Savitri 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with RK saying Gulika that if Veer manages to escape from fire, how he will make life hell for Veer and make him regret of escaping from death. And also murmurs of not sparing any of the champanagar person who dares to look at Damyanti. He announces madly that Damyanti is all his..Gulika is irked and holds RK saying him not to waste his powers and thoughts on Veer but instead think of parasmani, think of Damyanti on how to impress her for marriage. She reminds RK that veer is a mere human being but he is RK, the king of kaalibhoomi. She reminds him on how they were careful in each step of entering champanagr and by such mere show off of power will destroy all their plans..RK as usual nodes to Gulika and announces that none can snatch his favourite things and how dare veer stand on his path. Gulika evily smiles on RK’s foolishness

Its morning and Damyanti asks Uttara and Naki to go and see if Veer came for his duty as he had said to her the other day that he will leave the Kingdom. She says how she doesn’t want veer to move away from her life. Naki and Uttara moves out to check…

The sainik at door announces King’s entry. She asks him what made him come as he would have ordered her. He says he didn’t want any delay and hence came himself.. King asks if she likes Chandraban.

Vishkanya asks RK what kind of question is that. RK again asks how he is to which vishi replies happily that he is good too good. RK asks her if she likes him that much then why isn’t she doing anything, why she isn’t talking to Damu about his mad love for her. RK asks Vishi for a way to vow princess. Vishi is all sad and says she will help.

King asks Damu to be careful to choose on favor of not only herself but on kingdom too..Damyanti nodes in aggression and king leaves. Priyamvadha comes and says Damyanti that Rajkumar Chandrapan is waiting for her at garden.. RK is at garden waiting with a bouquet and Damu with priyamvadha arrives. Damyanti asks what is it and RK replies he didn’t knew this kind of exhibition of love but now when he came to know, he would love to do that too. RK hands over the flower and Damyanti says its beautiful and adds that he is so good a princess but she…Before completing Uttara and naki comes to inform that some1 put fire on Veer’s hut and both the men are missing. Damyanti asks for permission and leaves.

Damyanti with Uttara and Naki rushes to Veer’s hut.She is worried and calls out veer.Damu asks both uttara and naki to go n search for veer, but they don’t go and says they need to leave as the place is no more safe..But damu isadamany and asks them to go..She searches the place and finds Veer’s uniform and sword. Just then she notices the khaai.. and leans to check but then slips only to be saved by Veer yet again. She mumbles how she was worried of losing him and gets in to his embrace happily.. Veer wishes to hug back but doesn’t and takes her off him. Vidhu, Uttara n Naki joins them. Veer says that she shouldn’t have come there and scolds of being careless even after knowing about the khaai. She says how she was worried and says she moved to khaai because she saw some of his possessions over there. Veer asks her why she is so careless on her life to which Damu replies that he is more important to her. She says if he sees her as savitri ya damyanti but for her, her life starts with him and ends on him. She says she truly loves him and is incomplete without him. Veer is dumbstruck hearing all these.

(Imaginary part starts)
He hugs her and while on hug he confesses that he too loves her a lot and he doesn’t care if she is savitri ya damyanti.( Naki and Uttara is shocked seeing this). and says she is only his… On time he comes back from his imaginary hugging and turns his face in worry.
(Imaginary part ends)

Damyanti says that she did tried to forget him but she couldn’t do it and announces that she did decided not to marry chandraban and if she can’t be his then she can never be any1′s. Veer angrily says that she can go n inform king if she doesn’t wants to marry chandraban but then not to say his name on her decision. He says he shall never accept her. Damyanti says she shall go n announce her decision to king. Veer stops her and says that he did a mistake by loving the wrong women. he says how she is not his savitri. He says he was orphen like him and had no pride. He says how he was wrong and his love ended soon on realising her to be princess. He says she can go n say to king if she doesn’t want to marry chandraban but he shall never be reason . He says he had never loved her, never love her and will never love her.

She says he is right and she is a fool. She asks forgiveness and leaves the place not able to say a word more. Naki and Uttara give death glare to Veer and leaves. Vidhu comes to Veer and asks what he has done. Veer says he did the right by saying the lie that he doesn’t love him and confesses that he do love her but then there is no comparison between them, and hence he lied to end the matter.

Damyanti is entering kingdom that Queen stops her questioning where she went leaving chandraban alone. Queen asks for an explanation and Damyanti stays mum. Queen asks isn’t she went to the lover guy, and she asks damu to say his name. Damyanti asks what she shall do knowing the name and says she was right in saying that there can be no comparison between them. Damyanti sadly announces her aggression in marrying chandraban while Queen is confused..

Precap: (Veer back in his bodyguard clothes and at Damu’s room). Damyanti proudly yet sadly announces that her marriage is fixed with chandraban and asks veer to do the arrangement all himself. Veer is disturbed hearing it.

Update Credit to: snowdream

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