Kaun hai jo sapno mein jo aaya (episode 15)

The episode starts with dadi and pratima informing yuvi that amit had backed out of wedding with bhavna as he is in love with another girl. So sharad had agreed to marry bhavna and tomorrow is their sangeet.

Yuvi: all this happened in my absence.

Pratima: yes, its good that amit backed out before the wedding day otherwise it would have been an embracement for bhavna’s family.

Dadi: and we had reprinted all the wedding cards before giving them out to guests.

Yuvi: ah I see….

The next day at suhani’s house suhani and somya are busy helping in bhavna’s wedding arrangements.

Suhani ( standing on a tool): somu, pass me the marigold garland pls

Somya: here u go…( she hands it to suhani)

Somya: suhani, by the way u said that ur boss is going to help u with arrangements.

Suhani: yes, but he is my boss after all and I don’t think he will come to help his employee and that too, who teases and argues with him always.

Somya: ya , true…but is there any slight possibility for him to come?

Suhani: somu, why r u asking the same question over and over again? He is a sadu so I don’t think he will come today, and if he does then it would be a miracle…

Meanwhile at birla house, yuvi is about to go to suhani’s house when dadi and pratima stop him.

Dadi: yuvraj, where r u going?
Yuvi: actually , dadi…it one of my employee’s sister’s sangeet so she asked me to help her as I kept her away for 3 days in a business trip.

Dadi: yuvraj, look today is ur cousin sharad’s sangeet and I think the bride’s family needs some help in arrangements so I think u and ur friend Krishna should go and help them.

Yuvi: dadi, but I promised her and what would she think if I didn’t go to help her after promising her

Dadi: u can go later but first go to this address( she gives the address of suhani’s house)

Yuvi: OK dadi…

Yuvi(thinking): oh thank god I really have an excuse so that I don’t have to go to suhani’s house and see her horrible face, it’s better that I go to sharad’s in-laws house.

Both yuvi and Krishna arrive at suhani’s house.

Yuvi: is this bhavna ‘s house?

Lara : yes and I am her mother, but I don’t think I know u both

Yuvi: actually auntyji , I am yuvraj birla sharad birla’s cousin and this is my friend Krishna…
[ guys in my ff sharad is yuvraj’s uncle’s son . Sharad’s mom and dad died in a car accident when he was 2 years and thus pratima and dadi are his guardians].

Krishna: auntyji, we heard that if a bachelor helps in arrangement of a wedding in a bride’s family , then he shall get the wife of his choice.

Lata: u said it right but beta we don’t make our guests work

Yuvi: how r we guests?….after all we r soon going to be relatives soon so we can help right?

Lata: if u insist a lot then ok…

Yuvi: what should we do .

Lata: mmnn…u both go and hang flower garlands on that wall.

Krishna and yuvi: ok ( they go near the wall which is opposite to somya and suhani and start to hang flower garlands.)

Yuvi: Krishna give me the next garland to hang …( Krishna hand it to him but it falls under the table)

Yuvi: abbey yaar, ek kaam bhi tujhse theek we nahi hota.( come on, u can’t even to a simple work …) .( yuvi get down to get the
Garland under the table.

On the other side somya also drops a flower from the garland which finds its way under the table .

Suhani: somu, u stay here and continue ur work and let me get that…( she also bends down under the table)

Yuvi and suhani bump each other’s head under a table and get surprised seeing each other .
Yuvi: aaao….u here ?

Suhani: sir u here?…

Yuvi: first tell me what r u doing here?

Suhani: come on ….u r in my house and asking me what am I doing here…

Yuvi: u mean u r bhavna’s sister

Suhani: yes

Yuvi: oh god ….where am I stuck.( he makes a face)

Suhani: sir what wrong…I thought it would be a miracle to see u here helping me in arrangements

Yuvi: not miracle but luck…I am sharad’s cousin

Suhani( being shocked): whatt?!!! U r sharad jiju’s cousin .

Yuvi: yes.

