kriyam – u r my strength Episode 132

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Episode 131

Episode 132
Soon Krishna Enters Her Room Holding sayyam’s Hand and was Surprised n Overwhelmed n Starts Getting Teary Eyes to see the Room Decoreted with all Baby Pictures.. Small toys.. Teddy Bears.. etc.
Krishna:(Looks at sayyam Emotionally ) sayyam.. Ye Sab.. Tumne ??
Sayyam:(Nods and Smiles) Yes.. (Krishna in Happiness Going to Hug Him but He Stops Her) Oh..Hello.. Don’t be so Happy.. This is not for You….
Krishna: (Make a Small Puppy Face) Then.. Just for Your Baby.. ( Sad Face )
Sayyam: (Hugs Her from Back and Place His chin On Her Shoulder and Hands on Her Belly) No.. For OUR Baby.. ( Smiles n Pecks Her Nape Slightly )

Krishna who felt the peck of her husband on her soft skin blushes again after 3 long months like anything n holds sayyam’s palm which was on her baby bump tightly making sayyam understand her situation n takes her to their bed slowly n made her sit on bed slowly n adjusted the pillows behind her back. after making krishna comfortable on bed he too sat near her n held her palm with emotional feelings n expressed his feelings to her to reduce his burden from heart…
Sayyam : ( Teary Eyes ) i’m Sorry Krishna..i know I have given u soo much pain during those 3months…u know when u told about ur pregnancy to me,i wanted to hug u,to live u n wanted to take care of u from that moment only,bt my helplessness stopped me from doing it..i was feeling like the most unluckiest person in the world.Tum mere Saamne thi but I couldn’t show u my feelings ( Teary Eyes ) but now ( Interrupted )

Krishna : ( Smiles ) but Now U r here na..( Wipes His Tears ) So u take care of me ..n haa one more thing since u r here i won’t take care of my self becoz u r only going to take care of me n our baby ( smiles naughtily ) i’m tired of taking care of myself n my baby since past 3 nw i’m going to enjoy n irritate u like other normal pregnant ladies n u have to manage all my mood swings,my wishes , my masti everything… .in short i’m back to my normal n old mode.nw m again old wali krishna…. ok ??
Sayyam : ( Smiles Overwhelmed ) Ok meri jaan..I too wanted to see My Old wali patni since Long time..From Nw No More Office,No More Tension about the work..M back na..So I will Take Care about it..
Krishna : ( Realized ) Ohh shit..
Sayyam : ( Worried ) Kya Hua ?

Krishna : ( Worried ) sayyam..main iss Raj ke Chakkar main toh Bhul hi gayi..Kal We Have an important Meeting regarding Ur Project..n maine woh Presentation Complete hi nahi ki ( Moving Front to Get Up from Bed ) Let Me Complete the Presentation..Very Less time We have..( Interrupted n Stopped )
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Makes Krishna Lye On Bed ) Krishna presentation is already completed n i have checked it also..u don’t worry..jab maine kaha ki no more work for u so it strictly means no more work..ok..
Krishna : ( Shocked ) Bt Kaise ?? Who made the Presentation n Who is Gonna Attend the Meeting Tomorrow ?

As Krishna n sayyam were Talking about the Meeting A Person Entered the Room with a Wide Smile n Made Krishna Surprised…
Person: ( Smiles ) Me..i made the presentation n yuvaan sir only going to attend the meeting tomorrow..ab tumhe sari jawab ka sawal mil Gaya na…

Krishna: Naina…tum… Why r u doing there… Plz come inside..
Naina: I’m pleasure to see u fit n fine… We all missed u sir… All employees are waiting to welcome u sir…
Sayyam: Actually Naina thankx alot for what u did during past 3 months… Thank u soo much… It means alot.. U always being my best employee… The way u took care of Krishna… It won’t done by any other person…
Naina: No need to say thank u sir it’s my pleasure… Wase bi sir..(interrupted)
Krishna: Ohh hello… Mein yaha Hu… Naina…did u came to meet me or yeh tumhari boss…
Sayyam: Look like someone is jealous as her frnd is keep talking with me… (take his phn n while doing something in it)

Naina:(laughed) Krishna… I came for u only… Tumhe Bata hai…(lower her tone) yeh tumhari pati hai na sometimes he is weird… Ek dam kaukda wala boss ban jata hai…
Krishna laughed…
Sayyam: Excuse me what did u said… Ab tumna kya kaha…

Naina: (to Krishna) see I told u… (to sayyam) no sir nothing..actually I came here to give u these files sir… Here is our all the files regarding the current project… U can examine those files… Yuvaan sir informed that he will do the presentation 2mrw… [bla…bla.. Many more business related things]

Krishna: Offo… Is that all…?
Naina: Ha Krishna… Now I have to go… Take care of urself… Bye..c u ltr…
Krishna: Bye..u too take care..
Naina bid a goodbye to both sayyam n Krishna.. She left the BM…
Sayyam : Krishna did u have ur Medicines ?? ( before Krishna could Say He Intreprupted ) Nhi na ( Serious Tone )..Wait..Let Me Bring Ur Medicines..
As sayyam goes to Krishna’s Side Table to take Her Medicines She made a Pout Face n Talked to sayyam making Him Melt.

