Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna drinking the wine. She says thanks you liked the dress, what was this. He says you liked it right, leave it then. She asks how did you know I m here. He says I know everything about you. He leaves. She faints and falls down. Yuvani laughs seeing Saiyyam too drunk. He asks why are you laughing, your state is worse, I was orphan, your mum is villain, your dad came now, Yuvaan is a big donkey, he feels he can say anything to me now, I will teach him after going home.

Saiyyam comes home drunk and says I will show Yuvaan what is fight. He goes to Yuvaan’s room and sees Krishna. He says why did she wear this dress, she feels she is cool. He makes her life on the bed and falls on her. Suhani and Yuvraaj come there and misunderstand Saiyyam. Yuvraaj gets Saiyyam away. Suhani sees Saiyyam drunk and Krishna unconscious. She slaps Saiyyam and he falls down. Baby and Yuvaan come with Bhavna and look on.

Baby asks Saiyyam to get up. Yuvani comes. Baby takes Saiyyam. Bhavna checks Krishna and covers her. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan where were you, how did this happen, why did you leave Krishna alone. Yuvaan says I was in my room, I did not know this is happening, I came here hearing you all. Suhani goes. Yuvani sees the wine glasses and gets thinking.

Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and asks her not to worry, nothing happened, we reached on right time. Suhani says Krishna is innocent, she would be scared. Yuvani says she is not innocent, she was having wine with Saiyyam and enjoying. Yuvraaj asks Yuvani on what basis is she blaming Krishna. Yuvani says just back off. Dadi says shut up Yuvani, answer your Papa, and Yuvraaj what do you want to know from Yuvani. Yuvraja says when we came home, we saw Krishna unconscious and… Yuvaan says Saiyyam was taking advantage of her. Yuvani says no, Krishna was drunk. Rags checks glass and says Yuvani is right. Yuvraaj says I don’t understand you Yuvani, I m getting wine smell from you.

Yuvani says so you will scold me and not Krishna. Suhani says you saw Krishna’s state. Rags says you created big issue when Yuvani did this. Suhani argues. Yuvani says I want to know about you, you scolded me, will you scold Krishna or not. Suhani says I will scold her if she has drunk, you are also drunk, if anyone takes your advantage then… if you come home and tell something wrong happened with you, will I hear you or scold you, Krishna is your friend, she needs you. Rags says amazing, you just support Krishna. Suhani asks her not to talk in between their talk. Rags scolds Suhani. She asks her to explain Saiyyam who did this bad thing. Yuvani is right and Saiyyam is wrong. Yuvraaj says I will talk to them, everyone do what they want, the rules will change now, Dadi, what Rags did was wrong to provoke Yuvani, you explain Rags. Dadi says you all got after Yuvani, talk to Krishna and Saiyyam. Yuvraaj says once Krishna gets conscious, I will call police to take her statement, I will file FIR against Saiyyam, I will make sure he gets punished. Dadi says yes, what can we expect from a rapist’s son. Suhani asks Bhavna to go and see Krishna.

Yuvaan wakes up Krishna. She gets up and asks what happened. He asks what do you remember. She says nothing. Dadi says once Saiyyam goes jail, then see I will try he is always in jail. Rags says relax, think well, we got a good chance to get rid of Krishna and Saiyyam, if we prove Saiyyam is mad after Krishna, you can do anything, just say yes, I will manage.

Krishna asks Saiyyam…… I don’t know when did he come, what did he do. Yuvaan says don’t know. She says I just remember you came to meet me. He says you had drinks and I went out, Maa came and saw Saiyyam here. Krishna cries. He says promise me, you won’t tell anyone that I came here, swear on our friendship. Bhavna asks what are you doing here. Yuvaan says I came to meet her, as she was crying. Bhavna hugs Krishna. Yuvaan says Krishna does not remember anything. Bhavna consoles Krishna.

She asks Krishna to tell them what she remembers, go and freshen up, then we will sit and talk. Suhani recalls Sambhav and cries. Yuvraaj comes and says I know you are feeling bad, but Saiyyam should be punished, we have to give him to police, if anyone else did this, you would have punished him, why not Saiyyam then. Pratima says there is big reason behind it. Baby makes Saiyyam sit in shower and asks him to say, what happened, what did you do with Krishna, get up, are you fine.

Yuvraaj asks whats the reason. Pratima says we have to change Saiyyam for good, I know he did mistake and should be punished that he learns a lesson. Suhani says yes, he will be punished by me. He says stop it, Krishna needs us. She says sorry, I forgot my duties towards Krishna, I will make Saiyyam say truth and then I will punish him. She goes. Saiyyam says Baby, I did not do anything, I was finding Yuvaan. Suhani comes and slaps him.