Suhani( thinking): wow suhani, first he made ur professional life a mess and now he’s also going to make ur personal life hell too….this is my misfortune ( she hits her head)

Yuvi: suhani, what’s wrong?… Don’t tell me that u r feigning to be pregnant again.

Suhani: sir, stop it…( somya calls suhani)

Suhani : look sir if u want to help then u can but mind ur own business and stop teasing me.

Yuvi: what ever…( suhani goes out below the table to find Krishna and Somya staring at each other)

Suhani: hhmmmm……hmmmm( somya and Krishna come to their senses)

Somya: suhani , where were u …? U took so long.

Suhani: ya and u took the chance meanwhile right?

Somya : bass bhi kar( stop it now). Tell me why u took soo long to get that flower.

Suhani: miracle happened… Yuvraj sir is bhavna di’s brother in law .

Somya: really…now ur boss is going to control both ur professional and personal life.

Suhani: I know…( she gets busy in hanging flowers again and yuvi and Krishna too get busy)

Krishna eyes somya and throws a flower on her which hit suhani’s back. Suhani turns around to find yuvi looking at her and mistakens him to be the one throwing the flower on her. She ignores it at first and again Krishna tries to get somya’s attention and throws a flower which again hits suhani’s back.

Suhani: yuvraj sir, u should be ashamed of urself to eye me wrongly and throwing flowers at me.( Krishna gets tensed)

Yuvi: oh hello, u r not my type of girl that I will have my eyes on u. U r a jungli billi. Meeeeow.( he walks away, suhani too makes faces and walks away)

Somya: u were the one throwing flowers at suhani.

Krishna: yes, but my aim was u…I mean I wanted to talk to u

Somya: me too…what’s ur name?

Krishna: krishna…and Ur’s is somu…?

Somya: that’s my nick name that suhani calls me. My name is somya.

Krishna: nice name…

Somya: thanks, I need to go I think aunty ji is calling me …( Krishna smiles as she walks away)

Later at in birla house dadi and pratima are on their way to leave for suhani’s house when they ask rags and menka where were they up to.

Dadi: rags and menka where r u both going?

Rags: to the parlour of course…

Menka: and we will be back after 1 hour…bye

Pratima: OK but reach on time we will be waiting for u .

Rags : menka we don’t have much time so we would go to the Parlour near our house.

They both reach the same parlour where gauri works.

Rags : I would like this hairstyle pls.

Menka : I would like this one( pointing at the hairstyle on a magazine).

Gauri hears them and turns to see rags and menka. She gets shocked and turns around.

Gauri: rags and menka Bhabi here ….if they see me it will be a big problem. No I can’t let that happen.( she covers her face with a mask)

Manager: gauri….

Gauri: yes ma’am,

Manager: go and do these hairstyles for those 2 ladies

Gauri: yes ma’am…( she goes towards rags and menka)

Meanwhile at suhani’s house lata sends suhani to pluck guavas from their garden for a rasam. Suhani gets on a a guava tree and plucks few guavas. Just then yuvi comes and sits under the same tree.suhani sees yuvi talking to himself .

Yuvi: god, I thanked u thinking that jungli billi won’t come in my way today but u changed my luck and made me meet her again . why…???. If u r really there than give me a sign of ur presence and help me to get out of this problem. ( just then suhani mistakenly drops few guavas which lands on yuvi’s head and he faints. Suhani gets worried and gets off the tree)

Suhani: sir, sir,…..r u alright ( she calls somya and asks her to help her take yuvi )

Somya: how did this happen?

Suhani: some of the guavas fell on his head and he fainted.

Somya: where should we take him.

Suhani: in my room because there are guests coming over so the guest room will be occupied.( they take yuvi to suhani’s room when on the way lata stops them)

Lata: what happed to him?

Suhani: maa, some guavas fell on his head when he was sitting under the tree so he fainted.

Lata: suhani , u should have been more careful …anyways take him to ur room.(suhani and somya head to suhani’s room.

Lata gets a call from her best friend.

Lata: namaste santoshi, how r u?

