Ishq Subhan Allah 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara walks on burning coals for Kabir

Ishq Subhan Allah 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zara comes to dargah in daze, she sees a baba who says if someone wants to test their love? is there anyone who trusts their love so much that they can walk on burning coals? Zara looks at coals and says this love is not easy, its a volcano that you have to cross, I will test my love if I just say it or if I truly love Kabir that much. She starts moving towards coals, a man tries to stop her but she doesnt listen to him. She imagines Kabir on otherside of coals, tu hi rab tu hi dua plays. Zara smiles and starts moving towards coals in daze, trying to reach Kabir. She walks on coals without feeling any burn. She opens her eyes but doesnt find Kabir on otherside… it all turns out to be her dream, she looks at burning coals and recalls incidents that happened in last few days. Baba says this

is not a game, dont do it. Zara walks on coals and faints. She is about to fall down but Kabir comes there and holds her. He lifts her in his arms. She is unconscious. He kisses her forehead and says what did you do? you have crossed all limits.

Kabir brings Zara home, he makes her lie on bed. Zeenat brings balm. Kabir washes her feet, all are tensed. Kabir finds bottle and pours water he washed her feet with in that bottle. Kabir says this water is proof of our love and she cleared her test, she walked on burning coals and nothing happened to her. He smiles and says to Ruksaar that you are wearing nice earrings, you can become this house’s daughter in law by wearing them but you cant get me ever, you take water with which I washed Zara’s feet, sprinkle one drop on yourself daily and you might realize what real love is.. no you wouldnt understand, this water is proof of my love and you dont deserve it.

At night, Kabir is holding water bottle tightly. Ruksaar comes there with knife. He glares at her and says dont do it, there is still time, give it to me. He tries to take it from her but Ruksaar says I will slit my wrist and give myself to you, dont compare my love with Zara, she came in your life now but I was there since start, I am ready to do anything you want but I will prove that I love you more than Zara. Kabir fights and takes knife from her. He says you will not leave me? I cant spend a moment with you and you want to spend a life with me? I cant do it, save your tears as you would need them in your lonely nights, he leaves from there. Ruksaar holds knife again.

Shahbaz calls Zeenat and says you are part of this family and respect us? she nods. He says you can do anything for us right? Zeenat says yes. Shahbaz says go to your sister and asks her to take divorce from Kabir, Zara proved her love, she walked on burning coals for her love, now its time for you to prove how much you care for us, ask your sister to separate. Ayesha holds her hand and says we are sure that you love this house and peace of this family. Zeenat is in daze and leaves from there. Shahbaz says to Ayesha that Kabir and Zara are pride of this house and if we dont do anything to save their relation then I am afraid they might become a reason for destruction of this house.

Ruksaar shouts on Zeenat that you want me to divorce Kabir? I did all crazy things for him and you want me to give up? I will never give him to Zara. Zeenat says this family wanted that from me so I asked you that. Ruksaar shows her knife and says you can ask for my life as a sister but if you ask me to divorce Kabir as elder daughter in law of house then I will kill you. Zeenat is stunned.

Zeenat comes to Shahbaz and says I am sorry.
Ruksaar looks at knife and recalls Kabir’s words. She is about to cut her hand when Shahbaz comes there. She hides knife. He comes in and says you asked for something that day and I am here to ask you for something too. Ruksaar says you can ask anything expect Kabir. Shahbaz says Kabir is happy with Zara today so he should be with her but if he wants to be with you in future then I will support you. Ruksaar says he doesnt even want to walk a mile with me. Shahbaz says he used to hate Zara but now he loves her so much so dont lose hope, you saw how Zara walked on coals and he brought her here in his arms, do something to make him happy. Ruksaar says I can do anything for his happiness. Shahbaz says then ask for divorce, it will make him happy. He leaves from there.

Kabir asks Imran that you think Zara will calm down after all this and our love will flourish again? Imran says yes.
Zara wakes up. Reema tells her that not only Kabir saved you, he brought you in house in his arms, it was romantic.

Ruksaar comes to family and smiles. Ruksaar says to Shahbaz that I have a condition before asking for divorce. Shahbaz says what? Ruksaar says Kabir has to be mine and spend a night with me as my own. Shahbaz says what? Ruksaar says he has to be my husband and spend a night with me.

PRECAP- Ruksaar says to Kabir that till you dont spend a night with me as my husband till then I wont divorce you, spend a night with me and Zara will be yours for life. Kabir glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What’s the matter with this psycho ruksar. Is she an whore. Writer please end this track please by bringing kabir and Zara together.

