Chandragupta Maurya 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta convinces Selecus to fight

Chandragupta Maurya 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Selecus is elated seeing Chandragupta set fire to Magadh’s flag. He is proving out to be our ace card! He proved himself and won us this way!

Dhananand and Amataya get down in the battlefield themselves. Chandragupta looks on. Dhananand wont be able to stop himself from engaging into the battle once his ego is hurt. Even Selecus wont be able to hold himself back then.

Selecus smiles seeing Dhananand getting involved in the war himself. I have been waiting for this moment! Today I will take revenge for all the insults and defeat you! Chandragupta thinks everything is going as per Acharya’s plan.

Acharya looks on from far.

Chandragupta seethes in anger seeing Dhananand. He recalls that Acharya told him to let Dhananand and Selecus fight with each other first. He steps

back. Selecus and Dhananand challenge each other for a fight. They step down from their chariots to fight with each other. Ambiraj and Chandragupta are fighting with Dhananand’s brothers. Selecus manages to hurt Dhananand and Dhananand takes his revenge too. Chandragupta is having an upper hand over Dhananand’s brother. Dhananand pushes Selecus on the ground without his sword. Dhananand mocks him. Accept that I am the only Samrat who should rule over India! He is about to kill Selecus when Chandragupta counters Dhananand. You aren’t worth becoming the king of India! Acharya remarks that this was what he had been waiting for!

Strong wind starts blowing. Moora realises that something is about to happen as the wind is changing its course.

Dhananand tells Chandragupta it is good that he came in front of him. Now I will punish you for setting fire to Magadh’s flag before everyone. Chandragupta says I want to burn you and your empire down. I will fulfil it tomorrow! They engage into a fight. They fight with great strength. Their swords fall down in the process. Ambiraj is still fighting with Dhananand’s brother. Dhananand hits Chandragupta but Chandragupta also manages to hit him back. They both find their swords again. Amatya hears conch playing and wonders as to who ended the war. Dhananand and Chandragupta are still fighting. Amatya and Selecus instruct their soldiers to stop Chandragupta and Dhananand from fighting. Their palms get bloodied when the soldiers pull them apart from each other.

The old guy asks what’s happening there. Acharya shares that wars are paused at evening time as per the rules of war. It will resume tomorrow morning. I hope that these 3 kings will see the sun for the last time tomorrow and a new king will take over afterwards.

Chandragupta throws the lamp angrily. I have to wait for some more time to take my revenge! Dhananand escaped from me today. If only I had some more time then I would have killed him today itself! The old guy tells him not to be disappointed. You shook 2 big armies today! You were hiding here in the dark for 5 years yet they couldn’t stand in front of you. Dhananand wont be able to escape tomorrow. Chandragupta seconds him. He finds Acharya lost in thoughts. Acharya says negative situations give birth to negative thoughts. Right now Selecus and Ambiraj must be struggling with their loss badly. They had to bear lots of damage today. They might even be thinking to surrender even. They would want to end this war tomorrow at any cost! We will be in loss if that happens. You must talk to them today and convince them to fight tomorrow too. The war that you have started today can only end tomorrow.

Ambikumar winces in pain as a servant massages it. Ambiraj tells the servant to stop but Ambikumar is eager to get fit and fight tomorrow once again. I want to take revenge from them! Ambiraj advises him to rest. You wont take part in war anymore. Selecus asks him if he is hopeless of victory now. Ambiraj admits it to be true. We have lost so many soldiers. What will happen if we fight tomorrow? Chandragupta says I don’t agree with you. We must not stop here. We are the stronger ones out of the 2 armies! Ambiraj shouts at him to not to intervene between them. My son included you in the war but you aren’t capable of understanding politics. Stay out of this matter. You are a skilled warrior but you are not a skilled politician. Chandragupta apologizes to him politely. I only came to thank all of you. I got a chance to fight with Dhananand only because of you all. I would have killed him today itself if the war wasn’t stopped like that. Selecus compliments your enthusiasm. I saw the fire in your eyes to kill Dhananand! Tell me one reason why we should not stop this war here itself. Chandragupta says I know that our army has been hurt but the enemy has been hurt more. We won today. Dhananand must be pacing a wounded lion right now.

Dhananand refuses to let anyone tend to his wounds and throws away the herbs. The blood of enemies is my real medicine! I will achieve my mission by tomorrow by killing my enemies especially that soldier! Takshshila would have been under my throne if it wasn’t for that soldier! He asks Amatya to prepare his army for tomorrow’s attack. We start tomorrow morning itself. Devise a plan because of which we can compel the enemy to surrender to us. Amatya shares that he has devised a plan already but it isn’t his kind of plan. I think we should follow it owing to the situation and time. He tells Dhananand more about his strategy and Dhananand smirks.

Chandragupta has told his strategy to Selecus. I am sure we will finish the soldier tomorrow if we follow this diligently. Ambiraj asks him if he knows what he is saying. This is his inexperience and a day-long victory talking! I believe we should stop it right here. It is won by planning well. We cannot bear any more casualties. Chandragupta agrees his concerns are right but we have to win over the idea in our mind to actually win it. Why do you forget that Shah Selecus is leading us? Half of the world is following him. Do you think it wont affect his fame and dignity if we end the war like this? We can make up for the lost soldiers and arms but if we end the war here, the future generations will remember Selecus only for surrendering to Dhananand who would gain fame for this victory. Selecus seconds Chandragupta. I don’t wish to repeat the mistake that I did in Osaka. He pours himself some more wine. I cannot step back especially when Dhananand is facing me head eye. Prepare the army for tomorrow’s fight. This day will be etched in history with our victory. Chandragupta thinks tomorrow will become historical as all 3 of you will be remembered as dead. They hear a sound and understand that it hints at Dhananand’s arrival. Chandragupta wonders why Dhananand would be coming here now.

A koel never makes her nest. She always lays her eggs in someone else’s nest after pushing the eggs of the other bird on the ground. That bird remains unaware of it and takes care of the eggs like her own. This way, koel and safeguards her eggs in someone else’s nest and raises them safely. we can implement this in terms of war too. Seek shelter at enemy’s place. You will be saved by this enemy and other enemies too. you can defeat the enemy at the right time then. Sometimes the chances that we take by hiding from others are more fruitful than the rest of the chances that we take!

Precap: Dhananand and Amatya walk inside Selecus’s tent. They all look at each other. Acharya says this might go against their plan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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