Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 17

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Pragya was looking at the photos taken few years back.

Abhi coming inside the room: You came back? Where are they?
Pragya: Kiddos?
Abhi: Ya ya!
He said by chuckling and sitting beside her.
Pragya looked serious.

Abhi: Why so serious?
He asked by looking at what she was holding.
Pragya: You don’t know what photos are these?
Abhi: I know…
Pragya: I am thinking of something Boss…
Abhi: What’s that?

Pragya: Look at this picture, Mithra looks compatible with him na…
Abhi seeing that photo said: But he is a NRI..I know him….He is Jai…
Pragya: So what? It doesn’t matter who he is as a person but what is important is how he is as a person!
Abhi: I know…but…
Pragya: Are u thinking about Mithra?

Abhi: Yes…are u thinking of finding a match for her just because she hugged me today?
Pragya: No Boss…We have already discussed about this that she needs a support. After seeing the way she hugged you, I felt how vulnerable she was. And I felt how bad I am for not thinking of her until now.
Abhi: That means I should also be feeling bad about that right?
Pragya: Yes Boss! You have to as she lost her dignity for our love!
Abhi: I know Pragya…but how?

Pragya: Boss…Purab is telling the truth to her sister, let it happen but we need to do our part of making Mithra’s life to be lively!
Abhi worriedly: How Pragya? Even when she hugged me today, do u know what she said? She said as a friend u helped me a lot but as a friend your help hurts me now…

Pragya: That means she thinks that you offering the job to her sister was a help?
Abhi: Yes she is thinking that way…

Pragya was thinking in silence.

Abhi: What are you thinking?
Pragya: Then we should make her believe that we didn’t help her!
Abhi: How?
Pragya: Why you always ask how? You also think na…
Abhi gave a pout and looked away in annoyance.

Pragya looking at that smiled widely.
Pragya: Abhi babu…are u too tired to think?

Abhi nodded his head as yes in response.
Pragya: It’s okay…Divine guru is always here to help you….
She said calmly by patting his shoulder.
Abhi startled hearing the name Divine guru.
Abhi: No way! I don’t want to wake up at 4 am for your divine practices!
He said and ran away out of the room.

Pragya looking at him running thought, Oh Boss you are still like before!

She remembered her divine practises to Abhi where he pleaded to leave him alone.

Abhi was walking in circles in his room when he heard Pragya giggling.

Abhi was alarmed seeing her and closed his eyes. Abhi “ Why are u here? U said we should avoid each other! Then why the hell are u here now?” Pragya “I was here to see whether you are out of that thoughts!” Abhi opened his eyes and stammered something. Pragya making use of it said “ I am so sad for you Mr Abhi…I have got over from that thoughts but you…I think you need professional help now…” Abhi “ Professional help?” Pragya “ Yes…not psychiatrist but a divine guru who can clear your thoughts….” Abhi “ Divine guru?” Pragya “ Haan come with me…” She said by bringing him to a room there. Pragya “ Stay here! The divine guru will be here in 10 minutes…” Abhi still looking confused just nodded his head. He looked around the room which was white everywhere.

Abhi, This place looks so white…Oh white for purity and divine feeling….even the fan is white…He was looking on top and saw how the fan spinned like his head was spinning with those thoughts.

Pragya walked in by dressed in a white kurta and pants.

“Abhi babu…” She said in a soft tone looking as pleasant and peaceful.

Abhi, Abhi babu? Only my Mummy calls me like that….Abhi looked towards Pragya in disbelief and asked “ Where is the divine guru?” Pragya “ She is in front of you…” She said calmly. Abhi shrieked “ What the hell? U are divine guru? I would rather jump from the window now!” He said by running towards the window when she said “ I know your secrets Abhi babu…” Abhi stopped and cried like a baby saying “ You are only making it worse….Mummy…I want to come to you….take me away…” He said looking up the sky through the window.

Pragya “ Listen Mr Abhi! You have to get rid of those thoughts as we need to see each other frequently!” Abhi looked helpless and asked “ So what do I have to do?” Pragya “ First sit down on the mattress here…” She said by pointing to the white mattress on the floor. Abhi sat down by wiping his tears and Pragya was trying not to laugh.

