Pavitra Rishta 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at Deshmukh chawl, Ovi opens the door to a priest, Savita is surprised to see him and asks Guruji why he was there. Manav says he called the priest.

Manav tells the priest that he wants to do a Shradh ceremony (Funeral service). Savita, Ovi are astonished! Archana is just looking sad.

Manav asks Priest if he has made all arrangements. Priest says he has but he asks Manav whose funeral service he wanted to perform?

Manav declares sternly, My son has died, Guruji! I have to do his shradh..

Savita, Ovi look shocked, Archu looks depressed.

Guruji says hes sorry to hear abt his son’s demise. Manav says hes not sorry at all! Its better if he was childless rather than have a son like that! You can start the rituals!

Savita has

tears of shock. Priest asks Manav, what was ur son’s name?

Manav says, Soham Deshmukh!

Priest starts the rituals, theres a photo of Soham with a garland on it, Manav sits on the floor and does the last rites with flowers and holy water. Ovi, Savita are watching shocked and dismayed, Archu looks lifeless!

Shradh mantras playing in the background. A horrified Savita tries to stop it, but Archana holds her hand, shaking her head. Savita and Ovi crying, shradh ceremony continues.

2nd scene: Balan’s den

Balan is scolding Bisnu, Have u gone mad? What was the need to go there in broad daylight?

Soham tersely replies, I had gone there to get Gauri!

Balan gets mad, Gauri Gauri! Drive that girl’s name out of ur head! Or else ur life will be ruined! Listen, police is looking for you everywhere, u have to be in hiding for a few days! If we are caught, we can get out in a few days. But if the police capture YOU, they will put you away for your whole life! How will our business run like this, Son?

Soham looks angrily at Balan and says, I wont go anywhere without Gauri! She is my life! I will get her at any cost!

Balan looks exasperated, at a loss for words!

3rd scene: Deshmukh chawl

Purvi is sitting on the bed and crying, holding Soham’s kurtas, shes thinking, Dada, what has happened to you all of a sudden? We were all so happy till a few days ago! Why are u behaving like this? So many people tried to reason with u, but u didn’t listen to anybody! Why? Arjun was saying that u have lost ur senses!

Archana comes in to call her for lunch, Purvi quickly wipes her tears but Archu notices shes crying.But she just says food is ready, come and have it.

Purvi calls her, Ayi, Soham Dada is not in a state right now to understand what is right and what is wrong! He has lost his senses in his love for Gauri! But I know once Dada realizes what hes doing is wrong, he will…

Archu interrupts, Your father has already performed last rites for Soham, your Aaji hates him! They dont want to see his face! And for me, HES DEAD!

Purvi is shocked! Archu says, Soham has no place in our lives anymore, u dont have to defend him!

Purvi cries, No Ayi, Im just saying, Dada is wrong of course, but…

Archu stops her, Purvi, I said dont defend him! Hes dead for all of us! And how can u defend him? Didnt u see Sachin’s condition? Gauri’s condition? Listen to me carefully, nobody will ever mention Soham’s name in this house again! Never!

Purvi looks dismayed and cries.

4th scene: Soham in Balan’s den, hes holding Gauri’s photo and staring at it intently.

Balan says, Forget that girl! and snatches the photo from his hand. Soham looks up sharply, gets up and grabs Balan’s scarf furiously, threatening him, Dont even think of doing this in the future! I will forget who you are!

In Deshmukh chawl, Archu is throwing all Soham’s clothes, his photos on the floor while Purvi stands watching helplessly, she says, Ayi, what are u doing with Dada’s photos and clothes?

Archana says, I want to wipe all traces of that hoodlum from our home! FOREVER! Do you Understand?

Meanwhile Soham picks up Gauri’s photo, wipes it and stares at it again!

Archana lights a match and throws it on the pile of Soham’s clothes and photos, sets it on fire! Purvi watches, horrified!

Archu watches Soham’s photos burn with a cold, emotionless face. She says, Not just in this birth, even in next birth, Gauri will never be Yours, Bisnu Lala!

Screen splits, one side Archana with cold hatefilled eyes watching the pile burn, on other side, Soham staring intently at Gauri’s photo!

Next scene: Morning in Balan’s den

Balan’s henchman serves tea to Soham, who gets up and drinks it. He suddenly throws the tea glass violently breaking it and starts beating up the henchman, yelling, What kind of tea have u brought for me? Is this the type I like? Why did u bring this? You have made my life hell, I will kill you!

Balan comes running and stops Soham, Why are u beating up our own guy?

