Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Soham’s residence
Soham asks rajji to arrange his breakfast plate too. Rajji sadly does so, confusing simran. All start eating, and she goes inside. She hastily starts arranging kitchen stuff. Si8mran is surprised to see such aggression. She asks her whats wrong, and if she’s alright. rajji tries to deny, but simran insists why is her face so sullen. Simran asks what happened all of a sudden, as now they are friends. Simran understands whats rajji’s problem. She asks rajji not to do this, as she shouldnt run away from friendship, and that if she retreats, then she wouldnt get anything, neither friendship nor love. She asks her to tread carefully down this friend road, and develop this relation first with soham nicely. She asks rajji

to go and rest, while she manages everything. Rajji leaves.

In her room, while Rajji is thinking about soham, and is lost when kuki gets her tea. kuki asks her to take the tea, and offers to sit with her. She sees soham’s photo by the bedside, and compliments how handsome he’s looking and it would have looked better with her in it. Rajji smiles. Kuki goes on a rant about soham’s handsomeness. Rajji listens, while placing the tea on the cushion. Unawares the tea falls on th bed, spoling the cushion, bedsheet and the mattress. as she gets to remove all of them, she finds a jewellery box. She opens it when kuki suggests that its a gift. Kuki commen st as to how beautiful this anklet is. Rajji takes it and wonders whose is it. kuki says that none wear it in their house. Rajji too is boggled. kuki says that this must be for her. Rajji says that this isnt hers. She suggets that it maybe soham’s friendship gift. Rajji is ten sed. Kuki assures her that its a gift for soham. Rajji is happy. Kuki leaves to arrange the sheets. Rajji thanks soham, in her mind, for the gift. Shye is about to wear it, but kuki calls her for help, and she keeps it on the bedside, and gets to attending to kuki.

Later, rajji tries on the anklets happily, and finds that soham’s hand is there to assist her. Rajji is confused. He asks whats she doing. He takes the Anklest and says that he’s got it for her, hence he would help her wear it. Rajji is happy, as soham gets to making her wear the anklet. He takes rajji’s hand in his, and they enter a romantic eyelock. The sound of the anklet disturbed her from her dream, and reprimands herself that she’s just friends with him, and they arent in love yet. She smiles at her foolishness.

Angad comes back with the shopping that simran had asked for. rajji comes out asking for help, and the sound of anklets start. Rajji shows them the anklets, and smiles shyly. simkran asks if there’s a special occassion. Rajji says that the anklet is special. angad and simran ask whats so special. Rajji says that the person who gave the anklets is special, and that its soham. They are surprised and happy. Rajji says that she would tell evereything, after keeping the shopping in the kitchen. Simran and angad leave. Angad thanks the Lord that soham and rajji are getting along. In the evening, soham comes for dinner. Rajji goes to serve him dinner, all the while her anklets making their sound. But he doesnt notice, despite her attempts at drawing her attention. Soham compliments that the food is good. Simran says that rajji made it. Rajji excitedly serevs him another helping. Rajji is sad when he still doesnt notice. Angad and simran ask him why’s he so involved in eating that he cant pay attention to anything else. Simran tells him that she’s trying to show him something for so long, but he isnt noticing anything. Rajji shyly looks down. Soham asks simran, in signs whats she hinting at. simran asks him to look at rajji’s feet. Soham looks and is tensed and surprised to find Rajji wearing the anklets. The sound of the anklets boggle and get her angry.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s and bani’s place
Bani is thinking about parmeet’s arrival tomorrow. Desho comes in and says that all her stuff is packed except for the wedding dress. But bani denies. Desho insists, for its maintenance, and takes it, but it gets stuck in the iron nail, and tears a little. Desho apologises and says that she didnt understand. Bani is tensed. Desho says that she would get it stitched by the tailor. Bani says that they should get it done immediately. Desho assures her that the tailor would do a great job, and takes it from her, saying that she would send it to the tailor in a couple of days. Bani is tensed. Desho asks what happened. bani says that the tailor doesnt need to be called for this. Desho says that its her wedding dress, and they cant rosk any more damage. She leaves with the dress. Bani wonders how to tell desho that she needs to wear it tomorrow.

Scene 3:
Location: Soham’s place
Simran says that rajji is trying to shiw this to him, and has worn it since morning, and was restless to show it to her. Soham asks whose permission did she take and how did she get hold of these anklets. All are surprised to see such behaviour from him towards rajji. Rajji is confused and hurt. She tells him where she saw. soham leaves the food plate and leaves. All are surprised. Rajji is distraught. Angad wonders what happened. kuki says that soham is angry as they spoily his surprise. Angad too leaves. Simran calms down rajji, and asks her not to worry, as he would be okay in some time. She leaves. kuki blames herself that they should have let it be hidden, when he had hidden it. Kuki says that to cheer him up, she also should reciprocate by giving a gift. rajji asks if she’s sure. Kuki says that he would definitely cool down, if he likes the gift. Rajji says that she knows what would he like. The screen freezes on her hopeful face.

Precap: Rajji finds a letter, written by soham, that he had always wanted to give it to her all along, and that he had got it for her only. Its also written that he wanted to wait for the right time to give it to her, and when he would be able to bare out his heart to her, and tell her how much he loves her. rajji is excited that its been written for her. but when she finds out that this letter was intended for bani, she is shocked and distraught..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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