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The story starts… A skl is shown screen for shifted to main gate . a boy n a girl r coming it’s Arjun n maya. Arjun Is apologizing her again n again but she is not listening to him like this they reached their class as Maya got irked by his activity she forgave him. Arya ( Arjun n Maya) r bestie Arjun had many frnds but Maya is not that frank as Arjun. They r in their high skl days passed final exams got overed. They both then join to different clg as both had their own dreams n passion . Arjun wants to become a photographer Maya wants to enter in fashion industry . after their high skl they were not in contact with each other.

Years passed
A big company is shown written fashion n city. Screen got shifted to a cabin the person is talking to someone n is scolding him for failing again she ended the call n turned her chair her face is reveal she is Maya. Maya to herself again I failed to found Arjun… Yarrrrr…. Where r u it had been years that we didn’t met.

Screen got shifted to a boy he is shown running n seeing his watch frequently he came to reception n asked the receptionist about his job interview (till now face is not reveal) She replied that u r late but then somehow manages to go .

Screen shifts
He knock the door this time his face is reveal he is Arjun . a voice,come in . the person was seated facing back Arjun came n ask that he is here for a job. The person was none other than Maya she turned her chair n was shock to see him she don’t know what to do n she gave him bone crushing hug. He was shock as when she saw him he was seeing his documents. After sometime Maya realizes that Arjun was standing in shock so she broke the hug n ask him if he recognize her . he was still in the shock. She shook him he came back to sense she repeated her question, Arjun u didn’t recognize me. He was confuse bt then his eyes fall on the table where he saw her name. He thought that she is the same her frnd/bestie both looked at each other n a smiled form n hug each other. Maya broke the hug n ask him reason for vising. He replied that he came here for job she said photographer???? He nodded positively she said , so u at last for ur dream come true. He replied yes n u too . she asked him to sit they started to chit chat.
Time passed Arjun saw his watch . it was evening now . he asked Maya about job . she said, still u r asking about job I’m so lucky that I’ve got photographer as my bestie but still u r asking the silly question…. Silly boy. He smiled n left from there

Days passed now their bond had become strong than before. Their was not a single day when they don’t talk or met with each other their was a change in their behavior which got noticed by Maya’s mother.

One day she asked Maya about Arjun she said that Arjun is her best frnd . while leaving Maya’s room her mom said she was asking her this question as she thought that she loves Arjun saying this she left from her room

Screen shifted to Arjun he too was asked the same question n at last asked if he loves her. Both were in confusion.

Days passed they had realize their love for each other bt were scared to say as they fear of losing their friendship.

One day their was a party as Maya had got a big contract. Party was going on Maya was talking with Arjun when Vicky ( imaginary name) came n started to talk with her Arjun uncomfortable seeing both of them together so he left. From a distance not So far he was watching them he was fuming in anger Maya saw that . she started doing some actions which made him more angry. He came near her excuses n dragged maya with her. She was asking him that where is he taking her . he stopped their n blurted out his anger. He said, I was there but still u was giving more importance to him I thought may be ur client so I left bt it was high time u was talking with him n standing close to him I can’t see it . she asked him y is it so ?? He in anger replied coz I love you Maya was shock as well as happy. After Arjun realized what he said in anger he was scared that how she ll react. He started to stammer…. Vo……main….. Before he could say further she hugged him n said that I do it intensely so that I can know what u feel for me n see u said it. She hug him more tight n said love u 2 . he was shocked n happy. He hug her back .
Story ends on hugging scene of arya ( Arjun n Maya) .


thanks for reading plzzzz comment. Hope that u guys ll like it .

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  1. VashuAgrl

    oh… it was so sweet …. that line . “y is it so? ” is damn cute <3

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanks for commenting

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanq for commenting

  2. Vinya

    That was a really sweet os…pls keep coming up with such amazing ideas more often…keep writing and keep smiling ☺…

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thank u vinya dear

  3. Aamu

    Short n sweet os….
    Loved it..??????

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanks for commenting dear

  4. B_Ani

    awsm…great work dr??

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanks ani di..

  5. Jiya_Ani

    so cute..and sweet…
    hi!…friends?..I am Luvi (called by this name on TU)..


  6. Angelk1

    Great story

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