Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Karthik’s Second Marriage

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar warns Satya not to interfere between husband and wife. Jaya asks how can he misbehave with mamma. Samar says then she should explain her mother and tells Geetanjali that Jaya cannot plan her wedding. Jaya says she will and gives her card. Samar says they both will make Geetanjali’s wedding a memorable affair. Jaya hits his tummy and walks away. Samar apologizes Satya and says he does not like anyone interfere between him and his wife. He touches Naani’s feet and walks to his room while Satya sits fuming. He walks to room with coffee for Jaya. Jaya sits fuming. Samar says he is her assistant and continues blabbering while Jaya sits frowning. She calls Geetanjali and asks to meet with her fiance at a restaurant.

Jaya and Samar reach restaurant and wait for Geetanjali and her fiance. Geetanjali reaches first followed by her fiance. Jaya and Samar are shocked to Karthik as Geetanjali’s fiance. Samar congratulates Karthik and complains for not informing him about his 2nd wedding planning. Karthik says everything happened spontaneously. He informs Geetanjali that Jaya is his ex-wife’s sister. Samar says he is Karthik’s co-brother, their MIL Satya got Karthik and Shikha’s divorce first and he is in line now. Geetanjali says she does not mind if Karthik has moved on. Jaya says she cannot plan their wedding and walks away.

Jaya reaches home and tells Satya that she cannot plan Geetanjali’s wedding as she is marrying Karthik. Everyone stand shocked. Kabeer asks if papa is marrying someone else and getting a second mother for him. Naani takes him in. Shikha stands dumbstruck in shock. Jaya says they are still emotionally attached to Karthik and cannot plan Karthik’s wedding. Satya asks Shikha if she is affected with Karthik’s second marriage. Shikha sadly says no. Satya boasts that it does not affect her daughter, she is proud of all her daughters. She asks Jaya to accept Geetanjali’s wedding planning as it should not accept anyone of us. Once she leaves, Samar asks Shika if she does not really mind Karthik’s second marriage. Shikha walks away without replying. Samar reminiscing giving this idea to Karthik and assuring him that Shika and Kabeer will be back in his life for sure.

Jaya confronts Samar that he must have given this idea to Karthik. Samar denies and says Karthik is not a kid. Jaya says he purposefully wants her family to see sad and will trouble her for 6 months till their divorce is finalized. Next morning, Samar goes home to have Rama’s prepared breakfast. Karthik calls him and informs that Jaya has called him and Geetanjali home and thinks all ladies will take his class. Samar says he should go and do all wedding shopping at Jaya’s house to make Shikha jealous and realize her mistake, god is helping him and sent me to help him. Karthik agrees. Samar promises Rama to bring Jaya home soon and leaves.

Precap: Samar confronts Satya that she lied and broke Karthik and Shikha’s marriage, shows he confession video and says he will inform Jaya. He runs to Jaya’s room. Jaya opens door, and Satya stands tensed seeing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dis jaya s a loser like her mother

    1. I agree don’t the girls have a brain & cant they speak up for themselves why even get married if divorce is shown so lightly for sometimes petty issues

  2. I don’t understand a woman who enjoys having her children as divorcees like her for petty reasons. Her reasons for leaving her marriage might be valid but for her children, they’re not.

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