Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram lying beside Priya on bed, and looking at her while the BALH plays in the BG. Ram says I don’t know you can hear me or not but I know you can feel me. I will hold your hand entire night and will sleep. Riddhima’s husband Saurav asks her opinion about the bedroom. She tells it is ok. Saurav takes Vikram’s call and he asks about Riddima. Vikram asks her how is she? Riddima thinks dad will cry again. Neha comes and asks him to cut the call as it is late night. Sammy comes and says he will sleep here as Dad is getting senti. He asks them to choose their place. Neha tells Vikram that it is happening because of him. Sammy asks them to sleep. Next morning, Ram asks the nurse, why Priya’s hand colour has changed. Nurse says her condition is bad and asks him not to touch her again. Ram says sorry to Priya. Pihu tells Neha and Juhi that she is just meeting the guy and she is not getting married as of now. She says she is doing this marriage for Dad’s sake. She tells them that dad has promised her that he will move on if she agrees to marriage and she will not sit on the mandap until he moves on.

Mamaji praises Khush for the audition. Sammy asks the Mahinder, (who came to see Pihu) what you like in her. Sammy says he knows more about Pihu. Then they talk about movies. Sammy asks the guy that they have many things in common and they shall get marry, leave Pihu. That guy goes to the bathroom as he thinks Sammy is a gay. Pihu comes with the sisters, Ram introduces Pihu to Mahinder and his parents. He asks them to meet and know about each other. Pihu and Mahinder talk about Mumbai and its traffic. Sammy looks at Mahinder, while Mahinder feels uncomfortable. Pihu comes to Sammy and asks him to don’t trouble him. Sammy says he was just checking his intentions. Pihu comes back to Mahinder and says Sammy was just acting and he likes girls and that too many. Mahinder is about to say I love you but Sammy comes and says the 3 words. Pihu tells him that he told everything to Mahinder. Neha tells Sammy not to trouble Mahinder. Sammy says no girl is like his mom. Ram is tensed and thinks whether Pihu will like Mahinder or not. Juhi comes and says they are gelling. Juhi’s husband comes there and she is shocked. Mahinder’s father introduces Rajeev to Ram. Vikram asks them to come. Juhi asks Rajeev, how he is here? Rajeev says they are his business associate in Canada. Juhi is shocked. Vikram introduces Rajeev, while Juhi excuses herself.

Mamaji says Salman khan might be chosen for the film. But says no one can be good than you. He asks money from Khush. Ram asks Sudhir, how is the guy Mahinder. Sudhir says it seems Pihu is happy as everything seems good. Pari and Maira comes to Sammy and says can we get you something. Sammy says it is his home, so he should ask them? Pari says he will get something. Ram scolds Sammy and says why you are making my daughter’s do work. Ram says to Vikram that my daughters likes your stupid son.

Ram asks Juhi, what is her problem as she is looking tensed. He says I think you are missing Naina, Ram asks her to call Naina. Juhi calls Naina and talk to her. Ram then talk to her and says to get good marks in exams. Naina addresses Dad to Ram. Neha tells Pihu that Ram is grown up and he can take the decision. Pihu says she knows and if Dad can think for her, then can’t she think about him. While Ram praises Naina, Rajeev says he have a daughter too.

Sammy tells Pihu that he never felt anything for any girl what they felt for Param. Pihu says some girl will come in his life. Sammy says he is hopeful that some girl will come and he will fall in love with her. Pihu listens quietly and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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