Balan sits down and asks Soham what exactly he wants! He says, Look here Son, right now the situation outside is dangerous for you! Police is waiting to capture you, if you even show a hair, they will pounce on it! How long will I hide you in these circumstances? Beta, alongwith u, police will catch us also! Okay, we will tolerate police beating for the sake of ur love, but just think what they will do to you? I wont be able to tolerate that! Thats why Im telling you…please go away from this city!

Soham responds angrily, Baba, why are u repeating the same thing over and over again? I have told u I wont leave this town till I get what I want!

Balan yells, Leave that! In the process of getting that girl, u will lose ur life and I will lose my business!

A henchman comes in to inform Balan that police was nearby. And police was showing Lala’s photos everywhere and asking around. If they get any clues, they will arrive there!

Balan gets nervous, fretting that he was afraid of exactly this happening!

He urges Soham to hide inside quickly, the henchman takes Soham to hiding place, Balan closes the door.

Police come in and the Inspector starts questioning him, Why Balan, where are u running off to?

Inspector asks his constables to look in every corner for Soham. If hes hiding there, he shd not escape!

Inspector asks Balan sternly, where is Bisnu Lala? Balan says how would he know where is Bisnu lala? He had gone to the Thana to clear his own name. And police had already searched his den the other day and didnt find anyone there! Why would he hide Bisnu Lala? He didnt want to go back to Jail!

Inspector asks his men if they found Bisnu, they say he wasnt there, Inspector warns Balan that if Bisnu Lala was found there, then Balan will be punished severely. He will be sent on a long trip to jail.

Balan pretends innocence saying why would he hide Bisnu? Actually Bisnu broke all relations with him months ago! He hadnt seen Bisnu for months!

Inspector warns, You better pray that Bisnu doesnt show u his face! Because if he does, then I will…

Police leave, Balan looks worried.

Next scene: City Hospital

Ovi and Purvi come to the hospital with tiffin carrier to find Gauri feeding soup to Sachin.

They smile, Purvi asks Sachin, Dada, you already had ur breakfast! Now who will eat these puran polis that Ayi sent for you?

Ovi says, Purvi lets do one thing, we will have these puran polis!

Sachin says, why will u two have the puran polis? Ayi sent them for me!

Sachin asks Gauri if she can serve the puran polis. Gauri smiles and complies.

Ovi says, Purvi, have u noticed something? Ever since Gauri Vahini came into the picture, Dada makes her do everything!

Purvi says, Ovi, why are u teasing these two?

Sachin smiles, Purvi says she will be back in a minute, Ovi asks Sachin if she can feed him soup in the meantime?

Purvi goes out of the room, Manav is in the hospital corridor, looking upset and worried. Purvi asks him what hes thinking about? Manav says its nothing, Beta, Im feeling scared, on one hand, you are trying to keep everyone happy and smiling, on the other hand, that gunda is freely roaming outside!

Purvi tells him, Please have faith in Bappa! He will make everything alright!

Manav agrees, Yes, Purvi, now only Bappa can free us from this tension!

Next scene: Soham is sitting at a tea stall, sipping tea, his face covered by a scarf.

Police arrive there, showing everyone Soham’s photo and asking if they have seen him.

Soham gets cautious and gets up to leave but the tea stall owner calls after him, Arey O Bhaisaab, who is going to pay for the tea? Is this for free?

Police turn to look but Soham’s back is turned… he quickly goes to tea stall guy and pays him, then hurriedly leaves from there.

Police comes to tea stall owner and show him photo asking if he has seen this guy?

Soham is waiting in a bus stop, police jeep approaches, sirens blaring, Soham hides behind an advertisement board, then runs up the stairs to a train overpass. He runs across overpass, then down the stairs, then hes running on the streets, police siren behind him! Soham runs into a neighbourhood, policeman gets down from the jeep but cant see him!

Varsha opens the door of Sulochana’s house and wonders nobody was there. Soham is hiding inside behind the door. Varsha thinks she imagined somebody coming in and turns to leave but soham grabs her hand from behind!

Varsha turns, shocked! She exclaims, Soham!!

Sulo asks from the kitchen who had come. Soham begs Varsha to hide him somewhere.

He pleads with Varsha, Mayi, police is after me, chasing me like crazy, Mayi I dont want to go to jail again! Mayi, ur the only one in this world who can understand my love, Ayi, Baba nobody is understanding my feelings! Im incomplete without you, Mayi! Please give me shelter here! I know you will help me, you are my real mother! Once this problem is gone, then you and I will go to Patna, I will repay all debts of your affection! In childhood u used to hide me in ur pallu, today also please hide me!

