Laut Aao Trisha 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer enters a secluded house and searches for a clue. He finds pizza packets and hotel bills there. He checks the bills and says they went from here 2 days ago.

Pratik angrily drinks alcohol thinking about Vivan’s mistake. Amrita asks him to calm down. Pratik says he cannot give clean chit to Vivan. She says even she did not give him clean chit after Vivan tried to create an intimate relationship with Trisha, but Sanya thinks him as her brother. She asks him to keep calm until they find Trisha. Pratik says he cannot.

Lavanya thinks how can Pratik misbehave with her. Kushan sees her irked and says somebody is in trouble. He says Prem is lucky to have a friend like you. He does not have family and may have a lot of girlfriends. She asks if he also wants girlfriends. He says he is happy with his wife Lavanya Grewal and asks what will she do if he has an affair with someone. She says she will not answer such silly questions. He asks her if she loves him. He says yes, else she would not have spent so many years with him. He insists to tell what she would do. She says nothing and asks if she can sleep now.

Kabeer checks other items and imagines the probabilities. He imagines Trisha requesting kidnapper to let her get sanitary pads herself, store lady identifying her and then Patil getting her bag. He thinks why did not she signal shopkeeper lady and Patil. Abhay says we may be thinking wrong. He says there must be another reason and Trisha must have run from home herself after knowing about Pratik and Neha’s affair, she would have taken help from someone and would have fled. She would have misled police by shattering items here. He looks at the bottle and says her friend must be of 30-35 years as he was having fine blended scotch and 30+ vitamin tablet. He thinks who must be the kidnapper/Trisha’s friend.

Gaurav comes home. Sonali asks if he was in Ahmedabad, Lavanya did not know about his schedule. He shouts and says he is not her employee to inform Lavanya everything. Sonali asks her to relax and says he wold not cheat on her and says today we will get hanky panky. He says he is tired and wants to freshen up and sleep.

Kabeer reaches psychiatrist’s home and says he came to get prescription. She asks what happened in Lonavla. He says he got a clue and found the place where Trisha was kept. She asks if he informed about it to Swaika. He says he did not want to see Amrita expect more, so he did not inform her. She says Amrita will be hyper, so he should inform her. He says he came for a prescription and does not need her opinion. She says Amrita’s happiness is related to your happiness, that is all she can say.

Amrita imagines Trisha at home and pampering her while she is asleep. She wakes hearing Sanya’s voice who asks why did not she get her ready for school and asks her to tie her lace. Pratik comes and greets her good morning. Sanya asks him to say good morning to mamma. He says he wished her before she woke up. Pratik sees Kabeer’s call on Amrita’s phone and picks it. Amrita snatches phone from her and asks if he found Trisha. He says her instinct was right, he found the place where Trisha was kept and asks her to come to his office. They both reach his office. He gives Trisha’s ID car and says he found it in a house and Trisha was in that house since 15 days. He says a man who is helping her is 30-35 years man. Pratik asks that means Vivan and Bobby are not suspect and asks who is the man. Kabeer says even he is trying to find out same. Amrita thanks Kabeer and says because of his, she is 100% sure that Trisha is alive. Pratik also thanks him for developing a ray of hope in him and says if he would have listened to him earlier, he would have found clues beforehand. He asks what we should do now. Kabeer says we have to wait until forensic report comes and promises to get Trisha soon. Amrita thanks him again.

Lavanya calls Sonali and informs about place where Trisha was kept and says she is alive. Gaurav hears that and says he is happy hearing that and is also sad that he is getting the news last. Lavanya says it is okay and says some man was with Triha it seems. Sonali informs about it to Vivan and asks him to cheer up. Bobby also gets happy hearing the news. Meghan says Trisha should not come, else she will ruin her happiness.

Gaurav and Lavanya’s families meet Pratik and say now that it is clear our children are not involved in it, he should forgive them. Pratik says he misbehaved with them, but he is irked that Vivan was having an affair with Trisha, Meghan sent her hit mail and Bobby’s jacket had Trisha’s blood, but with all that, he thinks they should be united. Amrita says she does not have any complaint.

Kabeer goes for a psychiatry session. Psychiatrist asks him if he spoke to Amrita and what was her reaction. He says he was happy. She says he does not need pills now as he is happy seeing Amrita happy. She says he is trying to find his pain in Amrita and thinking her daughter as his. He says he respects Amrita. She says she is seeing him from far, so she knows what is going in his mind and says he is not respecting Amrita, but loving her.

Sonali says Amrita after many days our whole family is together. Amrita says my Trisha is still not here and asks Lavanya to pray for her daughter.

Kabeer says his psychiatrist that she is rubbishing. She says like sun and moon are there, love is also there. He says he is just doing his job. She says he came just to inform about Trisha to Amrita instead of calling her and says she knows him more than himself. He says Amrita is just a client for him and asks her not to interfere in his personal life.

Amrita calls Kabeer, but his phone is out of reach. Lavanya on the other side asks Kabeer not to get tensed and says we will find Trisha soon. He says we were about to find her, but lost it again. She says we should be happy that Trisha is safe. He says Amrita is going through depression. She says she is mother and we are there to take care of her. She then asks if he sent Gaurav to Ahmedabad. He does not reply. She sees him crying and consoles him.

Amrita asks Kabeer if he can take her to the place where Trisha was kept. He says she cannot handle it and there are many restrictions. She insists to see the place and requests him. He agrees and takes her near the car. He says this is completely unethical and he has no idea why he is doing it. She says she knows he cares for her. He reminisces psychiatrist’s words that he is loving Amrita. Amrita asks if they can take Pratik with them. He agrees. She call Pratik, but he does not pick her call. She asks him to leave now. He asks if she is sure. She says yes.

Bobby and Meghan promote Akshay Kumar’s Dare 2 Dance dancing show.

Amrita and Kabeer reach a house where Trisha was kept. She looks at the house carefully. She reminisces her happier moments with Trisha. She sees broken lamp and asks Kabeer about it. He says nothing wrong has happened it as he did not find blood stains, it must have fallen by mistake. She looks at bedsheet and sofa and imagines Trisha sleeping with difficulty and starts crying vigorously. He hesitantly tries to touch her shoulder to console her but stops and says that is why he told her not to see this spot. She then hugs her and starts crying even more vigorously. Kabeer reaches the spot and is shocked to see them intimate. He shouts at Amrita.

Precap: Pratik warns Kabeer to concentrate on finding Trisha than his wife. Amrita says him he is irked that she went with Kabeer.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. typical man – he can have affair but as soon as he sees wife getting on or speaking to oppsite s*x the mind goes into overdrive. double standards – hypocrite

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