Abhi “ Now what?” Pragya sitting in front of him said “ Look Abhi babu…” Abhi “ Please don’t call me Abhi babu…I get reminded of my Mummy….” Pragya nodded her head as yes. Abhi “How did u know Abhi babu?” Pragya with a gentle tone “ Divine guru knows everything….” Abhi “ Like seriously? Are you like making fun of me?” Pragya “ No my child…This is the truth of divinity!” Pragya now closed her eyes and was straining her face.

Abhi looking at that “ Why your face is like that?” Pragya “ Bad energy is entering me! I need to fight it off!” Abhi “ Bad energy?”

Pragya “ Yes! Stand up immediately if not you would be attacked!” Abhi giving a confused face stood up and looked at her.

Abhi, The more I see her I am getting disturbed with that thoughts only but she is saying there is some bad energy here now!

Pragya “ Got you!” Abhi “ Got me?” Pragya “ You are the one sending bad energy towards me! Your thoughts!” Abhi murmured “ She really reads my mind?” Pragya “ Yes I do!”

All the while she was with her eyes closed which made Abhi even more confused.

Pragya loudly “ Get out from here! Come at 4 am tomorrow!” Abhi shrieked “4 am!!! Are u mad? I won’t come!” Pragya “ Then u will keep on think about those thoughts!!!” Abhi “ Huh? No way, I will find a way to forget about those thoughts! And I am not coming!” He said angrily and walked away.

Pragya smiled opening her eyes “ You can’t escape from me as I am in love with you…It’s you who can’t understand it now….”

The next day at 4 am,

Pragya saw him already standing near the room. Pragya smirked seeing him. Abhi “ Hello Ms Pragya! I am here in need of help!” Pragya “ You still have that thoughts?” Abhi “ Of course! When u are walking towards me I felt like running towards u and hug you!” Pragya smiling inwardly “ Acha…This is a very big mind problem called thoughtslareactia!” Abhi hearing that looked alarmed. Pragya waved her hands in front of him to make him back to his senses. Abhi “ Like seriously?” Pragya in a husky voice “ Like very seriously…” Abhi looked stressed and was walking to and fro.

Pragya “ What are you thinking?” Abhi “ I am thinking that u are telling a lie!” Pragya for a second was feeling scared but she knew he wouldn’t be able to caught her that easily especially in his confused state.

Abhi “ Yes you are making fun of me with some funny names!” Pragya “ No Mr Abhi! Look at my innocent face, do u feel like I would do that?” She asked pitifully.

Abhi looking at her could never say she was bluffing but still it was difficult to believe her.

Pragya “ Alright! If u never believe then it’s fine, why not u do one of my divine practises and know for yourself that how big is your problem!”

Abhi looked at his watch and asked “ How long will it take?” Pragya “ Just 10 minutes!” Abhi “ Only 10 minutes?” He asked doubtfully. Pragya “ It’s not about quantity but it’s about quality!” Abhi “ Huh? This is Uncle’s dialogue na…” Pragya “ It applies everywhere though…” Abhi “ Ok fine! I will do it but if it shows some funny things then I am not sure what I will do with u!” He said with a serious look making Pragya scared.

Pragya maintained her calm and innocent look by nodding her head to cover up her nervousness.

She asked him to follow her and he followed her. Abhi “ What? It’s so cold here!” He said by rubbing his hands. Pragya “ Yes I also feel the same but you should not rub your hands like this!” Abhi “ Huh? Excuse me at this time and that too at the backyard u are going to teach me how to rub my hands ah?” Pragya never spoke anything and held his hands. Abhi jerked at her touch. Pragya then was busily rubbing her palm with his as if teaching him how to rub. Abhi taking her hands away and in a shivering tone “ I am going…This is insane…You are a liar for sure….I know u are planning something!” He said that and ran away from there.

Pragya smiled seeing him running away and saw her palm where she was still feeling his touch on it.

New staff: What? That means they never proposed to each other?
Purab: Kind of as they didn’t get the chance to do so….
New staff: It’s because of you! Why do u have to call Dasi at the place where the three of them were!
Purab: I was thinking she would be of some help but never expect that she would create confusion!
New staff walked ahead being upset and Purab thought that she is taking the story too serious! How can I convince her now?

To be continued…
Thank u everyone for reading and the support.

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  1. Saranya24

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  4. DI flashback was funny and superb but present not like that because no kiddos scenes na soo bad.

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    Abhi babu when will you realize you’re love?? ???

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