Varsha is crying and holding Soham affectionately. Sulo comes in calling and sees Soham. Her face hardens, she tells Soham, Dont take another step! There is no place for a gunda like you in this house!

Sulo grabs Varsha’s arm and tells her to tell Soham to leave quietly! This was a respectable home, not a criminals den!

Soham pleads with Varsha, I had come here with great expectations from you, please give me shelter, you wont disappoint me, naa?

Varsha looks undecided for a moment, then she flings off Soham’s hand, tells him, Dont even utter my name with ur dirty mouth! I am not ur Mayi, youre not my Son! You are a Goon! A person who doesnt respect women, who has no respect for his parents, he can never be my Son! Soham, 20 yrs ago, I made a huge mistake! I dont want to make any more mistakes! I have a chance today to rectify my mistakes and I wont lose this chance! I will take u to the police right now!

Varsha grabs Soham’s hand and goes to the door yelling, Police! Police!

But Soham throws off her hand and runs the other way to the back door. Two guys on bikes, probably plainsclothes policemen, chase him through Sulo’s house, but he escapes from another door, Varsha crying out after him to stop! Varsha cries inconsolably, Sulo tries to comfort her.
telling her she didnt do anything wrong, that if children go on the wrong path, parents try to punish them and show them the right way. That is a parent’s duty. Today u have done the duty of a mother, today u have helped Archu at the right moment!

Varsha says, No Ayi, Im not crying because of what happened just now! Im crying remembering the 20 yrs we spent in Patna. Ayi, I made a huge mistake! I was never a good mother to Soham! I could never give him good values! If he was brought up here, then he would never be on a wrong path like this! I am responsible for making him Bisnu Lala from Soham! A mother ensures a good future for her son, I couldnt give a good future to Soham! I am guilty towards Archu Tayi, Jeeju, to whole family for this!

Sulo consoles her saying, Varshu, calm down! You have repented for all ur sins! We all know that! You tried to reform Soham, gave him chance to mend his ways, you gave him his family, but hes going on the wrong path again and again! That is his fault! You have done all u could for him. But Soham, hes blinded by his love! Hes making one mistake after the other! He will have to pay for his mistakes!

Varsha cries, Sulo continues, Today Soham escaped but one day, police will capture him and put him in jail! I know Varshu, for a mother this is very hard but what can u do? Soham has chosen this dark future for himself! You just have to be strong to face these circumstances!

Varsha cries on Sulo’s shoulder and Sulo consoles her.

Next scene: Night on Mumbai streets! Soham is running desperately, plainclothes cops are chasing him! Soham hides behind a large trash container, cops look around but dont see him so they leave.

Soham escapes, then goes to a pavement dweller who was sleeping, wrapped in a mat. He forces the guy to wake up and shoves him off, telling him to get off, that he will sleep there. The guy protests that he was sleeping there, why is Soham taking his spot. But Soham shoves him off forcefully, claiming the spot. The poor guys leaves, crying. Soham lies down on the mat, covering his face with his scarf.

He removes the scarf and looks at Gauri’s photo again, saying, You are mine, Gauri, only Mine!

Gauri is sitting down in front of her dressing table, brushing her hair, Soham barges into the room and covers her mouth as she yells, Soham YOU?

Soham warns her not to yell, telling her he will take her with him today for sure! Forever!

Gauri removes his hand and suddenly hugs him! Soham is surprised.

Gauri says, Thank God Soham u came for me! I was sure u would come for me very soon and take away me from here!

Soham is in a daze, Gauri you…?

Gauri smiles and looks at him, You cant believe it? Soham, when I went away from u then I realized ur love was not one-sided! I also love you as much as u love me! (she cups his face, his eyes soften with love)

Gauri tells him, Soham ur not educated, but the sincerity in ur eyes, that means more to me than anything! And I love you a lot!

Soham smiles and cups her face, Then come away with me! Lets give everyone this good news! I dont want to fight with anyone anymore! I dont have anymore complaints! I got you, then I got everything I wanted! I will marry you and we will go to Patna! Will u go with me?

Gauri smiles shyly and nods.

Soham is sleeping on the pavement. It was all a dream! An alcohol bottle rolls near him, he wakes up with a start. He realizes he was dreaming!

He looks at Gauri’s photo and says, in my dream, my Gauri was with me! Doesnt matter, today or tomorrow I will make this dream come true! He sleeps again.

PRECAP: Purvi is in her bedroom when her eyes fall on the window. Soham is hiding there. She is shocked to see him there! She exclaims: Soham Dada!!

Update Credit to: pallavi25

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