KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 11)

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Recap: abhigya the house smilingly

Today prags went alone as bulbul has holidays as some work in going on in her clg.
Abhi left to his music Company

Screen shifts to pragya she was not able to concentrate on studies she was jst thinking smthg n smiling

Screen shifted to abhi too was not concentrating on his work he thought of calling prags

Screen shifts to prags she thought the same n call him but its saying bzy same happened with abhi as both of them were trying at the time

Screen shifts to abhi he thought y her no. Is bzy here prags too was thinking same

After sometime abhi again called her

Screen shifts to prags she was in class lecture was going on so she kept her mob in silent
Abhi now got irk as first when he tried it was saying bzy now she is not picking up the phone

As soon as the class got over prags called him back.

Screen shifts to abhi he saw prags calling her first he ignore it but then he picked it up.

Abhi asked to prags that y she was not picking up his call. She replied that she was in class. Abhi asked her tat y she called her
P: u called me first na that’s y I called to ask the reason
A: I called u first……
P: yaaa yaarrr u called me first…tell me fast y u called me
A: actually I forgot y I called u ???
P: what!!??
A: okkk byee
P: byee

Screen Shifts to abhi he was talking to himself. How to say yaarrr that y I called u… I was missing u that’s y I called u

Screen shifts to prags she left from her clg she msg abhi asking him to come to xyz place as it had been days that they had not met.

Screen shifts to bulbul she was talking with purab
B: y r u not with him what if they met with each other
P: u too didn’t go with pragya di she too can meet him
B: where is he rite now
P: I called in company they said that he had left from there wat about di where is she
B: she ll be in clg na

Screen shifts abhigya
Abhi reached the place. Prags was present their. He walked towards her he kept his hand on her shoulder she turned n found abhi. A smile formed on her face seeing him both sat their prags said, abhi for few days I won’t be in Mumbai actually I’m going to Delhi it’s from clg side I have to go. Listening to this abhi become upset that he’ll not meet her. She said, I’ll be back in few days saying this started to leave. Abhi asked her to be with him for few more mins as it had been days since they met. She agreed.

Screen shifts to rabul
They were at coffee shop
P: bulbul don’t u think that they must say to each other what they feel
B: hmm… I too think the same bt u know what… They ll say it in few days
P: how r u sure this much.
B:areyyy Yarr… Actually di informed me that she ll be going Delhi from clg side so it’s possible that after coming from their may be smthg can happen
P: yaaaaa…

Screen shifts to abhigya they were talking about random things both were upset as they ll not be able to meet each other for days.
A: can I drop u @ur home??
P: okkk
Both of them started to walk towards car while walking prags lose her balance as while walking she got hit by a stone. Before she fall abhi caught her wrist both were lost in each other eyes. Their eyelock got unlock when prags got a call. She received the can n said I’ll be there in few mins. Abhi asked her in gesture what happened???? She replied that bulbul asked her to come home soon.
A: ohhh… Come let’s go
Both sat in car. In few mins they reached home. Prags got out of the car n asked him to come but he refused

Screen shifts to prags room
B: di… Where r u lost?? Do ur packing else u have to go without ur stuffs .
P: no where Yarr.. I’ll pack out don’t worry
After an hour all the stuffs for packed

Screen shifts to mm in abhi’s room
He was sitting on his bed. He was looking upset.

Purab came there he asked him if anything happened he replied, no yarrr.. Nothing. Purab asked him if he is. Upset as prags ll be out of station for days. He asked him, how he knows. Purab said that bulbul told him. Abhi said, don’t know purab but I’m feeling like I’m going to detached from my soul when she said that she ll be out of station. He continued purab I think I’m in love with her. Purab asked him, how can he say that he is in love. Abhi said to him, purab whenever I’m with her I found everything beautiful whenever I’m with her I feel like flying in the air being with her, spending time with her is the best part in my life. I Even feel more but I don’t have words to express wat I feel when I’m with her. Purab was shock bt was very happy that his frnd had realized it. He made an excuse n left from there abhi was alone in his room admiring prags pic which was in his mob.

Screen shifts to bulbul she got call from purab she received n asked him y he called? He narrated what happened few mins back. Bulbul too was in shock but then she was happy for her di

Screen freezes on happy faces of rabul

Sry for the late update guys but what to do stuck with studies project assignments that’s y. Hope u guys like the epi plzzz do comment.

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  1. so sweet and simple abhi’s feelings towards pragya is nice cute narration loved it

  2. Monesha

    Wow Awesome……. Darling. I just loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee…… Waiting for next episode eagerly. Love you a lottttttt….. Keep rocking baby.

    1. CuteVanshu

      I’ll be posting next part soon. Thanq for commenting

  3. Nice n lovely

  4. Nice yaar…

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanks dear do u read ff’s in beyhadh i saw same name in one of the post if u read them then do read my os I’ve posted there here is the link

      1. No dear..i read only kkb page..

  5. Princesskrisha

    So cute n sweet just likr you loved it dr

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thank u di..

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Cuteeee

  7. sooper dear…lovely…the story line is just awsm…u ll create wonders dr…keep rocking!!!!!!

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thank u di…n where’s ur ff

  8. Sethidisha002

    osam yaar

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thank u can I can u as di??

  9. VashuAgrl

    so cutely written .. i love the way you write .. keep it up
    love u dear <3 :*

  10. VashuAgrl

    so sweetly written .. i love the way you write .. keep it up
    love u dear <3 :*

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanks yarrr

  11. sweetness over loaded ???? superb episode ??

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thank u for commenting di…I was shock to see ur comment as well as happy n I loved the name that u gave to abhi Bhola Bhai ????????

  12. Trisha

    Aww nice epi…loved it!

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thank u Trisha di…

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