Krishna : ( Pout Face ) I already told U sayyam Ki now as u r back i won’t take care of Myself…when U r Near Me…U will only take care of Me..that’s why
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) ok..ok I know..Abb Chup Chap take ur Medicines ( Goes to His Side n Gives Medicines to Krishna ) n Sleep…( Strict Voice )
Sayyam who acted as a serious man in front of krishna was actually laughing n adoring his wife’s childishness inside his heart.As sayyam made her eat her medicines krishna stared sayyam’s eyes lovingly n seeing krishna staring him,he too stared in her eyes passionately n was lost in his wife’s eyes after a really long time…both stared each other very passionately n lovingly as they needed their gaze on each other n were dying for it since past 3 months…

while having a long n a passionate eyelock sayyam made krishna lye on bed slowly without breaking his eye contact n stared her lips with a desire full eyes which he had kept in his heart since months…krishna on seeing his eyes on her lips blushes n closes her eyes giving sayyam a positive response to proceed ahead.sayyam seeing krishna’s position response smiles n leans towards her lips n places his rough lips on hers n presses his lips on hers passionately but yet slowly not disturbing n not harming her baby bump..the passionate kiss later turned into a hungry bt yet a soft one as they were dying n really needed one passionate kiss…krishna too reciprocated to the kiss n started enjoying the soft kiss of her husband for which she was desperately waiting since 3 long months…both krishna n sayyam enjoyed the kiss n were lost in each other’s kiss completely…

Finally after a long n a passionate kiss both krishna n sayyam parted their way.. sayyam lyed on his side with a relieved n a relaxed smile on his face after a long n a painful days n nights…krishna seeing his relaxed smile she too smiled n layed on his chest slowly n tightens her arms around him n sayyam too responded to her hug n embraced his princess in his arms n kissed her forehead lovingly n soon both dozes off peacefully in each other’s warmth embrace comfortably with a peaceful smile on their faces after a long n painful months…

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  1. Aha I kept blushing all the way the episode was on fire shani hot as hell ??and kriyam is back with a blast loved it all the it was a perfect mix of love, emotions, care, spiced with kriyam Romance and our cuteness overloaded keishna????Way to go girl?

    1. Shaani

      Aww…. Thankyou so much…glad to know that u liked it…yeah here after their will be more n more kriyam scenes cute wala scenes… After baby’s birth try to give more kriyam scenes.. Let’s see what will happen…

  2. Misbah

    NYC episode shaani Di… I lyk today episode.. Plz post next episode soon..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ? Misbah…glad to know u liked it… I’ll try my best to upload soon…

  3. Ema

    Tnak u veryy much nice epi … thank uuuuuuu ????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u Ema?? glad to know u liked it..? I’ll try to upload soon..

  4. It is really superb …..And I am very sryyyyyyy I couldn’t comment from past fue days bcoz I am really busy is in my studies I have to write a entrance test . So , I was preparing for that and my mother not aloud to touch the system ……Am really sryyyyyyy ..I read all the episodes they r superb….

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much? Nadhiya ? I can understand… No need to say sorry… All the Best for ur exams ?

      1. Tq….And the os which u wrote wow..It just amazing

    2. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… It means alot..

  5. Minerva

    Beautifully conceptualised and portrayed emotions and wonderful words. The episode was amazing and fabulous in all respects. The romantic instants were magically captivating and indeed a treat for the lovely couple. All of the moments were absolute masterpieces in their thought as well as presentation. True masterpiece..

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Minerva… It means alot… Thank u soo much for ur this appreciations…. I will try my best in the future also… Thankx for loving my ff… I’ll try to upload soon..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..?

  6. AnahitaAnnie

    This episode was spectacular… All those scenes were ?… I loved the dialogues and emotions.. Especially the jealous part… More than kriyam I was waiting for their moments.. All the exptessions and little comedy was in a perfect blend… I just loved today’s episode… It was great…and i can’t express how much I loved it…keep going and can’t wait for the next one..

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ??? it means alot to me…? keep reading… Glad to know that u liked it..

  7. Awesome ????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ?

  8. Hafsaaa

    Yooo girl,you nailed the episode ✔️ Jealously part was just hilarious man ? Krishna is so possessive about her hubby and it’s too cute.Kriyam romance spiced up the episode ? Saiyyam baby is such a sweetheart.?♥️ Sorry for not commenting,I was really busy.Would be gone for a bit but I’ll be back with a bang??? keep this idk prefection going ????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Hafsaaa… I know that u have exams… Good luck for it… Yeah I will wait for ur come back….

  9. Awesome keep posting

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  10. I was blushing so much di??..keep writing can’t wait for next epi + fantabulous epi

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much isha… ? glad to know that u liked it..?

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