Bigg Boss 8 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23
Day starts with song, palat song, all inmates get up and starts dancing.

Sonali ask puneet to make breakfast for her too, Puneet says I am making for diandra and karishma now, I will make for you after that, he says look at Karishma she makes food quickly, Sonali says I do work too, puneet says you have to work in house, sonali says I take time to make huge food, puneet says you were making food with karishma and you left her alone, sonali says I was feeling hungry so I left it, puneet says this you should not do.

Sonali talks to Arya and says I am misplace in house, he ask meaning, she says I feel alone, Arya says talk to me, Sonali says we don’t get food here, its limited here, if you take more than it will be issue, I went to kitchen and asked for breakfast from puneet but I felt like he is not willing to give me food, I was hungry last night, he asked me to make roties, it would take time, I don’t know why is he behind me only, there are many who don’t do work at all, Arya says it happens, someone becomes prominent.

bigg boss gives luxury budget task to inmates. its Heroes vs Villains. in this task, there will be two leaders, Karishma and Pritham, Karishma will be Super hero and pritham will be super villain, all other inmates are now free from task, both leaders have to try to get most of the members in their team, heroes team will have red color and villains team will have black color, all the inmates have to keep wearing shirt of any of color from both, leaders remember that the person who leaves your team and goes in other team, he or she can join your team back, on task ending, the team which will have more members will win the task, the captain who will lose the task will be nominated this week directly.

Karishma comes to inamtes and says I make food for you all daily, Pritham says nothing will happen by making them eat, I ask you to come in my team, karishma says I give them food, pritham says eat from her and then come to my team, Karishma starts buttering all inmates, pritham gives them apple to eat.
Diandra says to soni, pritham is doing over acting.

T-shirts comes in house, Praneet, gautam , Arya wears black T-shirt, karishma says all are wearing balck.

diandra minissha wears red t-shirt. Sushant talks to upen who is wearing black, upen says its fun task, we are teasing Karishma by wearing black.
Gautam corners minissha and says you have to become villain, you are heroine of villain so wear black, Minissha says rascal I am not. sushant comes there wearing black shirt, pritham says black is suiting you, we can do all negative work now.

Karishma gives water to sonali and makes her drink it as she is weairn black color, sonali says you threw water on me in earlier task, karishma says you also throw it, sonali throws water on her face, Karishma says I will have to clean the floor too.

Sushant talks to gautam and doesn’t agree to gautam’s idea of bringing inmates to their team, they enters in scuffle, Sushant says If I want I can do comedy with other team mates, you don’t want then don’t do it, Gautam shows eyes to sushant and says don’t fight with me, sushant says I don’t wanna talk to you too, sushant says I will talk to pritham only, pritham says don’t fight, we are one team, gautam says you do whatever you want, Sushant says did I talk to you, gautam says I was just joking, Sushant says I know everything and every joke of yours, you were aggressive when you said that, I said ok, fine, Gautam says I am in villain character so I am talking like this, Sushant says I don’t care, they talk in English, Gautam starts shouting on sushant, puneet ask gautam to stop, sushant says to pritham that you are captain and you see it, pritham says you both do the task in your way, don’t fight.

Diandra talks to pritham and says the rules which we have made, we can break that, not rules of bigg boss.
diandra talks to sushant, Sushant says gautam is not captain, why is he commanding me, why he is ordering me to do that in task or not do that.

gautam talks to Upen and says sushant talk to me but he becomes rude, praneet says something, gautam says I am talking to upen, why are you interrupting us, why don’t you allow us to talk, praneet says talk, I wont stop, upen says gautam that don’t do this, sushant is good person, he cares about, he is one of your supporter.
Soni, diandra and sushant talks and says he is forcing us to not do comedy in task, he is ordering us, pritham comes there and he should not be bossy.

Gautam says to upen that if you were sidelined like that in first then you would know.
Pritham talks to praneet, praneet says he is talking to upen, why he do drame in everything.

Karishma talks to diandra and says I talked to natasa and sonali and asked them to clean things but they didn’t, I am team leader, I am handling everything, Diandra says we cannot take their personal garbage and throw it in dustbin, they should do that atleast.
Minissha talks to karishma that you are team leader, I think you should say sorry to those who are hurt with you before doing task, sonali, pritham, praneet, soni are hurt, you should say sorry to them.

All villain team is sitting in bedroom, Praneet says to upen that you are enjoying being villain, Upen says no I am innocent.
Karishma comes there and talks to Praneet, she says I am sorry genuinely, I didn’t like it when you said that I hurt you, I don’t know who will win task but you guys are important, puneet comes there and takes karishma away, he talks to her, he says you dont have to says all this, i will come in your team, Karishma tries to talk to puneet, she says no it will look like i emotionally blackmailed, karishma says I am not doing that, I am genuinely sorry, if I have hurt anyone, tears roll down her cheek.

Puneet comes there in lounge wearing red hero shirt, all villain team mates ask what you did, soni says they emotionally blackmailed you, you cant change your team like this. puneet doesn’t listen.
Karishma comes there, she hugs puneet.

Puneet comes to villain team, they say you didn’t do good, puneet says to them that Arya, Sushant, Upen, diandra will go to their team, I know it.

Puneet comes to Karishma, she says they still feel that its our trick, I have to win this in any case.

Puneet talks to Pritham and says soni will also to hero team, take care of all those.

Puneet talks to Karishma, he says 5 team members will come in your team, upen, diandra, soni, sushant, arya.

Sushant comes out wearing red hero short, he changes his team, sonali says you lost so soon.
Puneet again wears black villain shirt and says I should not change my team so I have come in my original team.

Praneet and Pritham talks about T-shirts of their team.
in garden, Sushant talks to Arya.

Gautam wears Red hero shirt too, Diandra changes her shirt to red too, karishma says to puneet that you changed your team again, give me back our red shirt, puneet says why, you gave it to me, I will not give it, Gautam says he is villain, puneet says this is my thing, my shirt, I wont give it.

Puneet talks to sonali, he says I asked arya to say sorry in camera, I even told him words, I asked him to say that minissha started it.

Upen changes his team and wears red shirt.
Puneet talks to his team mates, he says to gautam who is now wearing black shirt, puneet says minissha doesn’t do work at all.

Praneet, says to Gautam that you did this, three members of our team has gone to them, gautam says I am not in any team now, ask bigg boss to give me punishment, praneet says you actually in no team? gautam says no, I am out of both, praneet says you always do this, we try to make you understand that we are one team but you make your own strategy and play your own game, this is not right, Gautam points to him and says don’t teach me, you don’t teach me how to play the game. Praneet says I wont says anything to you from now on, your tone is loud, gautam says your tone is loud too, pritham ask gautam to not fight, praneet says play the task how it should be played, pritham ask to finish it.

all heroes are sleeping in bedroom, villain team comes there with utensils and starts making large sound with them, they make all inmates wake up from sleep, Sonali throws water Diandra to make her awake.

PRECAP- inbetween all imates become physical. Sonali and Didnadra enter in physical scuffle, Sonali says you cant touch me, diandra shows her fist to sonali, all inmates seprate them.
the first Captain of bigg boss 8 will made tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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