Santoshi: sasriya kaal,main theek hu ji, pehle menu ye gall bata ki bhavna ki sangeet kya aaj sham ka hai?( hello, I’m fine, first u tell me is bhavna’s sangeet this evening?)

Lata: yes, by the way when r u and praji( husband of santoshi) returning from goa?

Santoshi: today night …so I think I am going to miss some parts of the sangeet

Lata: its OK , just come safely….bye

Santoshi : bye

Precap: suhani lands on yuvi on the bed and they have an eyelock. ….later in a scene suhani and yuvi are hiding from someone…..they enter a dark store room to hide from……

Guys I made today’s epi a bit long as I won’t be able to update during my exams . I hope u all enjoyed it and let me know about today’s episode and the precap through ur comments.

  1. bhut accha h yuvAni nok jhok was awesome but ab wait kaise karungi

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sarita, wait toh karna parega naa…que ki sabr ka phal mitha hota hai.

  2. Avanikamdar

    I think that lady is the person who met YuvAni in goa and thought that suhani is pregnent anyway episode was funny and amazing…

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks rashi, and ur’ll get to know about the person in the next epi but ur guess is correct.

  3. Yaar it was damn good YuvAni nook jhook was awesome love it

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks khyati dear

  4. haan sabra ka fal sach m meetha hota h.maine is ff ko aane start read nhi kiya.aap iske saare epi ki link send kar sakti ho plesssssssss

    1. Sanaa.khan

      OK sarita, meri front page mein tum saari episodes pad sacti ho.just wait for sometime

  5. Awesome episode…may b they r hiding from punjabi aunty?….funny scenes ahead…update asap

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks bhargavi , and u r right , they are hiding from the Punjabi aunty

  6. lovely episode .i like yuvani fighting and i precap that yuvani is hidding from punjabi couple i think that old punjabi lady is santoshi. waiting for nxt epi…

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks sri dear, about ur guess, it might be correct but there’s going to be a twist in tale

  7. Yuvani

    I love the way destiny brings yuvani together, loved yuvani through out……..is the aunty they met Lata’s friend.?
    Episode was fantastic.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks dear, exactly…..I want to symbolize how dreams can be fulfilled by the twists and turns in life and if there is trust in urself impossible can be possible that’s why I chose the title ” Kaun hai Jo sapno mein Jo aaya”

  8. I think they are hiding from the punjabi couple..Today’s epi was awesome.Thanks a lot for updating sis.ALL THE VERY BEST FOR UR EXAMS

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks and good guess. U’ll know it in the next epi ….

  9. They r hiding from Punjabi aunty… Pls do update asap … It was awesome n loved YuvAni nok jhok… Funny part was when suhani said yuvraj sir, u should b ashamed of urself to eye me wrongly???… Pls do update…

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks soni, I can’t promise when I’ll update the next epi…but surely after all of my exams finish

  10. Yuvani_saraj

    wow..awesome episode…yuVani nok jhok are so cute and funny
    plz update soon

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks, sorry can’t update anytime soon

  11. dear, whole epi was hilarious. u made me laugh throughout by their nok jhoks. precap s jus interesting.. yuvani are hiding from tat old lady right? am curious to knw nxt.. pl update after ur xams.. all the best..

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks abi, I’m glad I made u laugh and I’ll try my best to update the next epi by the end of may or the beginning of June

  12. whole epi is superb nd our yuvani is so cuteee.. always they r fighting wid eachother.. but i love their nok jhok..
    update when u r free…
    all the best for ur exams

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks anshi dear and thanks again for ur good wishes.

  13. Oh my god.first of all I am very very very very very very sorry for not commentingvon ur ff dear.how sweeeeeet u are.this ff is toooooooooo good dear.entire ff is lovable.there is nothing to point out.such cute yuvani noknjohks are possible in ur ff only.I don’t have words to explain that how much madly I luv ur f2f.I miss u sooooooo much dear.pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls come back soon after finishing ur exams.by d way when ur exams Wil be completed.bye and sorry again my sweetest sis.

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