  2. Before I comment further.. Since when did Shabaaz start considering Zara’s best interest?? Maybe I missed something…also, I really admire the language Kabir is dishing out to Rukhsar since a few days ago, it makes the episode worthwhile…

  3. Rukhsar… The demented psycophathic delusional crazy donkey of a woman…seriously, Kabir should really not divorce her, let her live the loveless life we all recommend for her, let her remain as Kabir’s biwi #2..with an empty bed till she gets old and gray… That’s what she wants ….. The audacity of this wretch to ask for one night with Kabir nearly made me choke and in front of the in-laws?? I’ve said it before, I could actually see how Rukhsar salivates for Kabir, she doesn’t even need to be next to him for her to smell….Rukhsar is definitely a witch because with her frightening intensity, she could consume herself in her own passion and die of too much excitement, something like getting a heart attack I guess!! So, I think that Zara should emphatically say that she would live with the fact that Rukhsar is biwi #2 and that’s all she would get.. and that would cancel out her deal… How pathetic it is for Rukhsar to beg Kabir to sleep with her, she definitely is lower than the white lines on the road!!

    1. Naz, is it beyond consideration that perhaps Zara and Kabir move from this home to establish their own home and failing that move in with Zara’s parents? is this totally unheard of? in this way they could control Rukhsars comings and goings.

      1. I’m sure she’ll want to follow them to Zara’s parents house too…

  4. I am not Islamic and I’m just a fan of this serial. I have to wonder if this is the behaviour of women of this faith. The writers of these serial need to stop writing these cheap script, they lead persons to think otherwise. Every serial it is the same plot, there is never one whichever has a real story just crap, is there no happy marriage without any 2nd or 3rd party or family want to interfere, come on write rd take your minds out the gutter and give us the viewers something worth watching and lead by example. You always veer from the meaning of these serial. TOTAL WASTE , very cheap story

  5. I certainly hope Kabir is not stupid enough to fall for that. Rukhsar knows that Kabir will never treat her as a wife. If he does sleep with her now she will have a case to go back to the Sharia board and claim rights of a wife. She has not got even a taste but is still won’t give up Kabir imagine if she does sleep with him now she definity will never let go. It also give her an opening to claim preganancy and cement her place in the family. Kabir just ignore the witch and focus on getting ur relationship with zara back.

  6. DannyComments

    Don’t do it Kabir..she will never leave

  7. Leisa s morris

    Wow ruksaar wow clearly u have shown dat u dont luv kabir at all ur just obsessed with achieving ur childhood dream. On one hand u say u can do anyting for kabir’s happiness but wen told to let him be free u cant do dat instead u bring forth a stipulation dat kabir cant abide by. D funny ting is if kabir does spend a nite with her then her would b makin her his legal wife in every sense and she could/would use dat to hold on to him especially once she gets a taste of wat it is to b with him. I agree zara should tell her dont bother she can stay as kabirs wife but it will b in name only as only she zara has rights to his mind,body and soul. She should tell kabir infront of rukzaar dat she has decided to continue as his wife and live happily and for him to move back into his room and dat ruksaar place would b dat of a lil sis in d family. She should c d luv blossom back between kabir and zara stronger than ever and wither and die everyday knowing he would never love her. kabir’s brother is a traitor in everyway and has no backbone to b a real man no wonder he isnt highly considered in dat family. I hope zeenat sees now dat her sister doesnt even care for her and is willing to even kill her for kabir while she is constantly feeling like she needs to protect ruksaar. Yes u took care of her as a child wen ur parents died but shes just as ungrateful as aliyah who hurt her brother because he didnt force purab to b with her. Dem kind of ppl believes firmly dat the world revolves around dem and dey deserve to get watever dey want how ever unrealistic it is and dat is because dey were spoilt and given everything dey wanted as a sign of luv. Here we have a man making it as plain as day dat he doesnt want u yet ruksaar believes she can still get him. Zara needs to nail dis info in by accepting kabir and moving on from here. Ruksaar needs to see d power of real luv and not her crazy ass obsession. Imagine u call kabir to come save ur life now talkin bout takin it I tell u all hamdeen never did anyting to dis psycho and if hes not alive she killed him just to b with kabir

  8. @Allybrew i agree with you….acsactly that would happen if hee sleep with her….she will use this against him and she will never left the house. She is a b*t*h. Zeenat doesn´t understand that her Sister is a Psycho.

    I think She killed Hamdan. It wasn´t self-defense. I think everything was a plan by that witch to get Kabeer.
    Even that Kabeer married her in Jail was also a Plan.

  9. she have no self-respect and she is so disgusting to ask if he can spend a night with her. He doesnt love her! why doesnt she understand?

  10. I agree it was always ruksaar plan to get kabir in fact this whole situation is a plan and kabir got trapped in it and ruksaar is so shameful in front of kabir parents she asked for one night with him ridiculous no shame at all I hope kabir and Zara work out a plan fast and zeenat have to watch herself because she would do anything to get kabir..

  11. Rukhsar has absolutly no self respect, not to mention gratitude. Your own sister threatened to divorce her husband to help you and you are threatening to kill her. I would have drugged her narrow little backside every night so she couldn’t bother Kabir. Imagine after the man insulted u so much you are still fighting to get him into bed. I don’t know where the writers are going with this but it can’t be good

  12. Kalas!!! This studooo’s will oblige to ruksaar and then the baby drama will start..

  13. I not only blame Labor for marrying that nutcase, but I also blame Zeenat, she’s the one that ask him to swore on the Quran to bring nutcase home by any means necessary, so she should let Rukshaar swore on the Quran to leave Labor and Sara alone

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