. He thinks Anandi is hiding something and says he shall know the truth. Anandi comes to the room. She says sorry. Shiv holds her and asks her to tell the truth. Anandi tells him everything, how she woke up at the rooftop of terrace. She says, she didn’t know how she reached there. Shiv hugs her. He says, he will talk to Doctor. Anandi cries. He talks to Doctor and says we have to go now.

Saachi introduces herself to her colleagues. She tells that this is her first job and needs their assistance. She says she wants to make a new strategy. She talks about customers’ happiness. They all get impressed with her and applauds for her.

Anandi talks to Doctor and says she forgets things. Doctor asks, since when it is happening? Shiv says, since 2 weeks. Doctor says, I have to do blood tests and some other tests then only we can say. He asks her not to have food before the blood test.

Dadisaa comes to school. Teacher welcomes her. She asks her to go to her classroom and she will do the rounds of school. Dadisaa sees a man talking to school’s accountant. The man tells his problem to Dadisaa. Accountant says, I am doing according to our school rules. The man says he can’t understand. Dadisaa asks him to give her a day’s time to solve the issue. He agrees and goes. Dadisaa thinks people is hopeful on her.

Ira brings tea. Subhadra comes to have tea and says she completed prayer for Anandi. She says she is worried for Anandi as she has become new Anandi in few days. She says, I doubt whether we thought her wrong. Daddu asks her to think 1000’s times before saying anything. He tells her that Anandi is unwell and it happens sometimes. Anoop says, Anandi is behaving weird. We haven’t seen this behavior before, something is surely wrong. Anoop says, she has become careless. Ira says, Shiv has taken her to the doctor.

Subhadra asks, when and why? Ira says, because she is unwell. Subhadra says, we can treat her. Anandi and Shiv comes home. Shiv tells them that Doctor asked for some tests and said that he can’t say anything now. Tomorrow is test and she can’t eat anything before 12 hours. Daddu says ok. We are moving in the right direction. Meenu and Ira ask her not to worry. Ira says, we shall make khichdi for Anandi. Meenu says, curd rice is good. Subhadra thinks she is trapped, what will happen if the bhasam is detected in the test.

Dadisaa takes Gehna to the hospital after snake biting her. She calls Jagya and informs him about snake biting Gehna. Jagya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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