Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag consoles Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Moloy and Nivedita talking about work. Anurag comes. Moloy says Nivedita got the project. Anurag says congrats. Moloy asks Anurag to handle it. Nivedita says this isn’t fair, I have given my 100%, I want to take it ahead. Moloy says you worked at top level, we want someone at ground level now, Anurag is the best, let him do this. She gets upset and goes. Rajesh says I m going out. Veena asks where are you going. Suman asks him to get vegs. Shekhar asks Suman to make tea. She asks him to hire a servant for her help. He says I will have it in office. Prerna says I have to go college. Mohini and Anurag come home. Rajesh asks them to come in.

Mohini says I m very happy that Anurag is out of jail, I m ready to apologize. She apologizes to everyone. She gets shagun.

She says I got whatever I liked, its ashirvad rasam tomorrow, you all have to come. Suman asks what will you have, tea or coffee. Mohini says no thanks, I got Anurag as driver wasn’t there, he is getting late for college. Anurag asks Mohini to have tea. Suman goes to make tea. Mohini says inform Moloy to send his driver, you leave for college Prerna says I m also going to college. Anurag says I can drop you. She goes to get a book. Anurag goes to washroom. Mohini says Navin respects you all, he is a real gem. Navin meets the lady. He gives flowers. He says you did good to send Chobey, thanks, I m marrying because of you. He hugs her. Anurag and Prerna collide. Her books fall. He says sorry. Their heads hit. Navin says no one can snatch Prerna from me, thanks. They leave.

Mohini asks just tea, where are pakoda. Suman says I will get it. She thinks when will I see the gifts. Mohini likes the tea. Rajesh says Mohini never spoke to our family with love, its looking good seeing her bonding. The lady says Prerna was in jail, her parents tried and couldn’t help, you helped her, will she remember the favor. Navin says we will know it now. He calls Prerna.

Anurag and Prerna reach college. She asks are you annoyed with me. He says no. She says for whatever I told you. He sees incoming call. She takes his books as well. She doesn’t answer call. Navin calls again. She gives books to Anurag. He thanks her and goes. She answers call. He turns to talk and sees her gone. Navin says you have to answer my call, I m madly in love with you. She says I m in college. He says so what, I know you are marrying me for a sacrifice, you want me to support your family. She thanks him. He says we will get engaged tomorrow, I will have more right on you. She says I will call later. She disconnects. Anjali asks her to come. She says someone has put your rasam video here. Prerna hears people gossiping about her and calling her a gold digger. Anjali asks Prerna to ignore them.

Sid greets Anurag and tells about Tapur smoking. Anurag goes to her and asks Jaan, why are you smoking. She asks don’t you trust me. She runs away crying. Anurag looks for her. He goes to washroom and says I can’t leave Tapur alone. Prerna is crying inside. She says I can’t tell this to anyone, when I go, everyone will hate me. Anurag says no, no one hates you, I will always be there. Prerna says leave me alone. He says no, you need me, you can’t cry, you need to be strong, I also misunderstood you on Sid’s saying, it was imp to confront you. She says everyone thinks I m bad. Anurag says no, I will feel bad if you cry, I trust you, I will be with you, I promise, I love you Jaan. Prerna thinks he is thinking I m someone else. He asks her to come out. Prerna opens the door and comes out. He sees her and says you….

She leaves. He says I thought Tapur is inside. He goes to her and says I was saying that to Tapur, she was also crying, so you were crying more, whatever I told, its for you also. She looks at him. He says I heard what you said and what you didn’t. He gives a handkerchief to her. He says don’t waste precious tears, even if you don’t say, I have heard it. He helps her and says you should always smile, don’t waste tears for someone who doesn’t deserve. She says I will wash this and return. Prerna’s friends see them and think this isn’t friendship. Navin comes there and says I was thinking to pick Prerna. He goes and sees Anurag and Prerna. Prerna asks what are you doing here. Navin says I was missing you and thought to take you for candle light dinner. He asks Anurag to come along. Anurag says no, carry on. Navin asks did you cry. Prerna says nothing. Navin says we will have dinner, it will be fun. Prerna refuses. Navin says then come home, Mohini bought some gifts for you, she wants you to wear saree given by her. She nods. Anurag looks on. Navin takes her.

Navin says Chobey’s daughter Komolika is very beautiful. Mohini says fine, invite them tomorrow, I will see who is Komolika, if I like her, I will take Anurag’s alliance talk ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved today’s epi!! Ohho.. Jaan is his sista. Oneday he’ll admit it “i love u jaan”😝

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