Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with ami standing outside sanjays office and listening quietly to what sanjay is talking to the lawyer, she hears that he is talking about the insurance company and her fathers death. Then she listens and closes the office door and goes running. Sanjay sees that someone had come and sees that someone is running. Then he tells the lawyer to go and he will tell everything afterwards. Then ami goes running to the lift. The receptionist asks her that didn’t she find sanjays office room. Then ami tells her that she found it but forgot something and goes away. Then sanjay comes ther and asks the receptionist that who was running from there. Then she tells him that ami as she had come to his office but went back

because she had forgotten something.

Scene 2:

In the hospital, shruti is standing near a patient who is very critical. The administrator tells her to go in her cabin because patients are waiting there for her. Then she tells him that this patient is very critical and should be taken first to doctor yadav and that she is finding him. Administrator tells her that she need not be tensed and has to take his orders and do her work according to the rules. She tells that she will first take that patient because it is a child and will then go. Ami enters the hospital and sees all this. The administrator gets angry when doctor yadav comes and shruti tells him about the patient and he takes the patient and goes from there. Then the administrator talks rudely to shruti and tells her that she shall follow his orders and work only if she implies to the rules of the hospital. Then she tells him that a patient was dying and she has seen her own husband in front of her dying so she had to do this. Then he tells her that he has not come there to listen to her tragedy and will allow his staff only to work if they follow his orders. Then he insults her husband and her and ami gets angry and then goes there and shouts the administrator for talking all this. Then the administrator tells her that she must be shrutis daughter and tells her that she has totally gone her father. Ami gets angry and throws medicine on his face and goes away from there. He then gets angry and tells that shruti is suspended from that hospital and tells her that he will also fire her after making an enquiry on her. The nurse and one patients father tells the administrator that he cant do this as because of her that child who was critical was saved or else he would have died. Then the administrator tells them that they acnt argue and then sends shruti away.

Scene 3:

At home sanjay is asking dadi that did ami come there? They tell no and then he tells that ami had come in the offie and then she suddenly went away. Then he thinks of calling shruti when ami enters the house and tells them that shrutis boss is very bad and she is very angry at him and that she wants to hit him and throw everything on him and also medicines. Then sanjay asks her what happened and she tells him the whole incident. Then shruti comes home and is standing at the door. Then ami tells him that the insurance company is also not giving money because they think that her dad did suicide and it was not an accident. On listening this dadi gets hocked and starts crying and goes and asks shruti that what ami is saying is right or no. shruti tells her that what ami said is right but the insurance company told that harsh had suicide. Dadi gets very shocked and starts crying. Shruti goes to console her. Khushboo then asks sanjay that suicide means when a person hates himself he kilss himself and asks that this is only the right meaning isn’t it? Then shruti takes khushboo and tells her that her father was very strong and he had not suicide and the insurance company are lying. Then sanjay goes in to bring water for dadi. Then ami goes to console dadi but she tells her to stay away from her. The shruti tells her that why is she shouting ami. Dadi tells her that it is her mistake that she believed her and tells her that she told ami everything but did not tell her anything. Then dadi goes away in her room. Sanjay comes out with water. Shruti tells sanjay to go now and she will call him afterwards. Sanjay goes.

Scene 4:

Dadi is sitting in her room and iss eeing harsh’s photo and crying. Shruti goes there and tells her that her son did not suicide but he died in an accident. She tells her that they will prove the insurance company wrong and will fight for their money. Then ami comes and tells that there is a lizard on her saree. She gets scared then tells that she knows her granddaughter very well and they smile.

Scene 5:

Sanjay is sitting in his office and is talking on the phone with his friend who is a lawyer. He tells him that he will give him all the details of the case and whatever the cost maybe will be given by him because he does not want shruti to take more burden in this bad crisis. Then ashish(the lawyer) tells him that he cares so much for shruti and he also likes her. Then he tells him that it is nice that he is not married or else he would be thrown out of the house. Then they laugh and ashish tells that he will tell a shayri on this thing and he tells and after telling he tells that he will tell another but sanjay tells that his mom has come and he will call him later. His mom asks him that ther is a function and he has to come. Then sanjay tells that he may come and his mom tells him that he always makes reasons to not come and so atleast she has to go and he says ok and his mom goes.

Scene 6:

Ami tells shruti that if she knew that her boss is o rude then she would have thrown a whole tray of medicine son his face and tells her that now that she has done this he will never shout and trouble her. Shruti says sadly remembering that she is suspended and says that yes he will never trouble her.

Precap: ami is in her school and her class teacher opens a box kept on the table and on opening it a joker comes out and she gets angry. Then a student gets up and tells that she had seen ami keep that box on the table. They are taken to principal and the principal tells her that she has done a very bad thing and tells her that the maths test which she was going to give again after 2 months would be kept in a week and if she fails this time then she will kept in 9th standard again.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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