Kesari Nandan 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhavi gives birth to Kesari

Kesari Nandan 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant coming to Jagat and crying. Jagat says I will walk again, I will get on my feet, trust me, come and meet me please. Hanumant goes. Madhavi comes there. Jagat says dad is annoyed with me. She says no, he has no courage to show tears to you, he loves you a lot. Choti Maasa/aunt comes and asks Hanumant what did doctor say about Madhavi. Hanumant says she is weak, her diet needs a chance. Maasa scolds Amba and asks her to take care of Madhavi and Jagat. Zoravar asks did you find out its a boy or girl. Hanumant says I don’t do illegal things, I will get a son, I m sure, I m worried for you, you should also plan a child. He regrets for Jagat’s state. Choti maasa asks him not to be upset. She asks Zoravar not to delay more, he should get a child now, Bijli is also dreaming of becoming a mother. Zoravar gets angry and comes to his wife. He says I heard you dream of becoming a mother. He hits things in anger and says I m illegitimate, but my child won’t be called illegitimate, I will not become a father until I end Hanumant’s heir. Bijli says people will call me Baanch, I want a child. He asks her to go and cry, Madhavi is getting another son. She gets angry. Everyone dances on Hanuman jayanti.

Madhavi gets Jagat home. Jagat asks won’t dad meet me. Hanumant comes there and says you have to work hard, you are my son, you stop crying, don’t pity yourself, forget the accident. Zoravar smiles. Hanumant says be a man and look ahead, prepare for the life. Pandit comes and says its time for maha aarti. Hanumant goes. Madhavi makes Jagat rest. Amba asks her to drink milk. Hanumant comes and asks Madhavi to take care of herself. He makes her drink milk and asks her to take care. He goes with Zoravar. Madhavi gets labor pain and shouts. Jagat sees her and asks what happened to you. Bijli sees her and smiles. She recalls adding papaya in the juice. Madhavi is rushed to hospital. Doctor treats her. She goes to Hanumant and says Madhavi and your child’s lives are in danger. He runs to see Madhavi. She asks him to choose one life, mum or child. Zoravar asks Hanumant to say it fast. Madhavi looks on. Hanumant says Madhavi….save her. Madhavi gets glad. She hears her daughter’s voice and cries. She begs doctor to save her daughter. She is taken for operation. Zoravar bribes the ward boy and says Madhavi and her child shouldn’t get saved. Hanumant waits outside. Madhavi runs away to save her child. Doctor says Madhavi isn’t inside. Hanumant says where can she go. Madhavi’s feet bleed. Hanumant sees the footmarks. He follows to find her. Hanumant calls out Zoravar and says Madhavi isn’t in her room. He worries and looks for her.

Jagat stays helpless and wants to go to Madhavi. Bijli says what is it, you are adamant, Madhavi is in trouble. Amba asks what are you saying. She says I think Madhavi has eaten something wrong. Bijli says I know you had given her beetroot juice. Amba says there was nothing in that juice. She goes. Aarti goes on in temple. Madhavi reaches there and falls down. The women see her and take her for delivery. Amba checks the juice. She doesn’t see papaya. She asks who has got raw papaya in this house. Biji hides it and says who can do this. She lies. Madhavi delivers the baby girl. Zoravar says my good time has come. Hanumant comes to the temple and sees Hanuman idol. He goes praying. He sees the cloth flying and showing him the way. He follows there and reaches Madhavi. Madhavi is with her daughter. She smiles. Madhavi lifts the baby and thanks Hanuman. She names the baby girl, Kesari Nandan. A lady says Madhavi has given birth to her child.

Hanumant gets shocked and runs to the temple. Hanumant and Zoravar come to the temple. He asks Madhavi is she fine. He sees the baby. She smiles. He thanks Hanuman for saving Madhavi and his son. Madhavi says she is a girl, your daughter. Hanumant and Zoravar get shocked. Zoravar recalls Kaala’s words. Madhavi says Hanuman has blessed our daughter, I had come here to save her. Hanumant says you forgot your son is waiting for you. Madhavi says I remember this, forgive me, she is your daughter Kesari. Choti maasa comes and takes baby. She asks what’s the matter Hanumant, you got your wife and child, take them home, we got Laxmi home. She asks Hanumant to take baby in arms. She explains him. He says I respect women a lot, but I believe that daughters aren’t ours forever, Madhavi promise me you will give me another son. Madhavi faints. They come back to hospital. Hanumant says Madhavi can’t conceive again. Hanumant and Madhavi cry. Madhavi worries for the baby. She promises to protect her always.

Madhavi comes home with baby. Choti maasa does her aarti. Hanumant asks her to go and rest. He says we have to make Jagat stand on feet, and prepare for Dangal. He goes. Choti maasa asks Madhavi not to worry, Hanumant and Jagat’s bond is strong. Madhavi goes to meet Jagat and gives kesari to him. He likes his sister. Hanumant thinks of his words. Jagat calls Madhavi. Hanumant reaches him. Madhavi leaves Kesari to attend Jagat. Baby cries. She goes to console baby. Hanumant gets angry when she goes away. He takes baby in arms. Madhavi wakes up and smiles. Hanumant goes to everyone and shouts Amba. He says until Jagat prepares for Dangal, Amba will raise the girl. Madhavi takes baby from him. They ask what is he saying. Hanumant says this is my decision, if the baby stays here, Madhavi’s love will get divided. Madhavi cries and asks him to say the baby. He asks Amba to take baby. Madhavi refuses. He says just give the baby for my sake. Madhavi cries and gives baby to Amba. Amba also feels bad and takes baby. Hanumant stops Madhavi. Madhavi cries and hugs Choti Maasa. After 7 years, Kesari is shown.

Kesari helps someone by her bravery. Hanumant asks Jagat to catch Kesari. He asks Kesari to always out the veil. Kesari says I will become Bharat Kesari like dad. She wants to join Jagat’s training. Jagat falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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