Gathbandhan 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak tries to woo Raghu

Gathbandhan 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya cleans Raghu’s wounds. He recalls Dhanak’s words that she is not his wife in station. Mai brings milk for him. Raghu says can I get some wine? I cant drink this alone today. Mai smirks and gives him alcohol. He drinks it. Mai says I got my Raghu.

Tawre is making Dhanak write about cases. Dhanak recalls Raghu in jail and is hurtful words. She is in tears.

Mai and Bai are drinking. Dhanak comes there. Mai stops her and says let me do your aarti, you fulfilled my dream today. Dhanak says I have to meet Raghu. Mai says your innocent Raghu died today when he drank wine, my Raghu is with me. Dhanak says you are lying. Mai shows her Raghu drinking alcohol on terrace. She is stunned. Mai says you want company? Dhanak says I have to talk to him, she leaves. Mai dances


Dhanak comes to Raghu and sits with him. He keeps drinking. Dhanak says you know life looks easy but its not, there is test everywhere, we doubt ourselves but test has to be crossed with patience, if you have patience then everything becomes fine. Raghu glares at her and says you know you are right but its not for a commoner and goon, when we try to be nice, you people force them to become a goon, I was so happy, I was taking sweets for you and what happened? I got beaten by police. Dhanak tries to touch his face. Raghu says you do your duty, I will come to police station when you call me. He wipes his tears. Raghu says I want your one minute, wait here. He goes and brings phone. He says show me how you saluted in function, please I missed it. Dhanak cries and salutes. Raghu takes photo and falls down. Dhanak runs to him and pulls him closer. HE tries to move away but she makes him lie down, he sleeps. Dhanak looks at rose and recalls how she wanted to confess her love, she says I thought our dream will fulfill, you gave me happiness and everything, I love you so much, wish I could tell you. She puts rose near him and kisses his forehead. She hugs him and sleep.

Scene 2
Raghu wakes up on terrace and has headache. He turns to see rose there. He recalls last night’s incident and sees Dhanak sleeping beside him. He smiles at her and thinks dont know if morning is beautiful or her more. Dhanak wakes up and smiles at him. Raghu sees her uniform and recalls everything. He gets angry and leaves from there. Dhanak looks on and thinks that I know our relation shook up because of this incident but my trust will win you back.

PRECAP- Mai says to Raghu that Dhanak left without even wishing you birthday.
Sejal says to Dhanak that pretend that you dont remember his birthday and then give him surprise. Dhanak says good idea, she gets Raghu’s call but ignores it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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