Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh is studying the case. Aashi brings him the laptop and says you can use it. She then recalls she doesn’t have an internet connection. aashi says you all are doing something and I am idle. I have paid the gas’s bill. I don’t know how will I do it. I have to find a job. Vishesh says don’t worry you will get one. Until then you can help me in this case. She studies a file and says ewww what a case. I would have hanged them all. I never thought this could happen. How you study this weird stuff. Vishesh stares at her. She says its weird. He says you wanna help me really? SHe says yes. he says then please stay quite and study the case. He looks at aashi again. Vishes smiles. He comes closer to aashi and recalls when he swiped the ice cream from her lips. Aashi smiles as well. sahil comes there and says why are you smiling? is law book so interesting. SAhil says don’t you wanna go home? He says I know ashi is upset that’s why you don’t wanna go. Prabha says close your office and eat the lunch.

They all enjoy the lunch together. aashi says why are you not eating ? prabha says we are fasting. Vishnu says I hav got two students. Sahil says we should eat something sweet. He says I am fasting. sahil says you can eat fruits. aashi says vishesh reads the books in can’t even hold. Vishesh says let her talk she can’t stay quite. Sahil gets a call. He has got a band’s ad. He says we are going to earn. Vishnu says I told you if you don’t give up success touched your feet. Vishesh is going sahil and ashi follow him. He sees them and says why are you chasing me? aashi says we are being your assistant. He says I don’t want ny right now. sahil says I know you are famous. but this case is impoatnt for you. we are all with you. vishesh says stop wasting my time and leave me alone. SAhil says yeah we are going to eat ice cream. They chase him. They are hidden behind a pillar. aasho goes to him and says you look worried. Vishesh says binti’s scooter has brpken down. aashi says we will handle everything here, g and drop her. Vishesh leaves.

Sahil and aashi go to a man and says whose plot is that one? The rivals come there. The man excuses and says I can’t. They pat sahil. when they turn back they are scared to see so many men. Aashi says what? on asks what are you talking about? Sahil says I think we should go from here. aashi says who are you? aashi says why are you that land? He says don’t talk about that or I will beat you. aashi says you have taken your brother’s land. The man says don’t be loud. aashi says don’t you warn me like this. I have proofs. aashi says look at the proofs. they start running the men are running after them.They are caught by them. sahil says we are kids she is stupid. the man says where are proofs? sahil says she was just saying that to scare you. we have no proofs. He is about to slap aaashi but vishesh comes there and stops him. vishesh says shame on you for trying to hit a woman, The land will be decided in the court. The man says oh you are the new lawyer. the old one left the city and so will you. they leave. Aashi says sahil where is the ice cream stall?

In the house vishesh says listen to me once. Aashi says we have to know that property doesn’t belong to them. vishesh says wow I never knew that now we don’t even need to go to court. he says I know its shambo’s land. Aashi says why are you balming me? I solved sahil’s case. Vishehs says stay away from this case. aashi says we just wanted to help you.

Precap- in the court the thugs are warning the man who filed the case, aashi says we are scraed of all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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