Kesari Nandan 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari learns Madhavi’s past

Kesari Nandan 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant getting sad after watching his family with Bhairav. He leaves. Kesari thinks if Hanumant had food. Madhavi and Bhairav ask her to have food to get strength for the competition. Kesari eats food. Bhairav says this place isn’t right for Kesari, you should come to my house. Madhavi shouts and says I left house by my wish. He says he didn’t stop you, why. Kesari says its because of me, I have sworn to win Bharat Kesari, they always fight because of me, mum left house because of me. She runs in and cries.

Madhavi says Kesari isn’t the reason, we don’t need your help. She goes to Kesari and says its because of my past, not you. Kesari asks her to swear and tell her the truth. Madhavi says we were young, Bhairav and I were childhood friends, Bhairav introduced

me to Hanumant, I used to take food for them, Hanumant and I fell in love. FB shows Hanumant and Madhavi deciding to tell Bhairav about their love. Hanumant goes to Bhairav.

Bhairav drinks and sings. Hanumant says I have to tell something. Bhairav says I m mad for Madhavi. He laughs. Hanumant asks what. Bhairav says I m in love with her, I m going to tell her my feelings. FB ends. Kesari says Hanumant and Bhairav loved you, they were friends, you loved Hanumant, how did they become enemies. FB shows Bhairav getting ready to meet Madhavi. His mum says what’s the use to meet Madhavi, her alliance is fixed with Hanumant. Hanumant says we can’t marry, I can’t cheat my friend. Madhavi says I can’t marry anyone if I love you, Bhairav will understand after reading the letter.

Bhairav comes and beats Hanumant. He scolds Madhavi. Hanumant says I wrote a letter for you, don’t talk to Madhavi like this. Bhairav goes to hit him. He falls over the tree and gets hurt. FB ends. Madhavi says Bharat Kesari competition happened, Bhairav couldn’t participate, Hanumant won the title, Bhairav hates Hanumant. Kesari asks why, Hanumant sent the letter, how did he become a fraud. Madhavi says I don’t know, what would I do, I had no option than to choose someone to train you, when Jagat suggested Bhairav’s name, I couldn’t refuse, I know he is a good wrestler, I had to stand against Hanumant. Kesari hugs her. Madhavi asks her to just see the destination and not think of all this. She consoles Kesari. Kesari agrees to focus and practice hard to win the title. Madhavi hugs her. Kesari gets ready for her training. She says I will get trained with a new passion now. Panditain blesses them. Bhairav waits for Kesari.

Madhavi gets Kesari there. He apologizes to her. He says thanks for getting Kesari. He says I m the best coach. Kesari says yes, we will start training now. He says fine, go and get ready. He comes for practice. They practice. She says I want some young wrestler for practice. He asks from where shall I get anyone, no one wants to come. Madhavi asks won’t her training get complete. He says it will happen. He calls Ram singh and says I want 2-3 boys for practice. Kesari says I want a wrestler of my size, the boys made excuse and ran away. Bhairav says the wrestlers will come in 5-6 days, its no use. Kesari thinks to get those boys back some way.

Zoravar makes a plan and cuts power wires. The short circuit happens. Fire gets lit inside the hut. Kesari is sleeping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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