Rags asks Saiyyam about Krishna’s pics with him. Dadi asks Saiyyam and Krishna to get married. Pratima asks Yuvaan to marry Krishna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG where are they taking this serial? Making saiyyam and Krishna marry and pratima asking yuvaan to marry Krishna. Why? When nothing happened. Why not get Krishna checked by doctor first. All dadi and rags want is for saiyyam and Krishna to leave me their house by any means. When will the writers show what they do? Why does every serial show evil/plotting people always winning?

  2. Oh Crap!

  3. krishna ?Sayyam

    Why the hell should yuvaan marry her . Sayyam should marry her

    1. This is the time to say, SHUT UP PRATIMA!
      Dadi is doing Krishna a favour, Yuvaan got Krishna drank, and dump her on the floor. As always saiyyam get the blame, for it, because his father is a rapist, which he doesn’t know.

      The big mistake pratima did is suhani for yuvraj. Yuvraj wanted soumay, suhani forced herself on yuvraj.

      This well be different, Krishna needs to open her eyes that Yuvaan is bad. She need to understand, that he like Baby.

      Saiyyam need someone like Krishna!
      If Venus is the goddess of Love, and Mars is the god of war.
      Then love needs to calm down war.

      War needs to make Love understand that, not to let people to take advantage of love.

      Dadi is doing the only right, by putting these two characters together.
      Krishna remembers that it was yuvaan that gave her the drink. This marriage well make her realised, who is good and who is BAD.
      For Saiyyam, he need someone to tell him to calm down, this should have been his mother job, but she is too busy listening to yuvraj. So Krishna well be perfect for this role.
      It would be funny, to see, how two people, that didn’t want to be together. Now they have to work together, in order to survive. First they well hate each other, but slowly love well come. Krishna has 7 years advantage of saiyyam, sometimes men needs woman that is wised then they are. Saiyyam is good at heart, he need Krishna to bring it out. I don’t see this as 15 years leap, but 21 years leap. For me saiyyam is 20, while Krishna is 27.
      I once good people can change bad people, then someone said, you can’t force someone to change.
      But I still believe this, Krishna can change saiyyam. Because there is good in him. If saiyyam wanted to he could have rape her, but he was trying to help her.
      My mother said that, sometimes bad people have good children, and good people have bad children.
      This is what happened to suhani children. She thinks that saiyyam is bad, but actually it is yuvaan is bad.
      Yuvaan is like his father yuvraj, I haven’t forgotten what he did to soumya and Krishna marriage. I believe if soumya didn’t have Krishna her daughter, then he would have forgotten suhani.
      I hope Dadi does get her way, saiyyam and Krishna get married. Then leave the birla house.
      Saiyyam and Krishna, make something of their life, have children. Then when suhani calls them. They well come.
      Krishna well thank Dadi and Rags, for giving her the best husband, that she could wish for, and hugs them both.
      While saiyyam thanks his mother for abandoning him. Because of her he is not damage as yuvaan and yuvani.

      1. yuvraj was absolutely RIGHT. we shouldn’t look at it as 15 yrs leap, but 21. It was the producer and the writers that made saiyyam as a grown adult.
        You have thought this though. Saiyyam need Krishna and Krishna needs saiyyam.
        Love and War, a perfect balance.
        To bring peace and harmony.
        You are absolutely RIGHT about yuvaan. Yuvaan is pure evil, I didn’t like, the way he use to touch her. Dadi always blame Krishna, when it actually it was Yuvaan.

        This is the time to say SHUT UP Pratima!
        Dadi is right to bring them together, even if she wants them to get rid of saiyyam and Krishna.

        It also would be funny to watch them. First fight, and then come LOVE.

        people are complaining about how evil, that this show have become.
        Well let see now, how Love clam down War.

        Yuvraj is the devil, I remember, on how he humiliated Krishna, soumya husband. Because he let her to have a job. All because yuvraj was in love with soumya.

        This well be different, because yuvraj was blackmailed into marrying Suhani.

        This one Dadi wants them OUT, and there is not going to be one way love. It well be two way hate first.
        When finally love happens, it well be BOTH way. Krishna is lucky in a way, because she won’t have the problem that her mother had. One yuvraj birla, two mother in law, three sister in law.
        I hope that saiyyam, once he marry Krishna. He well tell her that I am leaving. If you want to come, then come. In front of the birla family. I hope that she well choose to go with him.
        Why should anyone stay somewhere they are not welcomed. It best to keep yourself respect.

