Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kalyani steals Moksh’s hospital file

Tujhse Hai Raabta 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani seeing Nurse about to give IV to Baby. Kalyani says baby is small. Nurse says there is just one way IV fluid or….Malhar asks her to give the saline. Kalyani says Nurse knows the other way. Malhar says there is no other way. Kalyani thinks what Nurse wanted to tell me, which Malhar is hiding from me. Kalyani stops Nurse from injecting saline to baby and asks Moksh to let her divert baby’s attention. She tickles him. Nurse injects him. Kalyani holds Malhar’s hand and closes her eyes. Nurse says it is done. Kalyani leaves his hand and talks to baby. Baby laughs. Nurse appreciates her. Kalyani asks until when we have to give him saline. Malhar thinks he has to make arrangement of a lady who can feed him milk. Nurse and Malhar go. Kalyani thinks to say all the best to Anupriya. Anupriya comes to class. Lecturer asks whose parent she is? Anupriya says she is a student. Lecturer asks in this age and asks her to go out and take permission. Kalyani is connected via call and asks her to say may I come in Madam. Anupriya gets nervous and asks in hindi. Lecturer asks her to enter. Kalyani asks her to sit on the vacant bench. Moksh is crying, so Kalyani ends the call to attend him. Students laugh on Anupriya and ask her to sit on back bench. Pallavi reaches college following Anupriya and thinks why Maayi came to college.

Malhar thinks to make arrangement for baby’s feed. He sees a lady feeding her baby and tells that he is ready to give her any amount if she feeds his son who is unwell. Kalyani asks other woman what did he talk to Swati. Woman says Malhar said that his son is unwell. Lecturer catches Anupriya talking to Kalyani on call and asks her to get out of the class. Anupriya says call was important. Lecturer sends her out. Kalyani thinks Anupriya must have forgotten to charge her mobile and thinks if Malhar is hiding something from him. She thinks to find out and go somewhere. Pallavi comes inside the college. Anupriya sees her and hides. Pallavi sees a girl wearing torn jeans and thinks maayi can’t come here. Anupriya thinks to go back home.

Kalyani comes to the doctor’s cabin to read Moksh’s file as Doctor is busy in operation. She thinks she has to search like a thief being a policeman’s wife. She checks all files. She gets moksh file, when someone comes there.

Atharv comes to Sampada and takes off the mangalsutra. He says he heard that marriage broker saying that he will give house to married couple and needs marriage certificate. Marriage broker tells that owner don’t want to give house to unmarried people. Atharv laughs and tells that they are brother and sister. Marriage broker tells that he will give the house and goes. Sampada tells that she never thought they have to act as siblings. Atharv says he don’t want to go to Malhar’s jail. Aao Saheb and Vivek talk about the financial problem and a distributor wanting for a bribe. Anupriya comes there. Aao Saheb scolds her. They talk about the problem. Anupriya says from where we will get the huge amount. Malhar hears them.

Kalyani hides seeing nurse coming. She reads the file that baby has to get mother’s milk or Saline. She thinks how to give mother’s milk to baby.

Doctor complains to Malhar that he caught Kalyani while she was trying to steal money from his cabin. Malhar locks Kalyani in the lock up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Liked todays episode. So kalyani will get arrest for stealing from doc’s cabin.i think when malhar get to know the reality he will feels sorry for kalyani n regrets about whatever he dones to her bcoz kalyani went to hospital for knowing truth about pillu. Malhar is a ACP writers plzz dont make fun of it bcoz his actions shows him as a dump.

  2. Beautiful episode malhar don’t torcher her more pls show little care atleast best is injection wala they look so cute …Guys c dis vm it’s so good https://youtu.be/uHVuQslpGco

  3. Yaar that’s really nice vm.

  4. Today written update plzzzz,

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