Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 58)

Part 58



Morning time (around 9:00)

Om entered mansion after searching for ishana whole night .

As om entered he heard a shouting sound from the hall àrea.

The person was none other thn pinky .

Pinky- O my mata !!!!!! Metha company band ho gyi ……or ishana na khud band ki …….Lo ji hum log soch soch kar thak gya ki kha gyi ishana.

Rudra chachi plz.

Pinky- kya plz?? Mena bola th a ki vo ( revenge ) lena ayi hai but ap log na suna nahi ……Ap sab ko bara pyar aa raha tha us per ……lo ab karo pyar .. chale gyi humare om ko chor kar.

Om- choti ma ( he shouted)?.

All the members look towards the entrance where om was standing.

Om- ya kya bol rahe hai ap??

Pinky – sach ….sach bol rahe hu ……teti ishana chale gyi ……ya dekh new …she turn on the tv again.

Om- look towards the tv …..and news was coming ( that metha group of company is closed by ishana metha …. and don’t know where is she her mansion is also locked seems liie she left India and her husband for ever……but the question is …y she did dis?????that only Ishana metha can tell ….. keep watching​ today’s news .

Om- dis can’t be true no ( he shouted and collapse on couch ).

Om ishana.

Rudra and shivaay run towards om

And hold him from both side .

Shivaay- om om be strong …..
Om- no no ishana?

At that time someone​ come inside holding an envelope in his hand.

Man- who is mr omkara Singh oberoi .?

Looking at om condition …. Rudra yes what is it ?

Man- their is an letter for mr omkara ….r u mr omkara ?

Rudra- no i am his brother …u can give it to me.

Man- sorry sir i have strictly told to hand dis envelope to me omkara .

Om- who sended dis.?

Man- its from mrs ishana metha .

As soon the word goes to om ears he rush towards the man .

Om- i am omkara……. dis letter us from Ishana?

Man- ya sir.
Here u envelope ….. thank u.

Man left .

Om look at the envelope the fully teared eyes.

To be continue.

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