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Recap:appurva developed soft corner towards anwar. Anwar,Kabir,apurva and sanchi we’re hell shocked knowing sanchi’s and anwar’s marriage proposal.rithvik reached home with sakshi.
@guest house
Kapoor family stepped into the guest house
All had a feeling and felt presence of someone close to them is very nearer to them
@mishra’s house
Rithvik was taking care of arrangements,sakshi wore a beautiful saree and came near him(he was mesmerized)
Sakshi- can I help you
Rithvik- no need sakshi go and take rest I will take care of everything
Sakshi- I feel lonely and depressed when I am alone so pls let me help you so that I can devert my mind(she keep on insisting)
Rithvik- k then take care of flower arrangement Ravi arrange as per Mam’s wish
Rithvik- did you eat something
Sakshi- yes
Rithvik- then tell me what you had
Sakshi- I wo I …
Rithvik-it seems you didn’t eat anything till now .wait I will bring something to eat she nodded
@sanchi’s room
Appu- sanchu he lied to me
Sanchi- who
Appu-how can you be like nothing happened
Appu-that Anwar lied to me that he came to meet our father but he and his bro came to meet you
Sanchi- (Kabir face flashed in her mind)
I don’t know what to say my father already said that groom’s family is coming so what’s the big deal anyway I am going to get married I don’t care whom I marry I will do anything for my father’s wish now why are you so frustrated about this because Anwar lied to you
Appu-no sanchu why would I be frustrated after all I just expressed what I felt she stammered
Sanchi- I am noticing you from the ayurvedic clinic what is the matter don’t hide anything from me
Appu- nothing sanchu if anything important I will tell you all I want is Anwar should keep you happy.
Sanchi- I don’t know what will happen in future but whatever happens it should not affect my family that’s what I needed but I have faith that Kabir will keep me happy
Sanchi- realised what she said no I said Kabir no I said anwar
They share a hug
Jaya was hearing their convo
@guest house
Both Kabir and anwar- mom what is happening pls let us
Kusum and kailash explained whole incident what had happened and explained mishra’s situation
Kabir-so you agreed that Anwar will marry sanchi
You should have consulted with Anwar before taking any decision
Anwar was mum
Kusum- Anwar is my son he will agree I have full faith on him
Kabir-ok let’s ask Anwar
Kusum-anwar you are happy with this alliance na if you don’t like this marriage then it’s ok we will explain them
Anwar- he felt bad about mishras situation and for the first time his mom asked something from him he thought for a while (what if I agree I saw love and happiness after a long time in Kabir’s eyes I am sure sanchi is right for him kabir loves sanchi this is a right chance to bring back old Kabir)and he answered I agree mom i am ready for marriage
Kusum hugged him in happiness
Kabir in mind( I know you very well Anwar you love appurva you only agreed for mom’s sake I won’t allow you to take any wrong decision)
@mishras house
Sakshi- was taking care of arrange ments
Rithvik came out with food he noticed that sakshi was standing in a stool and cleaning int he curtains
Rithvik- sakshi why are you cleaning you are our guest say to servant they will do it
Sakshi- it’s not a big work doctor her leg slipped
Rithvik- dropped the food plates and rushed and saved sakshi before she could hit the ground
Both had a eye lock
Sanchi and appurva was disturbed by the sound they came out to see what was happening
They were shocked to see rithvik- holding someone
Sanchi and appurva made slight noise
They came to their senses rithvik carefully made appurva to stand
Appu- who is this Bhai you didn’t told us you will bring bhabhi with you
Sanchi and appurva started to giggle
Rithvik- appuu nowadays you are talking to much come here I will teach you a nice lesson
Appurva started to run rithvik chased her Sunil and Jaya also joined them
Sanchi, Sunil and Jaya started to laugh seeing appurva and rithvik’s fight
Sakshi was also laughing seeing them
She got some memory flashes this time it was clear(she could see a girl’s face it was her and a man was chasing her and she was surrounded by three more people who was laughing at them she couldn’t see any of the face )she kept her hand in head she felt dizzy
Rithvik- noticed this and at right time he prevented sakshi from falling( Nazar serial main lead love song plays in BG)
Everyone were stunned
Rithvik- don’t worry it happens when she is so stressed appu and sanchi take her to your room and let her get some rest
Apurva and sanchi took sakshi- to their room and sat beside her
Jaya and Sunil worriedly asked what was happening to sakshi appu and sanchi joined their conversation
Rithvik- explained about sakshi’s status that she is a memory lost patient and when she tries to remember the past her stress level will be increased. appu and sanchi take care of her.
Sunil-don’t question him further he will say the rest when he feel like
Rithvik- thank you for understanding dad I will go and meet my sanchu’s groom.
Sunil- ok beta
@sanchi’s room
Sakshi’s opened her eyes
Appurva- drink this soup she handed to sakshi
Sanchi- how you are feeling
Appu- don’t worry we are all with you
Sakshi smiled weakly
Sanchi-enough of the emotional drama let’s introduce myself I am sanchi
Sakshi-congratualtion you are the one getting married right
Sanchi’s face turned pale
Sakshi- what happen did I said something wrong
Appu- no nothing by the way my name is appurva nice meeting to you
Sakshi- ok then my name is sanchi’s from now onwards let’s be friends
Both sanchi and appu kept mum
We don’t like this
Sakshi- sry if I did something wrong
Both-yes you did a crime
Sakshi was shivering
Sakshi- what I did
Both broke into laughter friends will not. Shake hands they will hug
And both sanchi and appu gave a bone crushing hug to sakshi she responded the hug with tears in her eyes
Sanchi-why are you crying
Sakshi- I thought I have no one in my life but now I have this family to support me I am really happy
The trio shared a hug
@kabir and Anwar room in guest house
Anwar was listening music
Kabir- what have you done
No answer
Kabir pulled out anwar’s headset
Anwar-ouch it’s paining what’s your problem
Kabir- how could you agree for the marriage just like
Anwar- smirked and continued it’s mom’s wish how could I say no(he started moving) tell me one thing why are so concerned about my decision
Kabir- but Anwar take decision from your 💓
Anwar- Kabir come to the point
Kabir kept mum
Anwar- ok then think your answer I will talk to you later
Kabir- Anwar wait..
Kusum was heard their convo
Jaya called someone
Jaya-rithvik I need to talk to you it’s urgent
Unknown- Me too
Jaya-9:00pm in gardern tonight
7:00pm sanchi was sleeping in her room
Suddenly she woke and shouted help her
It was her dream the same dream one girl was standing at the edge of the well she is about to fall suddenly someone took hold of her hand
She couldn’t find appurva near her
She went in search of her she found her in her mum’s room she took one envelope and teared into pieces
Appu went crying from there
Sanchi was confused why she tore the envelope
She collected the torn pieces of paper and thought to find the reason behind it.
Sanchi went to sakshi’s room and told what appurva has done help me sakshi we have to find the reason behind it
Sakshi- sure we will find the reason
They started to join the pieces
And sanchi was happy and angry at the same time while she read the letter
Sakshi- sanchi’s why she torn this
Sanchi- I know the reason she told something to saskshi which was muted
Sakshi- we will make her realise life will not give many opportunities
They share a hug
@keshav house
Goon- sir tomorrow they planned sanchi’s engagement
Kailash- I will not let that happen
He called out for a goon- and told one plan which is muted
Screen freezes
Precap: sanchi’s engagement
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