      2. So sorry, mistyped. It is you are right. Sorry poppy.

      3. But how can Krishna be 27? Cuz she is of the same age of Yuvaan and Yuvani, and you remember Yuvani participated in the college fashion show. If someone is college goer the age will be within 23.
        They seriously need to tell the age of the characters.
        I agree with you. I just hope that Saiyyam isn’t a kid in the show

      4. This would be sweet to watch.
        21yrs leap is right age for saiyyam.
        I am 8 years older, then my husband. When I first meant him, I pulled his ear, why, because he was looking into the girl’s shower room.
        But it was a misunderstanding, so he said.
        When I found out that I was going to marry him, I was very unhappy about it.
        Trust me, this is going to be fun.
        We did have a power problems, well I used to say to him. I am older then you, smarter than you, a lot wiser than you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
        He did give me hell, like every festive. I have to touch his feet.
        You see guys marriage is a partnership, it is equal. Sometimes I well be right, sometimes he well be right. It should NOT be, like how yuvraj treated suhani and soumya.
        As a man, you should treat your women’s in your life, with respect. They are the one, who care for you. It should NOT be you are number 1, like how yuvraj love Dadi more.

        I hope Krishna give him a pet name.
        I call my husband jhalla wallah.
        He absolutely hate it.

    2. i am agree wid u

  4. oh my god. this is such a funny serial. cant stop laughing. i feel soo sorry for the producers the writers. all the children are drinking here. what are they showing. anyone is falling with anyone. This is the only serial i have seen which dosent have even 1 percent of moral values traditions. what will they teach their children. sick nonsense crap bullshit. dont know watelse to say.

    1. yeaa Starplus with their nayi soch

  5. This isn’t totally insane. Wth is happening here? Saiyyam is still a kid and he marrying Krishna? That will be a child marriage. Just because of that scene it went to marriage?
    I feel so sorry for Saiyyam. He didn’t do anything wrong and he gets the blame. It’s like even if a mango falls down from the mango tree it’s Saiyyam who has done that. ? haven’t seen such a stupid serial.

    1. Haha rite,,,N all these Birlas are standing in queue to beat Sayyam for anythng and evrythng

  6. Are they serious just because they were found close being DRUNK, the matter should go to marriage. Yuvani is is staying out late, drinking, lying, dancing with boys why don’t they of her marriage.
    Krishna should be afraid of yuvan more than saiyam , at least good or bad he is infront of everyone but yuvan play his game secretly .
    This family specially dadi deseve a bahu like baby who is gonna make them cry tears of blood.
    Precap: hope suhani will take a sensible decision, for the moment marriage is not the solution no matter with who.

    1. i don’t think dat dadi can learn any lesson
      so many characters came n troubled dadi,suhani always recused her.but still she hates’s a crap show. nothing can happen here
      and moreover, krishna is older thn saiyaam 6years almost. they r getting married bcz of some pictures????

      1. the real age of kids is an enigma, i think they skip the part with age i don’t care they have the right to do whatever they wants with their characters but forced marriage is bad and too because of some small incidents

  7. Now I think Yuvani is better than Yuvan,,,,this stupid Krishna won’t open up anythng and Sayyam will be punished for the mistake he never did >.< ,,,,,Poor sayyam 🙁

  8. They was not ready to hear wat actly happened and assumed everything their own as usual,,,,they shud hv asked Krishna and Sayyam wat actly happened,,,Krishna shud tell the truth,from that store room incident where Yuvi misunderstood Sayyam ,,,,,

    Suhani is trying to correct Sayyam,bt she never tried to understand him,then hw cud she crct him

    N is this their age to marry,,,,SSEL ppl are soo interested in mrg dramas that they got Suhani and Yuvraj married more than once and got Gauri married as soon as she entered Birla house

  9. joke…
    both samvab and soumiyas children r good in somehow but suhani yuvs children r spoilt brats plz stop it.have some shame. dadi,rags,who d hell r they. how can they control everything, specially rags.wht does she have!
    everytym evil r winning on ds crap???i m giving a slap to ds show

  10. Siniha

    Have the writters gone mad????? Ediots.. How can a girl get married to a boy who is like her brother.. Saiyyam is almoat 6 to 7 years younger to Krishna.. Don’t do this…

    1. So would YOU marry a man that is 6yr older, then you. He also be a big brother to you

  11. It Suhani’s damn fault for everything that happens to her..her kids are against her,,the husband she so desperate for will always put his dadi over her..she always put Yuvraaj before anyone else and pins for him like a lovesick dog. She should have just married Rohan at that time who would have made a better husband than Yuvraaj will ever be. Is it me or did you always feel their marriage is lacking intimacy and lacks s*xual attraction? Always seemed more platonic.

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